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0004200DynaBlaster[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-08-31 22:54
ReporterSimon Whittle 
Assigned ToWeplProject InfoDyna Blaster (Hudson Soft)
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
Summary0004200: 2019-02-04 version of the install worked without issues. Upon re-installing
DescriptionGameVersion: Software Preservation Society - 0664
SlaveVersion: 2019-08-27

2019-02-04 version of the install worked without issues.
Upon re-installing Dyna Blaster with 2019-08-27, upon start-up, once the WHDLoad screen has cleared, I receive an error saying:
"Error in Display Initialisation.
possible reasons:
- screen will be promoted
- PAL/NTSC/DBLPAL/DBLNTSC Monitor not installed
- not enough free memory store"
AmigaOS is with the AmigaOS 3.1.4 ROM (i.e. from Hyperion Entertainment). Tried on two WinUAE 4.2.1 systems, the first an Amiga 500 and the second 1200 with a large (8Mb) amount of chip ram (Slow remaining at 512K, although I have tried increasing it with no effect).
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ChipMem1 MB
FastMem0 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM45 - Kick 3.1.4
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note ~0007012

Wepl (manager)

This error message has no connection to the Slave. In your case it probably appears because you have set NTSC tooltype and not installed the monitor driver for ntsc.

note ~0007013

Simon Whittle (reporter)

Thanks, please feel free to close and I'll review my setup.

note ~0007014

Simon Whittle (reporter)

Just a brief update as I realise that I hadn't provided much information on setup:

A500 (8MB Chip), 512Kb Slow (have tried increasing)
A1200 (2MB Chip), 4MB Z2 Fast, 128Mb Z3 Fast

Both of these are PAL in WinUAE and when executing Dyna Blaster, regardless of whether I click the enable PAL screen button then I get the error I described.

As a test on the A500, if I copy the NTSC driver over from the Storage disk to Devs/Storage and then within WinUAE update it to be an NTSC system then Dyna Blaster does run again.

What confuses me though is why it would run okay on PAL in 2019-02-04. If I literally run the 2019-02-04 version from another folder on my system then, irrespective of whether I had the enable PAL screen options checked, it loads up just fine. Then if I try the same thing on the 2019-08-27 version I get the error irrespective of the enable PAL screen option.

If you're happy that's how it's meant to be then feel free to close the ticket, though it feels a bit odd from an end-user perspective (though that could simply be due to a lack of understanding on my part as I’m relatively new to Amiga emulation and WHDLoad).

note ~0007015

Wepl (manager)

Did you check which PAL or NTSC options are set in the icons of each installation?

note ~0007016

Simon Whittle (reporter)

Thanks for your patience - it was as you say - NTSC was set on the icon's Tool type and if I delete NTSC then it works.

I can now explain the "difference" in behaviour between installation script versions. When I installed using 2019-02-04, I had selected the "OS3.5 Icon (hol.abime.net)" and after installation the Tool type values were:


However, when I installed using 2019-08-27 I had selected the "OS3.5 Pavel Narozny" icon and its Tool type values were:


I haven't tested with any other icons at installation, but the behaviour is the same for those two Icons between 2019-02-04 and 2019-08-27 - so it was only by chance that I encountered this issue now and not earlier in the year. The fix for me is upon install I just use the "OS3.5 Icon (hol.abime.net)" icon.

I couldn't see a donation button on the WHDLoad page to say thanks, but if I've missed it then please let me know.

note ~0007017

Wepl (manager)

Sometimes the icons in the install package have not cleared all the tooltypes. Just check in such cases (or general) if there are unwanted options set.
For donations you may check http://whdload.de/reg.html

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