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0004681PinballMagic[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2020-05-19 08:02
Assigned ToCFOUProject InfoPinball Magic (Loriciel)
Summary0004681: Game can't be played with PC keyboard
DescriptionOk, you didn't mean to be interested by the project to adapt controls to CD32 joypad.
So I come with another ask because the main problem is that the game can't be played using a modern PC keyboard on an Amiga.
As you know, you can only control flips using left and right ALT keys.
The problem is that : On a PC keyboard, Windows keys replace Amiga keys. But on modern keyboards, there is only one Windows key (other one is now a function key).
To work around this problem and recover 2 separate keys that replace the two Amiga keys, the PC keyboard adapters offer a function to permanently reverse the Windows/function keys and Alt/AltGr keys. This is necessary to properly control an Amiga, if only to be able to reset using keyboard.
But then we only have one Alt key. Normally it does not matter since on Amiga the two Alt keys generally have the same function. But here, we can no longer play Pinball Magic.
If a remapping on CD32 pad is not motivating, would it be possible to offer at least on splashwindow the possibility to remap the flips on the SHIFT keys for example?
Steps To ReproduceYou need a modern PC keyboard and adapter on an Amiga, use the Alt/Windows keys inversion system and launch the game ;-)
Everybody using a modern PC keyboard on its CDTV/CD32/A2000/A3000/A4000... will have the problem.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 2.1
KickROM37 - Kick 2.0
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