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0005411TrivialPursuit[All Projects] Generalpublic2023-01-27 07:35
Assigned ToCFOUProject InfoTrivial Pursuit (Domark)
Summary0005411: Trivial Pursuit 2.0 Object Not Found
DescriptionTrivia Pursuit v2.0
DOS-Error #205
(object not found)
on reading "s/ ".
Additional InformationI noticed that there is a file in data/s directory just named "_". The original disk has a file with no name, actually it looks like 3 spaces. I tried adding this file to data directory but still not working.
Tried rom 3.1 and 2.05. Tried WB 2.1 and 3.1. AGA and ECS.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 2.05
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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  • ? file icon LHA (53,576 bytes) 2023-01-27 07:33 -
    ó2}eé2}Hç~þ$H$Iù,x/Hçà&n"+¬gå‰ A"(4å‰`"’«:t <#²¬šd",šÐt&A"<N®ÿ:J€fLß`v @$@"@ <1™ü ÜS€fú g IÑÜÕÐ Š$IS€`ð(IÙü)|#ðLß)NÌJLßHì€"Ôg> €€#Ьš"n$m)@à)Aܒ¬šAìØ N®ý$`.@ ,šÑ¬ð"’‹€)A"Ð)Oì)OèAìä ¬"Ðn$mN®ý$B¬"äp"<0N®þÎ&nCú¬pN®ýØ)@Èfpd`ê)k˜"àJ«¬g~ k¬ÑÈÑÈ"hÓÉÓÉ r)I"ØЁ^€@ÿü)@ÔHç@@"<N®ÿ:LßJ€fp/g( @)@Ð S€Ô² S‚QÈÿöŒ  S‚Œ" ±  QÊÿøŒ"/`JAë\N®þ€Aë\N®þŒ)@"ä/$@ *$g,lÈ @"(N®ÿ )@"à"N®ÿ‚ l"ä/HlÄ h$)h"ØNºÔJ€fNºÒp` /$l"Ô%)lä"Ð,xY¬ìn$m
    AìäN®ý$`.lì ,"Üg @NNº†,xn$mJ¬ØgAìØY¬àN®ý$.JJ¬"äg ,lÈ","àgN®ÿŠ,xN®ÿ|"l"äN®þ†`,x ,Ôg"lÐN®ÿ."lÈN®þb ,ð"L“üN®ÿ. Lß~Nudos.libraryNùÃ^NùÃ<NùÄÐpa$VER: LhA 2.2 (02.01.00)"p0²ep9²cpNupr0RNu%s: WARNING! The -I option must be specified directly after a dash (`-')
         on the command line BEFORE the archive name. Placing it in an include
         file is illegal.
    %s: -I option ignored.
    *** Invalid task priority - using default.
    %s: Illegal multivolume size specification.
    %s: Invalid option - %lc
    %s: Bad multidevice specification.
    %s: Invalid extended option - %lc
    %s: Bad header level %ld (0-2 allowed), using default = 0
    *** WARNING:  Do not upload -lh6- format archives to Aminet -
                  Currently (17-Apr-99) Aminet doesn't support -lh6- format.
                  To request support for this format, contact
                      Urban Mueller <umueller@aminet.org>.
