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0004438OutRun[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2020-04-01 11:10
Assigned ToProject InfoOutRun (Sega)
Summary0004438: Crash with 1988 improved SEGA USA NTSC version
DescriptionOk, with this one I think I will be considered as a crazy man :-)
Out Run slave hasn't been upgrade since 1999 ! Yes, that's not really a good game but with just some WHDLoad improvements, it would be nicer.

At first, game has to be played using Outrun USA version that includes improvements (released in 1988) like starfield during Sega logo, real OutRun logo while demo is running, slower countdown and default joystick control. And of course, playing in NTSC, you got better framerate and extended display. The 1999 slave already includes some nice options : CUSTOM1 to control framerate (from 1 to 8) and CUSTOM2 to choose timer speed (normal US Gold timer or slower Sega NTSC version timer).

But currently, using WHDLoad 18.5, 1988 SEGA USA version crash after introduction sequence, when trying to launch game or running demo.

Now what would be done to "upgrade" this poor game (that is not so crap regarding to the year of developement, suffers of the comparison with a really great Megadrive version):

    - Adapt to WHDLoad 18.5 to be able to use the 1988 SEGA NTSC version and correctly operate with the CUSTOM options
    - Timer fix to play music at the right speed while playing in NTSC.
    - Black border to fix the awful color border.
    - Custom tooltypes to activate "RED BARCHETTA" or "STARION" cheatcodes.
    - Two button joypad control :
        * Fire 1 : Accelerate
        * Fire 2 : Change speed
        * Down : Break (like original)
    - CD32 control :
        * Red = Accelerate
        * Blue = Change speed
        * Green = break
        * Pause = Enter game menu
        * Reverse = Music on/off
        * Forward = Sound effects on/off
        * Reverse+Forward+Start = quit game

Keyboard remains necessary to enter your name in the high score table.

Steps To ReproduceJust launch the game using an installation made with the IPF "Out Run (USA)" rom. Let roll the Sega logo (with starfield), the Out Run spashscreen (the voice says Sega, not US Gold), and when the roling demo try to start or you you press fire to play... crash!
Additional InformationAfter testing it, I can confirm you that there is no problem launching directly the IPF on WinUAE with my CDTV configuration clone, no crash at all.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 2.1
KickROM37 - Kick 2.0
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