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0004987TestDrive[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-02-07 21:56
ReporterMikael Arling 
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoTest Drive (Accolade)
Summary0004987: The Installer works fine so No Issues here. I can run the game Once - or Twice
DescriptionGameVersion: SPS 2094 or SPS 0089
SlaveVersion: Version 1.2 (29.01.2021)

The Installer works fine so No Issues here.
I can run the game Once - or Twice - After that the game keeps quitting with a Requester that says:
>>Exception "Access Fault" ($4008)
PC = $49F94EAC (Task 'Initial CLI', Prg 'ROM exec 34.2 (28 Oct 1987)' Off (Something I can't read)
Word Read-Modify-Whrite on $CCCCCDF0<<
Both with "S:Startup-Sequence" and without "S:Startup-Sequence".
After a Hard Reset of WinUAE then it's same over and over again.
Please note:
At The moment I have No way of knowing if it works as it should on my real Amiga 1200.
My Amiga 1200 Hardware at the moment:
1.: Blizzard 1260 expansion board with 68060 CPU + 64 MB FastRAM.
2.: D-BOX 1200 Tower from Elbox.
3.: Indivision AGA MK1 from individual.
4.: FastATA 1200 from Elbox.
5.: A Harddrive + DVD-Rom Drive.
(which I needed the "FastATA 1200" for).
6.: Mediator PCI 1200 LT from Elbox.
7.: A Radeon 9200 PCI GFX-Card.
(which I needed the "Mediator 1200 PCI System Board" for).
8.: KickStart 3.1.4 ROM (46.143) so I could equip "her" with AmigaOS 3.9 and WHDLoad for both games & demos. Plus I used ”UpdateTo314” to update to WB 3.1.4.
TagsNo tags attached.
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem64 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM46 - Kick 3.1.4
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note ~0009526

JOTD (developer)


can you test that beta slave (attached) ?

note ~0009534

Mikael Arling (reporter)

of Course I can.

No Problemo.

note ~0009537

Mikael Arling (reporter)

The first time I've started up with Your new beta slave then my WinUAE-system went into black. After 30 minutes Nothing has happend and when I decided to quit with my WHDLoad-quit-key The Game has frozen the Hole system.

Then I quit the present version of WinUAE (4.4.0 (2020.07.01)). Started the present version of WinUAE (4.4.0 (2020.07.01)) up again and then The Game worked as it should.

After the first race then The Game quit(s) by itself with The Requester:
>>Exception "Access Fault" ($4008)
PC = $49F9E560 (Task 'Initial CLI', Prg 'ROM exec 34.1 (18 Aug 1987)' (Something I can't read)
Word Write to $20A80400<<

I also replaced the needed "kick34005.A500" file with the "amiga-os-130.rom" from Amiga Forever. Also without any changes.

Here it's My impression it has something to do with "Missing Element(s)" of WinUAE.

note ~0009539

JOTD (developer)

It may be winuae related. Noone ever reported any issues. Have you tried the very old version (the one from 2003?)

note ~0009544

Mikael Arling (reporter)

> Have you tried the very old version (the one from 2003?)

Yes I have. And the very old version (the one from 2003?)works as it should. Also in WinUAE.

PS.: I also forgot to mention that I always use the latest Beta version of WHDLoad aswell.

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