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0004964Apprentice[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2021-01-24 10:57
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoApprentice (Rainbow Arts)
Summary0004964: Game crashes WHDLoad right before level 1 load/start
DescriptionThe latest v2.0 slave crashes WHDLoad right before it can load the first level. Tried it with WHDLoad 18.6 and the current 18.7 beta.

"Bad stack pointer on entering WHDLoad via Exception "Level 3 Autovector
(COPPER/VBLANK/BLITTER)" ($6C) at $47DEFEAE (Resload $289E) occured."

Register attached.
TagsNo tags attached.
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem128 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Attached Files
  • ? file icon .whdl_register (3,779 bytes) 2021-01-22 21:00 -
    ************************* 01-Jan-78 00:54:35 ************************18.7.6252***
    Slave='Apprentice.slave' (1780 bytes)
    Resload   47DED610 - 47DF4EF8 (  30952) at 47DED610  GL=$47DF6510
    Slave     47DFF230 - 47DFF900 (   1744) at 47DFF230  BaseMemSize=$80000
    ExpMem    47DF5000 - 47DF6000 (   4096) at 47DF5000
    attn=7(30) fc=-1 kn=0 cs=D86E rw=1 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0
    Bad stack pointer on entering WHDLoad via Exception "Level 3 Autovector
    (COPPER/VBLANK/BLITTER)" ($6C) at $47DEFEAE (Resload $289E) occured.
    $47defe72 move         sr,d1
    $47defe74 and.w        d0,d1
    $47defe76 move.w       d1,-(a7)                       ;$00000180
    $47defe78 movem.l      ($dd8,a4),d0-d3/a0-a2          ;$47df72e8
    $47defe7e move         (a7)+,sr                       ;$00000180
    $47defe80 jsr          ([$db4.w,a4])
    $47defe86 ori          #$700,sr
    $47defe8a movem.l      d0-d3/a0-a2,($dd8,a4)          ;$47df72e8
    $47defe90 movem.l      ($dc0,a4),d0-d3/a0-a1          ;$47df72d0
    $47defe96 movec        vbr,a2
    $47defe9a movem.l      d0-d3/a0-a1,($64,a2)           ;$0000aa64
    $47defea0 bsr.w        $47deff76
    $47defea4 move         ($df4,a4),sr                   ;$47df7304
    $47defea8 movem.l      ($dd8,a4),d0-d3/a0-a2          ;$47df72e8
    ›1m$47defeae rts
    ›22m$47defeb0 ori          #$700,sr
    $47defeb4 movem.l      d0-d3/a0-a2,($dd8,a4)          ;$47df72e8
    $47defeba move.w       (6,a7),-(a7)                   ;$00000186 $00000180
    $47defebe pea          ($47defee8,pc)
    $47defec2 move.w       #$2700,-(a7)                   ;$00000180
    $47defec6 movem.l      ($dc0,a4),d0-d3/a0-a1          ;$47df72d0
    $47defecc movec        vbr,a2
    $47defed0 movem.l      d0-d3/a0-a1,($64,a2)           ;$0000aa64
    $47defed6 move.w       (6,a7),a0                      ;$00000186
    $47defeda move.l       (a0),-(a7)                     ;$47722c90 $00000180
    $47defedc bsr.w        $47deff76
    $47defee0 movem.l      ($dd8,a4),d0-d3/a0-a2          ;$47df72e8
    $47defee6 rts
    $47defee8 ori          #$700,sr
    exception stackframe:
    $00000180 200047DE FEAE006C
    regular stack:
    $00000188 47DF161C 47DF16AA 000C8BA0 0001359C 00000001 0000AA00 47DEDAD6 47DFF8FA
    $000001A8 000C8BA0 0001359C 0000AA00 0000AA00 00046BF2 47DFF678 000000AE 0000FFFF
    $000001C8 00000000 0000FFFF 00000001 00000010 00000100 0000FFFF 0000AA00 0002039C
    $000001E8 00046BF2 00047972 000675BA 00020CBC 0006763A 000002C2 60086000 01026000
    $00000208 019033FC 7FFF00DF F09A23FC 00000212 00000020 46FC2700 41F90000 0DB0203C
      ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
    Dx        0        1C        31     C8BA0         0     1359C       100     F2300
    Ax 47722C90     1DF9C      AA00  47646B54  47DF6510     20CBC     6763A
                     TTSM III   XNZVC
    PC=47DEFEAE›22m  SR %0010000000000000  USP=7FC00  ›1mISP=180  MSP=7F800
    VBR=47DF7510  SFC=5  DFC=5  CACR=2000  CAAR=0  TT0=0  TT1=0
    TC=0  CRP=100000000  SRP=100000000  MMUSR=0
    intena=%0100000000101000›22m dmacon=%›1m0000011111000000 adkcon=$1100
    vposr....A300  vhposr...0280  joy0dat..0201  joy1dat..0000  clxdat...8001  
    pot0dat..FC00  pot1dat..2400  potinp...5500  serdatr..3800  dskbytr..8000  
    deniseid.00F8  hhposr...FF46  
       ciaa:     PI ROPS		   ciab:     PI ROPS
    	cra=00000000›22m  ta=21FF<21FF	   cra=›1m00000000  ta=FFFF<FFFF
    	    AII ROPS			    AII ROPS
    	crb=00000000›22m  tb=21FF<21FF	   crb=›1m00000000  tb=FFFF<FFFF
    	    10RTWCLO	  parallel	    DRCCDSOY      M3210HDS
    	pra=11111110›22m  prb=›1m11111111›22m      pra=›1m11111111›22m  prb=›1m11111111
           ddra=00000011›22m ddrb=›1m00000000›22m     ddra=›1m11000000›22m ddrb=›1m11111111
           event=0002AB  icr=00  sdr=00    event=034313  icr=00  sdr=00
    ? file icon .whdl_register (3,779 bytes) 2021-01-22 21:00 +

duplicate of 0004962closedJOTD WHDLoad Installs Games Apprentice v2.0 crash on 68020 

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