    QOHç6&HB¯ ~`TJ‡f<|@\†Aì80hg°fðAì8J0hg2"ph o  3r0ºer9ºc|`pR¯ r0,œ"†`þpr0gœS€gžS€g˜S€gœrgW€gªY€g°S€gèY€gèS€grg_€gFrgF`jAía6àá€å€)@€ lr@ï‰)A`œ€o’)|`†paÄ @ ¬ü×ï Eë!J)@ü`fJ¬XfBAìØ//Hzüa]ÜOï`FAí)Hø`:Aía6Zrû)@Ô°mr°oHzü¬a]šXO`“É,lÌN®þÚ"@ ,ÔN®þÔ`ü~`ÚAía6)@4€là)|4`ÔAía5ôá€å€)@tfÀ o  J3f
    pÿ)@t`˜HlØHzüJa]pœPO)@Ú`€Aí)Hô`tB¬`Pp)@`Fp)@`< o p"3/HlØHzü*a\Ìpœ)@ÚOï`0|@\†Aì(0hg°fðAì(J0hg2"ph o  3r0ºer9ºc|`pR¯ r0,œ"†`Äprhg
    rg>`ŽAía4ìá€å€)@€lr@í‰)A`š€ÿÿož)|ÿÿ`’B¬xGí`( ,x"åAì!‹@R‹gr,°fôJgBR¬xJfÔJ¬xfTHlØHzûPa[ØpœPO)@Ú`>pH@B@/HlØHzûTa[Έpœ)@ÚOï`R¯ *KÛï fü J¬gp)@œLßlàPONu/pÿ°¬$f.p,Ørag[€g_€g[€gW€fJ¬ fB¬$`p)@$ ,är°nJ€j/HlØHzúôa[4OïB¬äp,Ørag[€g_€g[€gW€fp)@ `B¬ J¬tg"p,Ørag[€g_€g[€g
    HzúÈaZÌXOJ¬ÐgB¬Ð`p)@ÐJ¬Œgp)@œJ¬0gp)@ ,gr)AœJ€gp)@”J¬”f,lÈN®ÿÊ"N®ÿ(J€fp)@”J¬”g ,jr)A ,jB¬,_NuNùÂhpaÿUsage: LÿhA [-<opÿtions>] ÿ<commandÿ> <archiÿve[.LZH/ÿLHA]> [[ÿhomedir]ý
    ãø<filesÿpec>...]ç [@;Gdesñt*.	áúWherïe <Cis one of:Z=aêñAdd ;búéòcêñConca÷tenÀ/App¯end s.d~êñDeletešúæõeêñExtraÓctå.fêñFrŸeshenåçôhîêñHun
    or ßdiffsÎ <ë-> yÖl[q¿] ListÎ (terse)âùÍmêñMon!totÎ.pêñPri@\Toutãørêñ?Replacä.âºTShšegr×ityä÷uêòpdôÀ–v`verbíouvvëðShoíwhcoînts (full).ýx with ŽW! pat ëðõCçopyhr"newÑ üôZèóAÌ<O<ýôƒr mow‹µ-’Per‹ ÿattribut¶$(Dw-A> eègó+ß b3I/Oÿ buffer ·sizoKBw-ÿB  Keep ?backupŠ–y-·Œfirm zC6CºlearÎo-bit† e$!3ÚAj"=š!á”î"E4D•lrà ¯progsFsâÍyß ÿ²5empüô*ectoriöv7-EÞouchâ 5e™ß IgnL×!;noú!|>Fìñòäafá?-G  OOnly 6Á1rr<}-9Disabð ˆ&Eß HròŠ@eûad60levelÿ ( 0,1,2U 4iÉa™le§froq3ß I5FE÷NV:OPTSú}=kM4parti+al+FKM0iy ÿ?³(mŠw-l‡amk<DamE@loŠ@×casd1Lºrep!çFGO„No lPzïñsBquerð1}M¢RautosA!΄s?1n¢RbyÞ9i·ndi¿orß NÈ¢Rì_€:oyAÒ!afôr¹3(ˆCthanš#1O'ebeCΈ4(ÃolÆAAb1¡Paùu]@/cloadiëngß P3tasÅkd@i@ôE4q w Be³Pietß ™QÕ9üó s0šrooduc60 -ƏColl@ÊT@u+rslð1Ràgϐïi3F@{Ba˜r"Aÿ flag unÎ`ß P
    1:tž0+p)E¢ý%-º{M+FTo %&‡L- a\uÉtUÕVn£A/ÎamuÿltivolumÙe82>3-w3woÓrkFð1WclƒuddY}=_ å& Ðsa|"jRß XÝo fB@ aÉ s30íi_" -õAlw³ayK[ixß Y|> 
    @e bigk%÷.raþð < 3%%3zQ†på2,E!ZºȄ	v}=0ZCõðNV1.xņÿðß Ù2ý„f€V2› (ÿ-lh5-) -93Ÿ/š6-)Š/±+ÚŸlsÝ"Qa[Bsi3mpð M soð .1†‚8QbßRd¡4·ad(ÞÂ_µ—h	2H30
    ä1>·am[CgT 'mWung`'²šn	28Ãÿð.Pcha%BÔ!dd1Qo6Eüô.dc)mÚΈ”p6Edàe@át@Êa<q·aq Quick*rÀ¯Έ”rß Skip¹2stwampZ eck·añv	2ÛyMdeviÝcé…-QwŸFwi?ldcard¥"Ã$øÎK vP-sens¹iÞp9ƒmayQ` î?ifi)@any™wuž0thK!	
