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0005474Gloom[WHDLoad Installs Games] install scriptpublic2023-01-09 22:31
Assigned ToPsygoreProject InfoGloom (Black Magic)
Summary0005474: Gloom install script problem
DescriptionThe installer copies files from disk 1, then asks for disk 2 from which it does not copy anything and announces that the game has been successfully installed.
Only the game menu is launched, then there is a black screen. The same thing happens when installing Gloom Deluxe.
Steps To ReproduceJust install game.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem256 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0010874

Retroplay (reporter)

Indeed, nothing is copied from disk 2 during install.
Copying files manually from disk 2 to data dir does make the game run.

note ~0010876

lordelessar (reporter)

I noticed one more bug in the installer.
When I try to install Gloom Deluxe, the same situation happens as I wrote about earlier. But that's not all because the installer does not install Gloom Deluxe but its basic version. The Gloom Deluxe menu should be yellow, not purple.

note ~0010878

Psygore (developer)

Install script fixed.

This install supports only classic version of Gloom.
Gloom Deluxe version needs to write complety a new slave (game uses RTG).

note ~0010879

elessar1984 (reporter)

@Psygore it's almost okay because install script forgets one file from data_disk - gloomgame. Without it, the game won't start and not everyone can know it.

note ~0010903

Psygore (developer)

New install package available, slave 1.4 supports the gloomgame file missing.
Install script will copy this file too.

note ~0010909

lordelessar (reporter)

@Psygore Thank you now everything is working perfectly.

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