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0004727IndyHeat[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-06-12 10:562020-08-12 10:35
Assigned ToHungry Horace 
PlatformOSOS Version
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
KickSoft39 - Kick 3.0
Summary0004727: Slave messed up after the latest update
DescriptionAfter the last update every pressing of any key finishes the game with an address error.
The only working button is the joystick button.
Additionally the new trainer for infinite credits doesn't work. Credits are limited like before.
Steps To ReproduceStart the game and press any key ------> Slave finishes with error message.
Use trainer ------> no unlimited credits.
Additional InformationI verified the bugs with a mate. He suffers from the same.
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Hungry Horace   
2020-06-13 10:39   
More information needed please.

Please confirm what version you are installing this with (provide ipf identifier) , as it has been considerably tested. Changes included are minimal and related to trainer only.

Hungry Horace   
2020-06-13 10:40   
Please also confirm what UAE you are using (WinUAE , FS, and how this is being loaded) Eg via workbench or a direct booter
2020-06-13 14:30   
Using WinUAE, direct booting.

Using Retroplays latest LHA, built into a HDF, using the latest slave with WHDLoad 18.5.

The slave before the update one worked fine in that combination.

The same issue with the direct LHA using Workbench OS.
So there is no issue with the HDF.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-13 14:51   

The above shows the changes to the source; minor formatting throughout and lines 235-250 (right hand side) which can only kick in when the custom tooltype is used.

I do not have the latest Retroplay pack (EAB FTP being down) - please provide a link to both LHA and HDF, as this may not be installed correctly.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-13 15:21   
Please try with this:


I have re-applied the changes and recompiled, although there is no actual difference in the code. I am unable to produce any errors with this.
2020-06-13 15:30   
For what it's worth, I'm not having any problems with the game here at my end.

I installed and tested in WinUAE 4.4.0b6, ClassicWB (PFS3 formatted HDF), A1200/030 128MB config.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-13 15:35   
Sounds similar to my setup RetroPlay. I have noticed that the installed Disk.1 image in the latest package, and the one in the old package do have minor differences.

However, i tested the above 1.2b with your new disk.1 (which is i assume from a more accurate IPF) and still have no problems hitting keys or using the trainer, so hopefully this solves the issue.
2020-06-13 15:45   
Yes, I reinstalled with a verified IPF (SPS 2436), I assume Killergorilla didn't have access to that when old v1.1 slave was released back in 2006.

Anyway, you can grab the installed game from here
Just follow the "stash" link.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-13 15:56   
Yep, that's where I found it in the end, thank you :)

I have re-packaged everything up from the 1.2b 'fix', so if Sina confirms if that now works, i'll re-issue it as a bugfix
2020-06-14 10:53   
I am only the playtester, Ransom1122 redownloaded the new LHA and built a new HDF out of the changes of you both. But it's still the same.

He contacted Retroplay to find out if there's an issue with building the HDF.

Let's wait what they will be discover.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-14 13:45   
(Last edited: 2020-06-14 13:47)
Sina - can you please confirm you have tested the zip file I have provided above?

This differs from the LHA.

It is your setup that has the issue so I would appreciate if you could confirm this now works with your setup, rather than waiting for others.

Hungry Horace   
2020-06-14 14:28   
Just to confirm, I managed to produce a slightly different error to the one reported, on keystrokes, using the IPF based disk.1 but the zip file (v1.2b) resolved this, so I am hoping also removes your issue,
2020-06-14 16:02   
As per request I made a barebones bootable hdf of the released v1.2 slave.

I made the HDF in WinUAE, formatted it with FastFileSystem in WB3.1 and copied the files from my ClassicWB Games partition to new HDF in DirOpus 4.

It works perfectly fine for me with A1200 + 4mb fast quickstart in WinUAE 4.4.0b6.
No crashes or any problems of any kind.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-14 16:32   
@ RetroPlay - could you provide whatever is needed for Sina to test the 1.2b slave please:


I hope this resolves the issues.
2020-06-14 16:40   
Ransom1122 just confirmed my bootable hdf with slave works for him too now, so that means the already released v1.2 slave you did works too.

No need to change anything Horace, the already released v1.2 slave works just fine.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-14 16:49   
(Last edited: 2020-06-14 16:51)
@ RetroPlay - This is great, except I *was* able to produce an error of sorts in a very specific WB scenario - although this was using the pre-installed package, which the 1.2b fixed, so I would be grateful if this could be confirmed as working

Hungry Horace   
2020-06-14 16:50   
Was the issue with the previous HDF something to do with the install/HDF conversion?
2020-06-14 17:06   
I'd say HDF conversion.
I don't know exactly how Ransom made his HDF, but creating HDF in WinUAE and formatting/copying files in WB works fine.

I don't trust any Windows HDF creation/formatting tools, I only use WinUAE for that and only copy files in an emulated Amiga in a proper WB setup.
2020-06-15 02:58   
Minor update.

I'm still not sure the slave is at fault here.
It only crashes when using Keyboard layout controls in WinUAE (pressing right CTRL).

Joystick/Gamepad is fine.
2020-06-15 08:18   
Sorry for the delay.

@Hungry Horace: I used your zip file including the 1.2b slave. No error messages when I press any key! it works!

But still no infinite credits.
Infinite credits means that I can buy as many parts as I want in the tuningshop. But I only have 100 000 credits.
2020-06-15 08:25   
Further information from Ransom1122:

There seems to be a winuae keymap issue.

Indy Heat HOL manual PDF Page 4:
"Pause the game then hold down fire on control that is to be changed and press F1 for normal and F2 for alternative. unpause to continue"

So CONTROL key is used ingame!

This is why it crashes.. WINUAE cant use CONTROL key as default fire button as this key is used ingame for other functions...
2020-06-15 08:43   
I forgot to say that I used the new 1.2B slave in die HDF environment of Ransom1122. And it works.
Except the trainer.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-15 09:52   
You missunderstand the trainer - it gives you infinite coins (allowing player to continue to the end even after repeatedly finishing 3rd or 4th) - this is why I also gave the “no loser bonus” so that you do not get overly rewarded for this.

It doesn’t give you infinite money to spend.
2020-06-15 11:22   
I see, I got it wrong, so its unlimited continues.

That means your zip-package 1.2b is 100% working.
2020-06-18 22:08   
Please release the update. It's perfect now.
Hungry Horace   
2020-06-19 00:09   
I will do in a few days, but I am going to rename the custom option to avoid confusion
2020-06-20 18:12   
Thank you!

I have to add that I checked Retroplays HDF too. And it's the same. Pressing of any key (except the fire button) finishes the game with an address error.

But it doesn't matter anymore, because version 1.2b works perfectly!
Looking forward to the update.
Simon Whittle   
2020-08-09 13:19   
I too am looking forward to an updated release =)

I've just tried the 2020-06-09 script from WHDLoad and installing using disks from the Software Preservation Society image #2436 and, as per OP, I too was getting an address error.

In the meantime I've gone back to using the 2006-07-16 script from WHDLoad.

Cheers everyone for working on these, it's a great game!
Hungry Horace   
2020-08-10 14:32   
The updated v.1.21 has been sent for publishing.
Hungry Horace   
2020-08-12 10:35   
fixed - v 1.21

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