    diág›0#°?PÑr it. IfU€Fı³ä§¹ˆ΄,Ӱdzbe
    ͳd. S'u§Ò‘ŒرdefaÜp ‡(deʁ`1s`doµ),
    l±/Å,™„H•-styð 8•˜÷. FÓ$
    inf€`‘0]@§‘3Ál±s`rû'sN°nual.:d‘TUÂstiR£ýw¬Úpfha1 iþx°g slashï (/)Ò!col5‘:).
    Hç6&I$K*H~J¬èg J¬°g-g ma‚ MLßl€`x *g"@ m,l#N®ÿ^.o$RµËfâJ‡oMë V+H*‹ V ,Í`&J‡jMê V+H*Š V ,Í` ma" MaLßl€Nu/%*#?~[(#?Warning: no match for file `%s'.
    .lzh.lha.run.(LZH|LHA)žüHç36$H&J./I$/H @R‹gr/°gr:°fîp/°f·ÊfAúÿza
    f/@(`2r:²WÀ"D’ŠH€HÀҀR a÷¢ @/@(@ÚµËfúp:°fÀBpa÷„ @MÐ",À,ÀBž"o$#@*o(,Í<Á$@ 
    _€g|@|J†g*êv@AìX"
    ç‹$,lÈN®ü: Maò BaÈ%@JgAë "Jaÿ$@ 
    LßlÌÞüNužüHç36$I.|/J,/I(*H@Rˆgr/°gr:°fî/H p/°f±ÍfAúþxad/@0`8r:²WÀ"D’H€HÀҀR aö "@/@0@Ý»ï føp: o °fÀB&o(*o0 M"j,l#N®ÿ^J€f<0*HÀ°‡f2 o Jg Rˆ *g"@ aÿF&@` "Jaþ>&@@&J/K,|`$RµËf¬J†f”paö @Mè"Bž,Í<Á$@ 
    gAúýº"MaΈ_€g|@|J†g*êv@AìX"
    ç‹$,lÈN®ü: Ma– Bal%@"o(Mé V%H$‰ V Š,Ê o JgAè "Jaýž*@@*J/M,` MaP /,LßlÌÞüNužüHç76p/H0~/@8/I4Jfp`È&oD KJfüSˆpA‘Ëåˆ,aõ@/@$Aúüî$@pþaiÌ$
    /@,,lÈ"N®ÿšAê/H(`ÜB¯8$o4"o( -j‚"
    $	,lÈN®ü4J@gjv@"å‹N®üŽ o@a
    ‚ K*@a
    z$@rp a
    | o$"@#h|&@"(t3ACè Ia
    P'@ o$Ðü„CëaS'M'J"o0 KaûŠ&oD`Bv@"$	å‹,lÈN®üŽ Bpþai"$N®ÿ‚///D&"J o8aþÖ".N®ÿ‚ aiPPOB3h*/,*o$"$
    ,lÈN®ÿš o@a	 /@$ Ka	–$@rp a	˜ @!m|&@"-t1AAía	r'@Aí„CëaR&'o$'J KëB«"o0aúÀ Ma	b ah€ LßlìÞüNužüHç?6Hï4B¯@"oH 	JfüS‰$oL“À,JJfüpASŽ/H0/H8/I,åˆaóHÊ,/@(&@*o8*/4J­f€J…g/
    //L oD"maý PO/@@`-gÔAúú¶pþag–,lÈ$".N®ÿš&oL`” -jŒP o8"($
    ,lÈN®ü4J@gjv@"å‹N®üŽ oHaV K$@aN&@rp aP o("@#h|*@"(t3ACè Ia$+@ o(Ðü„CíaPÔ+J+K"o< Maùz&oLB3h*o("$
    ,lÈN®ÿ”J€fÿZ agF`> mpþafÄ.g."$,lÈN®ÿš +jrv@Aë"
    å‹$N®üŽ oHaœ oL$@a’&@rp a” o("@#h|*@"(t3ACè Iah+@ o(Ðü„CíaP+J+K"o< MaøŸ afš oLB0h`˜-gÆAúù4pþaf,lÈ$"*N®ÿš`Ž +o†Kë o8"($
    ,lÈN®ü4J@gX o8(g"/H@"
    v@å‹N®üŽ BpþaeŒ"$N®ÿ‚/
    //LKï<.  ] h"]aýx/@H"N®ÿ‚ aeþPO o, "oHB1B2h"$,lÈN®ÿ”J€fÿd aeÒ`Ê mpþaeP(gº"$,lÈN®ÿš +kŠ m JfüSˆ"@‘Àp:"°1ÿgr/°gJf o8(&oHg"$	`""
    $	` o8(Kë&oHg"@"
