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0004437Dune[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-01-20 11:08
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoDune (Cryo)
Summary0004437: Hey, I launch Dune on the 4000/060. The sound goes too fast. Will I boot from
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal,3 disks, ipf
SlaveVersion: latest

I launch Dune on the 4000/060. The sound goes too fast. Will I boot from floppy disks or WHDLoad I have the same thing. Can it be fixed?
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem16 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM45 - Kick 3.1.4
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note ~0007994

Tadeusz (reporter)

Task to close. I had an SD card before. Everything works on the ATA disk.

note ~0009399

Tadeusz (reporter)

I have an SD card in the Amiga again. Do you know why the game is running too fast? I am using the NOCACHE option.

note ~0009401

JOTD (developer)

the sound goes too fast what do you mean by that? where? game? intro?

note ~0009418

Tadeusz (reporter)

It's very strange because sometimes I start the game and it's ok, and sometimes it's like in a movie.


note ~0009435

JOTD (developer)

the video shows that it's running twice as fast as it should.

I tried on winuae (fastest possible) and didn't reproduce but had blitter errors.

Needs better sync all through the game.

note ~0009464

Tadeusz (reporter)

I think I already know what's going on. This is a known issue with the TCP / IP stack.

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