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0004177Zool[WHDLoad Installs Games] AGApublic2019-08-08 07:492020-03-30 22:50
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
Summary0004177: No unlimited lives in Zool AGA
DescriptionReopening. Comments below.

The latest slave description mentions ingame keys and unlimited lives trainer for Zool AGA.
Ingame keys are working fine.
But no unlimited lives. I tried many times, but always dying when 5 lives are used up.
There is even no option to choose unlimited lives in splash screen.

I figured out that you have unlimited lives when enabling CD32 controls in splashscreen. If you leave this option untouched, you only have 5 lives. Strange, but I think it`s fixable easily.

Furthermore it would be great to read information about the ingame keys in splash screen. Most people don`t read the whole WHDLoad slave info, I think.

Steps To ReproducePlaying and dying. ;-)
Additional InformationJOTD wrote: "I don't understand. you're talking about the CD32 version I suppose, since AGA doesn't have control select.

I have checked source & tested both CD32 & AGA versions and it works properly, splash screen and all.

Please check versions and open another but with actual slave version & type (ex: v2.0, CD32)"

My answer: No, I am talking about the AGA version 2.0. There is a control selection. I shot a screenshot and attached it as a proof. And only when enabling this option there are unlimited lives, otherwise not. And no explanation of ingame keys inside the splash screen.
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? ZoolAGA.slave (2,772) 2019-08-08 22:13

2019-08-08 22:15   
Strange. WHDload page has a 2.0 with "infinite lives" splashscreen message.

I realize that the date is missing. Added that, attached new slave. Reason is that "inifinite lives" is triggered by "CD32 joypad" option which does nothing about CD32 joypad since I didn't code anything for that in AGA version.
2019-08-09 21:56   
I tested the new slave. But its the same. The only difference is the displaying of version and date now. But still the joypad option and no infinite lives.

That means the joypad option is in fact the unlimited lives option. Only the displayed name of the option is wrong.

Please mention the ingame keys in the splashscreen too.
2020-02-08 06:56   
Anyone here? ;0)

Please assign this entry to JOTD. He knows about this slave.
And it seems to be only a renaming of the splash screen option.

Thank you from Sina
2020-03-30 22:50   
sorry you may have gotten a pre-2.0 version. Download the version on whdload page you'll see that

- there's a "infinite lives" option in the splash screen
- it works

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