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0004808JamesPond3CD[WHDLoad Installs Games] CD³²public2020-11-22 18:21
ReporterZoltan Werner 
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoJames Pond 3 - Operation Starfish CD³² (Millennium)
Summary0004808: Crashes after level 2, save games don't persist
Description- new save trainer comes up after level 1, saves seemingly OK but the save doesn't stay there (not there when you reach saving after level 2)
- after saving on completing level 2 it crashes, see attachment
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem0 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Attached Files
  • png file icon cd32_uae_jp3sav.png (47,417 bytes) 2020-10-30 07:23 -
    png file icon cd32_uae_jp3sav.png (47,417 bytes) 2020-10-30 07:23 +
  • zip file icon JP3_WHDLoad_Logs.ZIP (1,488 bytes) 2020-11-16 18:21
  • zip file icon JamesPond3_v22_beta.zip (2,312 bytes) 2020-11-16 22:11
  • ? file icon SAVEGAME (2,815 bytes) 2020-11-17 16:36 -
    JP3SÿEMPTY                         @	EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         EMPTY                         
    ? file icon SAVEGAME (2,815 bytes) 2020-11-17 16:36 +

has duplicate 0004807closedJOTD Crashes after level 2, save games don't persist 


note ~0009211

JOTD (developer)

I don't have this bug but if the file doesn't exist the slave crashes too...

Can you test this attached slave? and confirm that you're using the CD32 version not the floppy version?

note ~0009225

Zoltan Werner (reporter)

Checked under WinUAE (no access to real hardware atm).
If jp3.sav doesn't exist it is created after completing the first level, but it's all zeroes - see attachment.
If jp3.sav exists then it crashes when completing first level and trying to save again. It says: DOS-Error #212 (object is not of required type) on writing "".

Just a thought: could saving work by keeping the original CD32 nvram save feature? That way it could be redirected to HD via prefs/env-archive/sys/nv_location or even just save to real nvram on a CD32.

note ~0009236

JOTD (developer)

Can't reproduce your issue. Are you using whdload 18? or an older version?

And no, this game isn't using nonvolatile.library but hardware banging saves so it's not possible to save to nv_location.

And if you want to save to real nvram maybe use the real CD32 disc?

note ~0009238

Zoltan Werner (reporter)

It's WHDLoad 18.5 (it's on one of the attached error screens)

NVRAM: I see, OK. The original disc crashes with fastram expansion, but I'd prefer using HD. Especially with your hack that enables saving after each level.

I'll re-download a JP3 iso and apply your WHDLoad from scratch, perhaps I'll try it with a clean WB instead of my old ClassicWB which has a crapload of stuff installed on it, like MMULib, etc.

note ~0009241

JOTD (developer)

Try with FILELOG tooltype, then zip & attach the .whdl_log file that whdload produces on exit. That would help me see what's wrong

note ~0009246

Zoltan Werner (reporter)

In short: no progress.

Longer: Updated WHDLoad to latest version (18.6xyz). Downloaded "/TOSEC-ISO/CD32/Games/[ISO]/James Pond 3 - Operation Starfi5h (1994)(Kixx)[budget].zip" from the eab file server, applied your latest JP3 whdload installer + the patch attached here.

Tried running it from WB like normal and also with no startup-sequence.

The result is always the same: after level 1 it creates a 232 byte "jp3.sav" which contains 0's only.
After level 2 it crashes when saving, see error on attached screenshot.

I enabled "FileLog" but there's no .whdl_log file in the JP3 directory. I double checked if it were hidden and that's why, but no, it's not there.

note ~0009247

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)

Hi Zoltan Werner,
Please send me an e-mail address to send You my version in zip File.

Best regards,

note ~0009248

Zoltan Werner (reporter)


Don't know how to send a priv message here but anyway, it is natloz.renrew at gmail.com.
Thanks for your help!

note ~0009249

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)

Hi Zoltan,
did You received my email,
Does it work on Your system ?
Best regards,

note ~0009250

Zoltan Werner (reporter)

Unfortunately it does the same thing, a little bit differently though.
When saving after 1st level it crashes if JP3.SAV doesn't exist.If it exists (a 0 byte file is ok) it overwrites it to 232 bytes long full of zeroes.At this point I quit by hitting DEL, then reloaded the game.The save was obviously not there (due to all zeroes), but this slave crashes after the 1st level even if it finds the 232byte all-zero sav file.

If you guys can really save after each level then pls attach a proper jp3.sav so I can see if it works with that.

note ~0009252

JOTD (developer)

the whdl_log file is in C: by default, my bad.

note ~0009258

Zoltan Werner (reporter)

Attached are the logs. They were made using above JP3 iso + latest WHDLoad patch + attached slave.
01: deleted JP3.sav, started the game, played through level 1, saved the game. It created the usual 232 byte jp3.sav with all zeroes.
02: played thourgh level 1 again, tried to save but this time it crashed. I have "dump" + memory dump as well if you want. Can't attach here, it's too big.

note ~0009259

JOTD (developer)

Ah I think I found the issue. Buffer overflow. Please test attached slave.

note ~0009260

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)


I just finished to test Your latest Beta Slave 2.2.

With JP3C32
Save game after Level1 works perfectly now and there isn't any other problems.
I can Quit the game restart and select continue to choose witch save I want to use (WITH NAME JP3) and continue to play it ... many thanks for that.

Save game after Level1 works perfectly too.

But If I quit the game and restart it and press continue the position of the save game tell me EMPTY but if a press it... the save position works and I can choose to continue with next level.

My question is, is it normal that the save position (Only Tried Position 0) tell me EMPTY but not empty in reality ?

Many thanks,

Best regards,

note ~0009261

Pascal De Maeseneire (reporter)


note ~0009264

Zoltan Werner (reporter)

Latest slave works here too! Could save game after 1st & 2nd levels then load back problem free.

"Play+Forward+Reverse quits to workbench" didn't want to work somehow but it could be due to my xbox 360 controller not playing nice with winuae with this particular combo? Not sure.

@Pascal would be great if you could look.

Thanks for the update!

note ~0009273

JOTD (developer)

@Pascal I just saved, changing the name to "SAVED" and it worked. I'm releasing it as is.

@ZoltanWerner BTW The quit combo is Forward+Reverse+Yellow not Forward+Reverse+Play :)

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