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0004224DeepCore[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-09-12 22:38
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoDeep Core (ICE)
Summary0004224: Slave crash-quit to WB with 1010 Emulation Error if in front of first elevator
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal,2 disks
SlaveVersion: 1.1 (18.08.00)

Slave crash-quit to WB with 1010 Emulation Error if in front of first elevator you move left-right very fast: at first you'll see corrupt ply sprite then the crashÂ…
Full dump: https://gofile.io/?c=7KDx2C
Tested with WinUAE and keyboard (Keyboard layout A cfg as a joystick)
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem128 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM45 - Kick 3.1.4
KickSoft45 - Kick 3.1.4
Attached Files
  • txt file icon DeepCore_man.txt (5,716 bytes) 2019-10-02 18:49 -
                                    DEEP CORE 
                                    ©1993 ICE
    2480 AD 9.30 Pm:
    In the cold silence of space surrounding the planet Earth.
    TB6 Satellite Report 9,30.16 Pm:
    Close encounters entering inner Orbit CQ3P,Counting.
    TB8 Satellite Report 9.32.52 Pm:
    Unidentified object located.
    Pos.: 10.6T3
    Speed: 296 m/s
    Data: 2516 M2
    TB6 Satellite Report 9.33.12 Pm:
    Object Separated (Spec./Moment2)
    Mothership located in new course (Orbit CQ3V)
    Droid entering atmosphere, Counting 9.33.48
    Naval Head Quarters Arizona, USA:
    "Droid located on main radar.", "Stand by M/S Hurricane."
    Navy Carrier M/S HURRICANE, Indian Ocean:
    "Standing by Arizona"
    Naval Head Quarters:
    "As we expected, she is going down in the Indian Ocean.
     She is yours Hurricane"
    "We got her on the grid display.", "Sending two F14 fighters to locate."
    F14 Pilot Roy McCoy:
    "Captain, she vanished in the ocean." Cptn. Dawnrazor, a veteran with
    decorations to his ears, is quietly asleep at home in his flat
    in Detroit and unaware of his destiny. 1.30 Am the phone starts ringing.
    "Uhurm, yes?"
    "Dawnrazor? U.S. Navy Commander Jack Upton speaking. We have an
    emergency over here and it requires your presence".
    "Hm, what is going on?" Commander Upton starts to explain the
    evening's earlier events and that the droid seems to have docked at an
    underwater nuclear research base, located 20.000 feet deep.
    Commander Lipton:
    "We have now lost all radio contact with the staff in
    the research base and I am afraid that the last thing we heard from them
    was something about aliens turning the defence system against them.. I'm
    not sure what really has happened down there but the oxygen seems to be
    running out!
    "And what do you expect from me?"
    Commander Lipton:
    "You know me Dawnrazor. I won't leave you alone until
    you accept this one and besides you owe me one! We simply don't have
    anybody else in the force with your experience and ..."
    "Allright, Allright, Aaaaalright! I will do it on one
    condition, that we are even after this one."
    Commander Lipton:
    "Be careful, we don't really know what it is down there!"
                              LOADING INSTRUCTIONS
    Insert disk 1 (boot disk) in diskdrive DFO: and follow on screen
    instructions. An animated loading introduction will appear after
    the game logo has been displayed. If desired, you can skip the loading
    introduction by double clicking the joystick button when the game logo
    is displayed.
    Press Fire: to Start Game or Space: to view the Option Screen
    Password: After each section of 3 levels is completed a password
    is received. The password can be entered in the option screen.
    Demo mode: If this option is chosen the game (snap shots) will run
    automatically when start game is selected.
    Intro Music: This option
    allows you to toggle between two different tunes. To be able to hear the
    selected tune you will have to return to the title screen.
    Joystick Up/Left: Jump Left              Joystick Up/Right: Jump Right
                             Joystick Up: Jump
    Joystick Left: Walk/Turn Left            Joystick Right: Walk/Turn Right
                            Joystick Down: Duck
    Joystick Down/Left: Turn Left            Joystick Down/Right: Turn Right
             Fire Button: Fire/shoot (If held, releases Mega Blasts)
    Energy Bar:
    Shows Dawnrazor's energy. Will decrease
    when hit by enemies. Can be refilled by collecting energy Icons. When
    empty, one life is lost.
    Oxygen Bar:
    Decreases constantly as Dawnrazor needs oxygen to breathe. Refill by
    collecting oxygen Icons. When empty, one life is lost.
    A,B,C,D keys are necessary to open locked doors (A,B,C,D).
    Mega Blast:
    Mega weapon which, when released, causes damage to all enemies
    on screen.
    Bonus Ball:
    Collect to gain bonus points or shoot to discover hidden points
    of oxygen icons.
    3 extra lives can be carried at the same time. If additional extra
    lives are collected when no space is left, these will be lost.
    New life/Restart:
    Dawnrazor will restart from the last entered elevator. Always use
    elevators as you progress through the game as Dawnrazor will be
    replaced closer to the last position this way.
    Enter elevators by positioning Dawnrazor in front of the door
    move joystick up and press fire button.
    End of level elevators are only accessible if the right key is found.
    This key can be found somewhere in the current level.
    Doors open/close automatically with the exception of locked doors
    which need certain keys (A,B,C,D) to open. Doors can be jammed but with
    Dawnrazor's firepower there should not be any problem.
    If icons are dropped by enemies/droids, these will
    disappear after approx. 5 sec. Objects/lcons located on screen (not
    dropped by enemies) will remain.
    Dawnrazor can use 6 different weapon systems with different
    advantages/disavantages. Each of these systems can be expanded or
    switched by collecting weapon icons.
    Quit Game:
    Use the Escape key (esc) to quit the current level.
    This way you will return to the title screen.
    The following order is used:
    Score:  Inventory:  Energy/Oxygen Bars:  Lives:
    A maximum of 3 icons can be carried at the same time
    (keys & mega blasts) and a maximum of 3 extra lives.
                         Edited by Hexaae (October 2019)
    txt file icon DeepCore_man.txt (5,716 bytes) 2019-10-02 18:49 +



note ~0007083

Hexaae (reporter)

It looks like a WinUAE issue when using keyboard layout as a joystick and press simultaneously left+right and up+down. I've opened a thread on eab forum...

note ~0007084

Hexaae (reporter)


note ~0007085

Hexaae (reporter)

I've created the manual for this game. See attached.

note ~0011459

JOTD (developer)

I already reproduced that, but only once.

note ~0011491

Hexaae (reporter)

It seems to have been fixed under WinUAE 4.9.1: even pressing opposite keys (LEFT-RIGHT, UP-DOWN) simultaneously they won't be send to the emulator anymore.

note ~0011732

Solo Kazuki (reporter)

It's exactly same when You accidentally press down and 2nd button (jump). Tested on real hardware with CD32 standard compatible joypad.

note ~0011739

Hexaae (reporter)

Confirmed and easy to reproduce:
1. select Slave option for 2nd button = jump
2. start the game and press down + jump button
Game will crash.

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