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    ID # CategoryStatusUpdatedSummaryMachineWHDLoad
  0000154 [Anarchy_DejaVu]
assigned (Bored Seal)2009-04-10Deja Vu: 1 disk version At the beginning of the demo the music plays weirdA400015.1
  0000153 [Silents_SoundOfSilents]
assigned (Psygore)2009-04-10Sound Of Silents: The screen at the bottom with equalizers shows up, and thenA400015.1
  0000152 [BatmanGroup_BatmanVuelve]
assigned (Codetapper)2009-04-10Batman Vuelve: When the dottunnel comes, the bottom of the screen showsA400015.1
  0000135 [Fuzzball]
assigned (Codetapper)2009-04-10Fuzzball: Please give us a levelskipper.This game is evil.A120015
  0000120 [5thGear]
assigned (Codetapper)2009-04-105th Gear: Sometimes game crashes after "Get Ready" screenA120015
  0000118 [WembleyRugbyLeague]
assigned (Codetapper)2009-04-10Wembley Rugby League: I have a windows 98, and I wanted to play this gameA50015
  0000099 [Jug]
assigned (Graham)2009-04-10Jug: Game crashes sometimes when collecting somethingA120015
  0000098 [International3DTennis]
assigned (Codetapper)2009-04-10International 3D Tennis: All GFX in black/white.The screen is bouncing, bumpingA120015
  0000040 [Complex_A1200Demo]
assigned (Psygore)2009-04-10A1200 Demo: On my system the demo has a distortion all over the screen in mostA120015
  0000020 [Kefrens_MultiMegamix2]
assigned (Psygore)2009-04-10Multi Megamix 2: The music is to fast ? Multi Mega Mix 1 worked great withA400015
  0000019 [Complex_A1200Demo]
assigned (Psygore)2009-04-10A1200 Demo: Terrible Grfx glitches, tired with nocache & other Tooltypes noA400015
  0000005 [SabreTeam]
assigned (GalahadFLT)2009-04-10Sabre Team: Hi, When starting the installed game the screen goes black to tenA120015