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0005169Spaceballs_9fingers[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-04-27 19:21
Assigned ToStingRayProject Info9 fingers (Spaceballs)
Summary0005169: 9Fingers hangs at startup
DescriptionHi, i installed 9fingers using the adf files from tosec, here the sha1:
567206f0e49ebd11a03ed6ce3691d01a455d5790 9 Fingers (1993-12-29)(Spaceballs)(Disk 1 of 2)[TP3#4].adf
52d914a1ccf191a453abef0712574d89c64d8f97 9 Fingers (1993-12-29)(Spaceballs)(Disk 2 of 2)[TP3#4].adf
i have an A600 with kickstart 40.63 with only a 4mb fastram expansion (the one from sukkopera).
When i start whdload, the screen goes black and it stays this way indefinitely, and F10 doesn't work, i have to reboot.
The demo works correctly when run from floppy (well, from a gotek).
I tried also with NoCache, PAL, NoAutoVec, and at last NoResInt, but to no avail.

TagsNo tags attached.
ChipMem1 MB
FastMem4 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Attached Files
  • ? file icon 9finger.slave (796 bytes) 2021-04-27 00:44
  • ? file icon 9finger.asm (4,853 bytes) 2021-04-27 00:44 -
    ;  :Program.	9finger.asm
    ;  :Contents.	Slave for "9 finger's" from Spaceballs
    ;  :Author.	WEPL
    ;  :Version.	$Id: 9finger.asm 1.3 2003/10/14 15:56:02 wepl Exp wepl $
    ;  :History.	13.11.96 - 24.11.96
    ;		28.11.96 trackloader delay changed ('60)
    ;		16.06.97 soundtracker playback fixed
    ;			 slave version 2
    ;		21.06.97 rts on stfix added
    ;		24.06.97 keyboard routine fixed
    ;		15.08.97 update for key managment
    ;		30.08.97 keyboard external
    ;		23.08.99 reworked for whdload v10, interlace bug fixed
    ;		14.10.03 loading delay changed/rewritten for NTSC display
    ;			 sprite bug removed
    ;  :Requires.	-
    ;  :Copyright.	Public Domain
    ;  :Language.	68000 Assembler
    ;  :Translator.	Barfly V2.9
    ;  :To Do.
    	INCDIR	Includes:
    	INCLUDE	whdload.i
    	INCLUDE	whdmacros.i
    	OUTPUT	"dwart:spaceballs/9 fingers/9finger.slave"
    	BOPT	O+				;enable optimizing
    	BOPT	OG+				;enable optimizing
    	BOPT	ODd-				;disable mul optimizing
    	BOPT	ODe-				;disable mul optimizing
    	BOPT	w4-				;disable 64k warnings
    	STRUCTURE globals,$100
    		LONG	_resload
    		WORD	_disk
    _base		SLAVE_HEADER			;ws_Security + ws_ID
    		dc.w	10			;ws_Version
    		dc.w	WHDLF_Disk|WHDLF_NoError ;ws_flags
    		dc.l	$fb000			;ws_BaseMemSize
    		dc.l	$400			;ws_ExecInstall
    		dc.w	_start-_base		;ws_GameLoader
    		dc.w	0			;ws_CurrentDir
    		dc.w	0			;ws_DontCache
    _keydebug	dc.b	0			;ws_keydebug
    _keyexit	dc.b	$59			;ws_keyexit = F10
    _expmem		dc.l	$4b000			;ws_ExpMem
    		dc.w	_name-_base		;ws_name
    		dc.w	_copy-_base		;ws_copy
    		dc.w	_info-_base		;ws_info
    	IFND	.passchk
    	DOSCMD	"WDate  >T:date"
    _name		dc.b	"9 fingers",0
    _copy		dc.b	"1990 Spaceballs",0
    _info		dc.b	"Installed by Wepl",10
    		dc.b	"Version 1.3 "
    		INCBIN	"T:date"
    		dc.b	0
    _start	;	A0 = resident loader
    		move.l	a0,(_resload)		;save for later use
    		move.l	a0,a2			;a2 = _resload
    _restart2	move.w	#1,(_disk)		;actual disk number
    	;enable caches
    		move.l	#WCPUF_All,d1
    		jsr	(resload_SetCPU,a2)
    	;install keyboard quitter
    		bsr	_SetupKeyboard
    	;load main
    		lea	$80000,a6		;a6 = exp mem
    		move.l	#$1600,d0		;offset
    		move.l	#$1600*16,d1		;length
    		moveq	#1,d2			;disk
    		move.l	a6,a0			;destination
    		jsr	(resload_DiskLoad,a2)
    		lea	(-16,a6),a0
    		move.l	a6,(a0)+		;exp mem
    		clr.l	(a0)+			;???
    		move.w	#-1,(a0)+		;???
    		jsr	(8,a6)			;decrunch
    		lea	$2000,a6		;a6 = main
    		lea	(-$200,a6),a7
    		move.l	a7,a0
    .clr		clr.l	(a0)+
    		cmp.l	a0,a6
    		bne	.clr
    	;fix soundtracker playback
    		move.l	a6,a0
    		move.l	a6,a1
    		add.l	#$1600*16,a1
    		bsr	_dbffix
    		and.w	#~INTF_PORTS,$38b6(a6)	;preserve int on
    		patch	$5f8(a6),_trackload	;loader
    		patch	$4f2(a6),_disk2		;disk 2 check and wait
    		patch	$430(a6),_restart
    		patchs	$1c2(a6),_iwait		;interlace lof wait
    	;remove writing to sprite registers
    		moveq	#15,d0
    		lea	$2000+$db46,a0
    .spr		move.l	#$1fe<<16,(a0)+
    		dbf	d0,.spr
    	;disable caches
    		move.l	#WCPUF_All,d1
    		jsr	(resload_SetCPU,a2)
    		jmp	(a6)
    _iwait		bsr	_waitvb
    		addq.l	#2,(a7)
    		btst	#7,$dff004		;original
    _restart	move.w	#$7fff-INTF_PORTS,_custom+intena
    		move.w	#4*50,d0		;wait n secs
    .wait		bsr	_waitvb
    		dbf	d0,.wait
    		move.l	(_resload),a2
    		bra	_restart2
    _disk2		addq.w	#1,(_disk)
    ;	d0 = starttrack
    ;	d1 = amount tracks
    ;	a0 = address
    _trackload	mulu	#11*512,d0		;offset
    		mulu	#11*512,d1		;size
    		move.w	(_disk),d2
    		move.l	d1,d3			;D3 = size
    		move.l	(_resload),a1
    		move.l	a0,a2			;A2 = destination
    		cmp.l	#200000,d1
    		blo	.nodelay
    		move.l	(_expmem),a0		;destination
    		jsr	(resload_DiskLoad,a1)
    		move.l	(_expmem),a0		;A0 = source
    .loop		moveq	#10,d0
    .wait		bsr	_waitvb
    		dbf	d0,.wait
    		move.w	#$1600/4-1,d0
    .copy		move.l	(a0)+,(a2)+
    		dbf	d0,.copy
    		sub.l	#$1600,d3
    		bhi	.loop
    .nodelay	jmp	(resload_DiskLoad,a1)
    _waitvb		waitvb
    _exit		pea	TDREASON_OK.w
    		bra	_end
    _debug		pea	TDREASON_DEBUG.w
    _end		move.l	(_resload),-(a7)
    		add.l	#resload_Abort,(a7)
    	INCDIR	Sources:whdload
    	INCLUDE	keyboard.s
    	INCLUDE	dbffix.s
    ? file icon 9finger.asm (4,853 bytes) 2021-04-27 00:44 +
  • ? file icon 9Fingers_V13.slave (932 bytes) 2021-04-27 10:48
  • ? file icon 9fingers_dump.lha (67,623 bytes) 2021-04-27 15:51