    / o@ h"oD. aü"N®ÿ‚ aePOB¯@ o, B3B2h"o8 Q./@$oL&o(/H8±ï0gJ‡gü˜ Ka– o, "oHB1B2h LßlüÞüNu g"@Aú÷^a^_€gpNupNužüHç76/I0/H,$H R.|±Êf j gJfAú÷*%HpAåˆaï^&@/@( *gfJªg^J¬Df"@ 	gAúöðað_€gz@zJ…f2/R8/J$"jMï4*JÙfüv@Cï4$-å‹"	,lÈN®üŽAï4pþacŠ*g²"$N®ÿš acê +o, mCï4ØfüAï4"Aúö~$N®üŽAï4aT+@`Âp r$m&maH o("@#h|*@"(t3ACè Ia+@ o(Ðü„CíaLÌ+J+K,lÈ"N®üš&o(Aë"@Øfü M"o0aõZ`J¬ÞfHo4HzõîaHpPO$o$µï,g j"R ‰ R!j JaÌ`Aúõ΄%H%H` R/H8`/R8$o8*o,»Êfþ„ Kaœ U±Íf m gŽJgˆpaíΈ @MÐ$o,,À,ÀBžAúõ\&@aD'@7| j"KpaöŠ @Jš"@g j"ipaör`
     jpaõj$Rµï,fÈB/4B/4Ho4 Ho8 K"o8aùŒ, Ka€PO LßlìÞüNužüHç02&I$K gTCïarJ«g: kCïØfüv@Aï$+å‹",lÈN®üŽAï"Aï$N®ü4J@gp`p`&S·Êf¶`p@pLßLÞüNuHç0*H&M +gFv@AìX"ç‹$,lÈN®ü: BJfüSˆ‘Â" k JfüSˆ‘À²ˆc Ba'@` B"@Øfü&S·Íf®LßhNuYOHç6/H.J¬ *Hf€&m gJf
    Aúóò+H&H KJfüSˆ‘Ë ,`3hr/°g
    r.°gS†fì$KÕÆr/°gNJ†gJJ¬$gHJ†gBr.°f: JCúóÂ,l#N®ÿ^J€g& JCúó΄N®ÿ^J€g JCúóªN®ÿ^J€g gAúó^"Ka\_€g|@|J†g. KJfüSˆr‘Ë Ёaë~+@"@Ûfü mCúóda*`ŒJ‡gD KJfüSˆ‘Ë Z€aëN+@"@Ûfü¬l mCúóað`‚ mCúóaà`r KJfüSˆp‘Ër,aΈ @Z†!m$@ aêö%@ aêì+@ K"@Øfü mCúòŸa–"jÛfü jCúò°a‚"oMé V%H$‰ V Š,Ê*U»ïfþ`LßlÀXONuHç*H&MJ­g kaìCÓ*Y Q  S!Y ka6 Ka0·ÍfÒLß(NuNùÃ|NùLNùÂ4NùÀNùÆxNùÆΈNù pa/ ,ðg @,l#N®ÿΈB¬ð,_NuLhA - No -lh6- on Aminet... yet.
    %11s: (%8ld)  %s›K
    %11s: (    ) %s›K
    %11s:  %s›K
    %11s: (%8ld/%8ld)  %s›K
    %11s: (%3ld.%1ld%%) %7ld =>%7ld : %s›KFrozenStored
    ›14C%8ldžüHç?6&o</H,p°¬H*I$Hf&J¬ðfN‘È,l#N®þ)@ìg< @ h0CìÈ,l#N®ý<J@f$lÌ@•Ê 
    gF lìÐü,N®üè @pCï0,l#N®þ&0*2* HÀHÁ4*"’€0*HÂHÀ”€RR‚)A)B` lì0(2(HÀHÁ)@)A lì0(jHÀD€`0(HÀ)@2(
    HÁ4(HÂ)A°‚nJ€jB¬0(HÀ²€nJjB¬‘ÈCìx,l#N®ý¢)@ðg."@ i2,h4rt2.4.)A<,l# @N®ÿΈB¬ð)B@`"lì i(r2()A@)A<"lì)#H i(p0(HÁҀR)$vH€)A(Ò¬<$҃&,HÀX‚(jR„â„)@,p*š€–„jRƒâƒ ,Ѓ)@| ,jR€â€&,ր)C„)DŒ)A”)A8)B4)E$Aúý
    CìH"Ø2ÐBAìH"MaüÎAìH)HœB§ lì,l"ü"ON®ÿ‚Oï)@D‘ÈCìx,l#N®ý¢)@ðg0 @)h2ô lô h4Cìø,l#N®ý ,$9@ø9@",,Ҁ lð(8H‚H’‚t҂$,8&Yƒx*P…)A0"W\‚)AB§Hx/<€3/,D/<€4")B $)D& lô,l"üp
    ",(Ò¬@X"lôN®ÿ"lôpN®þª"lôAìp N®ÿÄ"lôpN®þª,lÈrdN®ÿ:‘È"lì,l#N®ýüJ¬ðg Kì, ",($&"lô,l#N®üÖKì "$&"lôN®üÖp
    ",(Ò¬@X"lôN®ÿ KJfüSˆp‘Ë0,úr&./H(/ K—Ë"lô /,$,$EìøN®ýHLß,CìpÛfüŒ‡l AìpaF8Aìp"HJfüS‰“È,	"lôpN®þª"lôAìp N®ÿÄ"lôpN®þª`ØJ¬fÐCìpÛfüJ¬œg.J¬gpçЬèAìpaEØHlp/*/
    Hzú a>ØOï`” ,HS€g
    Hzúxa>œOï`XJ¬gpÝЬèAìpaEpHlp/
    Hzúda>ta?0Oï`,J¬gpÞЬèAìpaEDHlp/*B§/
    HzúXa>BOïLßlüÞüNuQOHçp°¬H*Hg˜J¬f MCìXa$a>Þ -"-a<ì.AìXCìpØfüJ¬gpÖЬèAìpaDÌAúú6Jm4gAúú$ r
    /@ aZHlp/-/-////HzùÐa= OïJ¬Ðg
