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0004761Exile[WHDLoad Installs Games] OCSpublic2020-07-13 14:14
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoExile (Audiogenic)
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Summary0004761: Failure to create image from Exile OCS disk
DescriptionAlthough I can degrade my 1200 so that my original disk loads and plays okay. the WHDLoad install will not make a complete image of the disk, saying the disk has an error.
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to install.
Additional InformationLooks like the original release, disk label says: Audiogenic Software Ltd. 1993.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem64 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0009008

JOTD (developer)

You may have a different version. What's the error that DIC reports ? which track?

Just tested installer with SPS version 32 and it works fine

note ~0009014

Angus (reporter)

Hi. Good news! I tried installing the game again in order to get that information, and although it struggled a bit (around 108) it successfully made an image. The floppy disk was quite noisy, so I think its on the edge of of success/failure. I was expecting the image to be the normal size but it was a bit over 700k but I'm sure that is just Patcher magic. Very many thanks for your time and trouble - and for the install. :-)

note ~0009015

JOTD (developer)

yes, disk image is 705024 bytes size by design. Glad that you could install it. It was about time (but AGA version is better IMHO)

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