note ~0010113

StingRay (developer)

@Wepl: please move to demos/9 Fingers.

If you don't have time to work on this issue, you can assign it to me, I'll have a look then assuming you can provide the slave source.

note ~0010114

Wepl (manager)

You may try the attached slave, don't remember why this one has never been released.
@StingRay: source attached, feel free to fix :)

note ~0010116

StingRay (developer)

Thanks for the source, I'll take care of this issue.:)

note ~0010117

StingRay (developer)

Last edited: 2021-04-27 10:54

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Please try the attached 9Fingers_V13.slave and report if you still get the black screen with that one. Should you receive an "unsupported version" error message from WHDLoad, please attach the disk images you're using.

For reference, following changes have been done:
- version check added
- FMODE and BPLCON3 accesses disabled
- BLTCON0 settings fixed in all line drawing routines
- chip memory requirements changed to 512k, fast memory requirements changed to 900k
- year of release corrected (1990 -> 1993) :)

note ~0010120

darkpand (reporter)

whdload took a couple of seconds more to load (because of the preload), went to a black screen and soon gave the "unsupported version/damaged disk" error.
I attached here the memory dump, i cannot attach the disk images (they are bigger than 150k), here they are:

But they are the ones from a recent tosec, you can find the sha1 in this bug report.

note ~0010121

StingRay (developer)

I've compared the disk images, that's exactly the same version I've been using to update the patch. If you get a "unsupported version" message, you either have a file system problem or did not extract the disk images correctly.

Try extracting the disk images to RAM: and start the patch then. You should not get any error message and the patch should work. If that is the case, you need to check your MaxTransfer settings!

note ~0010122

darkpand (reporter)

oops! Sorry.
I fixed my maxtransfer on the cf card and now works flawlessly. The strange thing is that i tried installing on the ramdisk and it stuttered a little, on the cf card works perfectly.

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