    Hzùöa=ŽXOLß €PONuQOHç2$/Ap°¬HfXJ¬ðgüJg 倐‚ç€Ð‚å€aò@pd",$aìrdaà",ЁY€/@"lô,l# ",$/&, N®þÎ`¬J¬f€J¬œfœ ,HS€g
    S€g&S€gB`|0,ØR@Aúù\@r0/HzùB9@Ø`bJg 倐‚ç€Ð‚å€a`@pd/Hzù.`BJg 倐‚Ѐ‚å€a@,S†@|Hzù&a<AúùXO",ä$,lÈN®ÿÐ`/Hzùa<pPOpLß@LPONuNùÀNùÄh/"`p\Œgp/Œgÿgp:ŒfRˆfà,Nu
         LHHDR: Header too long or corrupted›K
         LHHDR: Header failed CRC check›K
         WARNING: Skipping corrupt/extraneous data›K
    ** Warning: `%s' is an illegal filename.›K
    *H`Ra:’CìqAìpÙÙÙÙ MaiÄ@tRg:p-°,pf(°,tf"pl°,qf Majr°m MpùrabFp` Mai΄J€g€p*_NuHç!*Hp-á€rҀp-$J€&IgþS€gS€g>r>gnr1gŸ` U€aà~"'@WAí"@@ØSdú kÑÂB(ÿý`Ü U€aàR"'@WAí"@@ØSdú"kÓÂp/B)ÿý kaþ`Š+6rA°grM°fr-áp-Ё7@"pM°+6fx~+#g~+#gÇ+#fÇ7G"`N U€aßÆ"'@(WAí"@@ØSdú k(ÑÂB(ÿý`$p-á€r-Ҁ7A8Aí'H:`ë/pLß(„NužüHç?4*H‘È&I~/H&/I0 Kaht+@+o&: K|ah@4R€fpÿ`
     KahBS€gpÿ`î KCï5paaLr°lpÿ`Ö/4fÆr/7t/6v/5/A*rHAHCá‚BABCáÒƒÒ‚Ò¯*ófˆ KCïIp#a`ôr#°gpÿ`~v/`t/aHCHBr/bBCáBBáƒp/cւցրƒSFX!f6v/ht/iHCHBr/jBCáBBáƒp/kւցrЃ Ka_Έ`þèpÿ`pÿ`
    Gí KCï6rp*a	*T…B-Eìàx`R„\ŠpΈ€l J"Kp³VÈÿüfèpΈ€fpÿ@ ;@4 -(g
     @aóªB­( -g
     @aóšB­ -g
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    Sgî` p/Fá€r/Et/CҀp/Dá€HABAԀpԁ+B$º€l|`p(p˜€ K CïIa_°„gp`’Gï6p/4ÖÀEï6B/<`Ñ/<µËeö/<°/5&o0g|` /Ix@$`HEï4ÕÄp*J€f6p/$„(aÜd"+@(SAê/@* "H o*aN m(ÑÄB(ÿÿ`R„p/$Έ€m®J­(gAïJañÆ+@`6p/$R€aÜr+@/$/@* o*CïJ aúp/$ mB0p/$(˜€rΈmrt7K&t7JáƒÔƒ;B,`Pï8rΈm
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    Original  Packed Ratio    Date     Time     Atts   Method CRC  Host OS  L U
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    AmigaCP/MFLEXMac OSMS-DOSRunserTownsOSUnixOS-9OS/2OS-386Human68KOS-9/68KUnknown%s
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     Archive corrupted -- no files added or replaced.
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    *** %s: User aborted
    ÀNu›0 p› p›7m›27mPaused. Press any key to continue...
    %s (Y/N/A/S/Q): ›K
    *** %s: Terminated on user's request.
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    Copyright © 1991-94 by Stefan Boberg.
    Copyright © 1998-2000 by Jim Cooper and David Tritscher.
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    ? file icon LHA (53,576 bytes) 2023-01-27 07:33 +



