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0005100Gods[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-04-17 23:41
Reporterandrea sperelli 
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoGods (Bitmap Brothers)
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0005100: The game starts but after the "Loading Game" screen the game crashes back to
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal,2 disks
SlaveVersion: version 3.2 (08.05.2020):

The game starts but after the "Loading Game" screen the game crashes back to workbench.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
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has duplicate 0005099closedJOTD The game starts but after the "Loading Game" screen the game crashes back to 


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JOTD (developer)

please attach .whdl_register file / crash message

note ~0009883

JOTD (developer)

are you using PRELOAD tooltype? or not?

note ~0009907

andrea sperelli (reporter)

Hello, can you please tell me where do I find .whdl_register file?
There is no crash message
Sorry but I do not know what a "PRELOAD tooltype", I just installed WHDLoad on my Amiga 1200 hard drive (sd card) which usually works with all WHDLoad packs.

note ~0009908

JOTD (developer)

There is no crash message? so it means that the game just exits, like that?

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andrea sperelli (reporter)

Yes, no crash message. It just exits to workbench.

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JOTD (developer)

can you try replacing whdload by jst as the default tool?

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andrea sperelli (reporter)

Yes, I can try. It'll take some time 'cause I don't know anything about jst and how launch a pack using it. But I think I can make it.

note ~0009914

andrea sperelli (reporter)

Ok, I installed jst and got the loader from http://jffabre.free.fr/amiga/patches.html. Then I put the loader in the whdload pack, renamed disk images, run the loader and it worked. There is no trainer though which was the reason I wanted to run the 3.2 version in the first place.

It may be important to mention that I downloaded the pack from ftp://grandis.nu/Retroplay%20WHDLoad%20Packs/Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Games/G/

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andrea sperelli (reporter)

I even tried setting jst as the default tool to run the original whdload pack but got an error message saying slave file are not yet supported.

note ~0009924

JOTD (developer)

yeah, you're using an old version. Get the latest JST version at https://jotd.pagesperso-orange.fr/amiga.html

note ~0009925

andrea sperelli (reporter)

I downloaded the latest versione and put jst in C folder to replace the old one, then I changed to jst the tool type in the whdload pack (a "fresh" one, no change in disk image names and no jst specific loader). Now when I run the game all I get is a blue screen, only way to exit is resetting the amiga.

note ~0009926

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)

@andrea sperelli
It's very strange ... because the Slave 3.2 works perfectly on my A500ACAC500plus AND on my A1200 GVP Turbo+II @30 MHz
full install were made with SPS IPF 0666 Files (as Retrogamer)
Peraphs could You retry an installation with theses IPF files... if You have a Gotek drive with FF or HXC firmware you can convert IPF under HFEV3 files and remade a full installation by Yourself...
Here, you can find the tools to make your HFEv3 files :

note ~0009927

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)

IPF Files :

note ~0009946

andrea sperelli (reporter)

Hi, I don't have a gotek drive, I guess I'll have to learn how to mount those disk images on my Amiga then try to make my own installation. I'll try on the weekend.

I really want to finish Gods for the first time in my life, and I want to do it on the original hardware, but I need a trainer, I know it's not fair but the game has always been too difficult to me.

Thanks for your help.

note ~0009947

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)

It will be more easier with a Gotek Drive...
But maybe You can with a virtual drive like GoADF...
I saw that it support HFE files .... maybe HFEv3 will work with it..
Because IPF files can't be write on a physical disk without a special hardware.
IPF files are a perfect digital copy of original disks with full protections...
It's more easier to mount IPF under WINUAE to make WHDload install then after You can transfert it on Your real Amiga.

note ~0009987

JOTD (developer)

you may have more luck by getting a pre-installed whdload pack. Gods whdload works fine on a lot of machines.

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