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0002464FireAndForget[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-01-14 22:24
Assigned ToCFOUProject InfoFire and Forget (Titus)
Summary0002464: Fire & Forget preinstalled runs too fast
DescriptionWith latest stable WinUAE (v2.3.2), on basic A1200 HD setup, and latest stable Whdload, Fire & Forget preinstalled runs too fast gameplay wise (audio and title screens seems fine) to the point of not being playable.


Happens on real Amiga (Amiga 1200) too, apparently.

Similar issue with Fire & Forget II (check my other bug report).
Additional InformationI tried the following tooltypes : ExpChip, NoVBRMove and it didn't revert the speed back to normal.
Question remains whether the bug would be present with earlier whdload version.
Tagsuae problem
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem16 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Attached Files
  • ? file icon .whdl_register (2,525 bytes) 2011-06-30 18:08 -
    ************************* 30-Jun-11 13:58:57 ************************16.8.4367***
    Slave='Fire&Forget.Slave' (1388 bytes)
    ShadowMem 101E46E8 - 102646E8 ( 524288) AbsolutMem    80000 -    80000 (      0)
    Resload   10FAB3D8 - 10FB3EF4 (  35612) at 10FAB3D8  GL=$10FF4740
    Slave     10FFC160 - 10FFC6A8 (   1352) at 10FFC160
    ExpMem    10FB4000 - 10FF4000 ( 262144) at 10FB4000
    attn=203(UAE,20) fc=-1 kn=20765 cs=AECD rw=0 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0
    DEBUG caused. PC = $1F91A (Task 'Initial CLI')
    $0001f90a link         a5,#0
    $0001f90e movem.l      ,-(a7)                         ;$0002a290
    $0001f912 move.w       ($dff006),d0
    $0001f918 lsr.w        #8,d0
    $0001f91a tst.w        d0
    $0001f91c bne.b        $1f912
    $0001f91e movem.l      (a7)+,                         ;$0002a290
    $0001f922 unlk         a5
    $0001f924 rts
    regular stack:
    $0002A290 0002A298 0001F950 0002A2A0 00018582 0002A2B4 00021BC2 00000001 0000B8E0
    $0002A2B0 000250A0 10FE8134 00021A7E 00000001 0000ABC4 10FE892E 00000FA0 0000AF58
    $0002A2D0 464F524D 00002E26 494C424D 424D4844 00000014 014000C8 00000000 04020100
    $0002A2F0 00000A0B 014000C8 434D4150 00000030 000000F0 40505040 50706070 908090A0
    $0002A310 6040F0E0 90D00000 F0F0F0B0 C0F080A0 E05080E0 F08000F0 9090F0B0 60900000
      ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
    Dx       62      FFFF        43       400         1        3E      FFFF      A8DC
    Ax    660DE     6E0DE     6E5B6     41E50     2A42E     2A290     252AE
                     TTSM III   XNZVC
    PC=   1F91A  SR %0000000000000000  USP=2A290  ISP=80000  MSP=7F800
    VBR=10FF5740  SFC=5  DFC=5  CACR=0  CAAR=0
    intena=%0110000001001100 dmacon=%0000111111011000 adkcon=$1100
    vposr....A300  vhposr...0276  joy0dat..0301  joy1dat..0000  clxdat...81FE  
    pot0dat..2700  pot1dat..0000  potinp...5500  serdatr..3000  dskbytr..2000  
    deniseid.00F8  hhposr...FFFF  
       ciaa:     PI ROPS		   ciab:     PI ROPS
    	cra=00000000  ta=21FF<21FF	   cra=00000000  ta=FFFF<FFFF
    	    AII ROPS			    AII ROPS
    	crb=00001000  tb=C68C<FFFF	   crb=10000000  tb=FFFF<FFFF
    	    10RTWCLO	  parallel	    DRCCDSOY      M3210HDS
    	pra=11111100  prb=11111111      pra=00000111  prb=11111111
           ddra=00000011 ddrb=00000000     ddra=11000000 ddrb=11111111
           event=0002FA  icr=00  sdr=00    event=00BEBD  icr=04  sdr=00
    ? file icon .whdl_register (2,525 bytes) 2011-06-30 18:08 +



note ~0002416

Wepl (manager)

try uae setting Cycle Exact

note ~0002421

StockY (reporter)

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It is already the case. I have
in my config file

As mentioned by dlfrsilver, speed issue occurs samewise on actual Amiga 1200 :

note ~0002424

StockY (reporter)

I did a little test, with basic A500 config & IPF, the fuel takes 25 seconds to deplete itself (What I do is use the brake and stop the car from the beginning in order to avoid ammo). Scrolling is jerky but at least it's playable.

With A1200 config and preinstalled, the fuel takes 17 seconds to deplete itself, way too fast...

Finally, the trick which consists in setting A500 speed (7.09 MHz) during the game doesn't work.

note ~0007653

CFOU (developer)

timing fix added with v1.1

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