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0004586DynaBlaster[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-06-28 23:09
Assigned ToPsygoreProject InfoDyna Blaster (Hudson Soft)
Summary0004586: Strange issue launching Dyna Blaster with latest WinUAE 4.4.0 beta 1: game
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal
SlaveVersion: 1.6 (22.10.19) by Psygore

Strange issue launching Dyna Blaster with latest WinUAE 4.4.0 beta 1: game hangs and/or missing music in main menu, and keyboard not working...
I know it's just a beta and 4.3.0 was working fine... but I wonder if there's something hacky in the code to be fixed once and for all that can be to root of problems.
Here is a msg with logs on WinUAE forum: eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=1396226&postcount=29
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FastMem256 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0008564

Psygore (developer)

There is no hack in keyboard routine.

I didn’t look at the music replay, is the module working with Delitracker or EaglePlayer under WinUAE 4.4.0 beta 1.?

note ~0008576

Hexaae (reporter)

Downloaded music from Exotica https://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Dyna_Blaster but can't find a player for ast format https://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Actionamics_Sound_Tool

The other mod file plays fine instead

note ~0008607

Hexaae (reporter)

In the meanwhile...
Useful infos for the Readme file:

P = Pause
SHIFT+ESC = Quit to main menu

note ~0008637

Psygore (developer)

Have you tried novbrmove or ntsc option ?

note ~0008638

Hexaae (reporter)

Wait, it might be an issue with "uae-configuration" tool (in Amiga Programs's WinUAE full .msi package)... As I've written at http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=1397781&postcount=40 :

...try before you run Dynablaster to execute from shell: "uae-configuration cachesize 0" and then re-set "uae-configuration cachesize 16384" (or whatever it was), then run again Dynablaster and you'll see it will freeze keyboard and/or music player is too fast.

Works fine unless/only if you never change WinUAE settings through "uae-configuration"... So maybe there's just an incompatibility with uae-configuration command and 4.4.0b1+

note ~0008639

Hexaae (reporter)

To be exact:
Works fine unless/only if you never change WinUAE JIT CACHE SETTINGS...
Uae-configuration or via GUI (if you manually disable JIT cache from WinUAE GUI) before you run the game it will freeze!

If you just boot WinUAE 4.4.0b1 or b2 it this slave works fine, until you change JIT CACHES. Doesn't matter if you just disable and re-enable it as it was: this slave (ONLY) will crash.

note ~0008642

Psygore (developer)

The fake NTSC display from the game could make problems.

That why I asked you to try the slave with NTSC option for real NTSC display.

note ~0008645

Hexaae (reporter)

No, NTSC (and PAL disabled) won't change...

note ~0008646

Hexaae (reporter)

... oops, forgot is the same with NOVBRMOVE too

note ~0008997

Hexaae (reporter)

No changes with NTSC or NOVBRMOVE. Still freezes on launch with WinUAE 4.4.0b9.

note ~0008998

Hexaae (reporter)

It looks like it is slave bug in some situations. Dynablaster vblank interrupt at the end seems to jump back to whdload code which writes D1 to DFF09C but D1 contains value that sets (not clear) at least vblank and ports interrupts.
- Toni

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