note ~0010765

netman63129 (reporter)

I tried English, German, and French version but all have similar problem. Maybe an issue with winrar trying to unpack file. I tried also lha within WinUAE.

note ~0010768

aardvark82 (reporter)

Don't use directory drives as amiga HD in UAE, or unpack game files to PC filesystem. it will alter many file attributes and names.
This is not WHDLoad install issue.

note ~0012361

netman63129 (reporter)

I tried to extract the files on my PC but there is a file in the s directory that is either all spaces or has no name. It will not extract. I tried extracting it using LHA on my A2000 but it throws CRC errors. Basically, there is no way for me to extract and play this game. Maybe others are having the same problem?

note ~0012367

casper30 (reporter)

If you type lha x filename.lha in the workbench shell, it will be extracted.

note ~0012368

netman63129 (reporter)

Yes, that is exactly what I did. Have you actually tried it? I would be curious if it works for you.

note ~0012369

casper30 (reporter)

It's going well.

note ~0012370

netman63129 (reporter)

Does that mean that the file extracted and the game is playable? If so, what LHA utility did you use? Maybe there is a problem with mine.

note ~0012371

casper30 (reporter)

I don't need a program.It’s simple.

note ~0012372

casper30 (reporter)

Try using OS 3.1 or higher.Then it will work.

note ~0012373

casper30 (reporter)

You said you use a2000. Try using a1200 or a600.

note ~0012374

netman63129 (reporter)

Sure, I will buy a 1200 on eBay so I can play one game :-p

note ~0012375

casper30 (reporter)

Can't you implement the above?

note ~0012378

netman63129 (reporter)

My LHA was corrupt or old. I replaced it with the latest version on Aminet and it works...thanks!

Much better than buying a 1200. I do not have a garage full of old Amigas to choose lol

note ~0012379

casper30 (reporter)

What did you download from aminet?Anyway, congratulations on implementing it.

note ~0012380

casper30 (reporter)

A1200 is not something to buy.

note ~0012381

netman63129 (reporter)

I replaced the LHA file in the C directory within the OS partition. It is simply called LHA and it can be downloaded from Aminet. Here, I have uploaded the file if anyone else needs it. Just replace the existing file in the C directory if you have problems.

note ~0012382

netman63129 (reporter)

I prefer to play my games on my original A2000 which I bought new many years ago.
WinUAE is indispensable but it is not the same as a real Amiga :-)

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