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0005110GoldenAxe[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2023-01-09 22:28
ReporterSolo Kazuki 
Assigned ToPsygoreProject InfoGolden Axe (Virgin)
Summary0005110: Mapping jump to button
DescriptionGame is one of best (if not best) beat'em ups for Amiga. But for better arcade feeling and enable run and jump mapping jump to button is nice option. Could it be done?
TagsCD32 Controls, support 3rd fire button
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
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note ~0010530

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

It can be also used for 3rd fire button, maybe remapping using magic to 3rd/yellow or green, and jump to 2nd/blue?

note ~0011146

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

Jump to bump!

note ~0011220

Psygore (developer)

Attached a new slave 1.7:
- 2nd button/BLUE = jump
- 3rd button/GREEN = magic bomb
- YELLOW = on/off music
- REVERSE = run to left
- FORWARD = run to right

note ~0011235

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

Overall it's working.
but... Not without some cons.

First of all if You hold blue You cannot jump to side. You must press blue shortly and if You begin to jump then You must release it and hold left or right.

Second is that You cannot perform jump when running.

note ~0011239

Psygore (developer)

Thanks for testing.

I had improved the control when you jump with 2nd button.

"Second is that You cannot perform jump when running."

You mean you want to hit the ennemies when ruuning ?
You can do it by pressing the 2nd button too now.

note ~0011240

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

No, jump when running is just jump (longer) when running, not hitting enemies. Like on arcade machines it just have utility usage, until You begin to attack when jumping.

note ~0011241

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

...arcade machines or game consoles...

note ~0011242

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

Could You also add special backward attack, which is performed down+fire, to similar like on arcade/consoles as both attack and jump (fire1+fire2) at once?

note ~0011243

Psygore (developer)

Running = right+right or left+left, you can not jump while running according the manual.

note ~0011244

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

Yes, because it's not possible with normal control - You must perform fire + up so You must stop holding left/right. Question is if that's doable with current engine to add this feature.

note ~0011252

Psygore (developer)

Attached a new slave: I inserted some combinations of keys, you can jump with 2nd button while running now.

Fire1+fire2 for backward attack is not yet implemented.

note ~0011258

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

Yes, it's working. Thank You!

note ~0011289

Psygore (developer)

I think it's better to have only 1 button for backward attack.

New slave:
- 3rd button/Green = backward attack
- firebutton + 3rd button/Green = magic bomb

note ~0011291

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

No, please! Don't do as You wrote. It's better just 3rd button as magic.
Two buttons (1+2) is not my idea, but original implementation in arcade and consoles. Better add this backward attack as yellow and als leave it be fire+down than this messing - sometimes using magic is "last resort" just before enemy attack (often boss), so complicating it it's not good idea.

note ~0011303

Psygore (developer)

Ok I changed the buttons:
- firebutton + 2nd button/Blue = backward attack
- 3rd button/Green = magic bomb

Attached new slave.

note ~0011403

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

I forgot to mention that It's ok.

note ~0011912

Psygore (developer)

New install available.

note ~0012099

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

Thank You!

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