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0005879Elvira[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2023-04-09 08:16
ReporterTorti the Smurf 
Assigned ToPsygoreProject InfoElvira - Mistress of the Dark (Horrorsoft/Accolade)
Summary0005879: Elvira intro music missing notes
DescriptionThe Elvira Intro music missing some notes.
Steps To ReproduceJust play the game on an 68020(+) Machine.
Additional InformationWorks flawless on a 68000 CPU.

Here is a EAB Thread about that.


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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem28 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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has duplicate 0005902closedJOTD Intro music is missing notes 


note ~0012014

Psygore (manager)

Pls try the attached slave, all notes should be played now.

I only tested the french version, english and german are patched too.

note ~0012015

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)

I try to test the French version with Your Slave 1.3 but I don't understand how to start.... WHen I have the message "Press RMB to start Elvira..."

Please Could You tell me how to start ?

Many thanks,


note ~0012016

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)


Understand... Press Right button of the Mouse...

You can ignore my previous message.

note ~0012022

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Psygore is so awesome !!!!!!!!!!

He did it !!! (Fast as always and in his pristine Psygore quality)

It´s flawless now !!!

Thank you so very much !!!

We adore you !!!

note ~0012043

vanfanel (reporter)

Sorry, but I overwrote my old slave with this one, and I still see missing notes, even on plain 68000.

note ~0012044

Psygore (manager)

Do you run the game in ntsc ?

Maybe you have an another version, could you send me it ?

note ~0012047

Hexaae (reporter)

Can you also make Quit from in-game menu exit WHDLoad?

note ~0012048

Hexaae (reporter)

Similar to http://mantis.whdload.de/view.php?id=5751

note ~0012059

vanfanel (reporter)


I am running the game in PAL mode. I have the pre-installed version available on the EAB server, so pretty much standard way to run it.

note ~0012070

vanfanel (reporter)


The game needs a KS 1.2: with 1.3 and on, it shows the missing notes, no matter what CPU or video region is used:


So, easy fix, make the slave use a KS 1.2 ROM. Please :)

note ~0012071

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Kickstart 1.2 would also fix Elvira 2 (some people have problems with that too)

note ~0012085

Psygore (manager)

I added a quit from in-game menu and it should play missing notes.

Could you try the new uploaded slave ?

note ~0012086

Hexaae (reporter)

Seems fine to me.
Can you also fix the music for Elvira 2?

note ~0012093

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Tried about 5 different WinUAE setups, FPGA Mist/er and real A600.

I could not hear a missing note !

Psygore perfection (T_T)

note ~0012094

vanfanel (reporter)

@Psygore & Torti: This is indeed perfect now! Thanks!!!
I hope a new version gets released soon :)

note ~0012100

Torti the Smurf (reporter)

Well, the only thing is (if you want to nit-pick :))
that the Mouse Pointer is not as smooth anymore;
but thats really all that i can find.

Another Job well done ! (T_T) Psygore FTW

note ~0012137

Psygore (manager)

Attached a new slave with ntsc screen support.

note ~0012284

Psygore (manager)

Install package released.

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