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0003014MegaBall[All Projects] Generalpublic2016-07-21 12:23
Assigned ToStingRayProject InfoMegaBall (Ed Mackey)
Summary0003014: I use classicWB lite (workbench based - not scalos) using workbench 3.0 for
DescriptionGameVersion: adfs from al mackeys website
SlaveVersion: 1.01 12/04/2014

I use classicWB lite (workbench based - not scalos) using workbench 3.0 for required libraries. MegaballAGA just shows a blank screen when loaded from whdload install. However if I delete Megaball/libs/diskfont.library the game works, just has warning "Libs:diskfont.library not found" on title screen.
I have tried copying a clean diskfont.library from workbench 3.0 and workbench 3.1 disks to the Megaball/libs folder. Sadly this does not fix the problem.
The ECS version works perfectly.
Doing a normal HD install of megaball AGA (installMB) from the floppies works perfectly, so my machine is capable of running megaball AGA from WB3.0.
I guess my workbench3.0/ks3.0 install does not like diskfont.library from 3.1 or one of its dependancies.
No big problem for me. I'm just sending you feedback in case you get reports of similar black screen problems. However if you do have a solution that would be great too!
Thank you for this installer!
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
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note ~0005107

StingRay (developer)

Problem with AGA version was caused by a missing null-termination for the "ENV" assign string and has been fixed.

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