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0002115WHDLoad[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-07-11 04:182009-07-21 23:52
ReporterPatrik Axelsson 
Assigned ToWepl 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version16.9 
Target Version17.0Fixed in Version17.0 
ChipMem1 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0002115: The Installer file shipped with WHDLoad 16.9 is not 68000 compatible.
DescriptionThe Installer file in http://whdload.de/whdload/WHDLoad_16.9_usr.lzx doesn't seem to be 68000 compatible. Works on A2000 with very similar configuration as my A500, except it has a 68030.

The installation works fine if the Installer file from http://aminet.net/util/misc/Installer-43_3.lha is used instead.
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2009-07-14 11:57   
what happens on the A500, does it crash or does something not work?
Patrik Axelsson   
2009-07-14 22:22   
I got the "Software Failure - Suspend or Reboot" requester.

Not very informative, but I am am out of town this week, so no A500 access.

I apologize for posting a bug report before any investigation or much info. I just assumed from experience that it was the case that the shipped Installer contained 68020 code as it worked on the A2000 with the same hardware and software (except the 030 card ofcourse) a few days ago, but on the A500 I was greeted with the marvellous Software Failure 8000000x you usually get when the executable contains 68020 code or unaligned accesses.
2009-07-15 22:02   
can you please test if the installer 44.10 which included in 16.9 whdload package does in general not work on 68000, e.g. by testing other install scripts?

it would also be interesting at which point it crashs, at the beginning or somewhere during script execution

per definition the installer should work on 68000 too.
Patrik Axelsson   
2009-07-19 13:21   
It crashes the moment the Installer is executed - its enough to execute it from a shell without arguments, it will never come as far as showing any output in any way.

The requester says:
Software Failure
Program failed (error #80000003)
Wait for disk activity to finish.
Suspend Reboot

Also tried this on an A600 with a 68000 and kickstart 3.1 with the same result.
2009-07-21 23:51   
thanks for testing Patrik, I think I will remove the installer from the whdload package, it was also not included in release 16.8 and before

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2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonCPU => 68000
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonCPUSpeed => 7
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonChipSet => ECS
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonGFXCard => None
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonChipMem => 1 MB
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonFastMem => 8 MB
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonWorkbench => OS 3.1
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonKickROM => 40 - Kick 3.1
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonKickSoft => None
2009-07-11 04:18Patrik AxelssonWHDLoad => 16.9
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