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0004178Virocop[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-08-17 23:33
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoVirocop (Graftgold)
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Summary0004178: Joystick 2nd button not working to switch weapon.
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal
SlaveVersion: 1.4 (02.08.19)

Joystick 2nd button not working to switch weapon.
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem512 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM45 - Kick 3.1.4
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JOTD (developer)

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@Hexaae works fine here (have you tried in WinUAE?). what's the config? tried with 2 button joy & joypad blue button?

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Hexaae (reporter)

Yes, with WinUAE 2.4.1, using Speedlink USB Competition Pro.
2nd button does nothing in Virocop AGA. Works fine with other games…
Attached my version: https://gofile.io/?c=gLvwnX

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JOTD (developer)

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2.4.1 seriously Luca plase upgrade to latest!

with WinUAE 4.1 I cannot reproduce the issue with your version I just downloaded. I can switch weapons with 2nd/blue button in joypad / 2 button joystick mode.

What other games have you tried that work BTW?

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Hexaae (reporter)

Ah ah ah, sorry, was 4.2.1 of course ;)
All other games with 2nd button do work fine: Lionheart, Bubble & Squek, The Blues Brothers, etc. etc.

Please, can you pass me your lowlevel.library, maybe the issue is there?

note ~0006967

JOTD (developer)

nope. lowlevel library isn't used. I've used your install archive and it works for me... Have you tried with "num dot" (second button in keyboard?)

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Hexaae (reporter)

Sorry I don't understand what you mean with "num dot"...
Only way to switch weapon in ViroCop AGA for me is using SPACEBAR key, because 2nd joystick button does nothing. Even using a gamepad (XBox One BT gamepad configured as CD32 pad for WinUAE) does nothing with 2nd button.
I expected it can be used to switch weapon...

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JOTD (developer)

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numerical "dot" (next to numpad 0) is the num key winuae assigns to second button. If that works (when using keyboard configured as joystick), well, I don't know. It should work anyway.

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Hexaae (reporter)

No doesn't work as second button "numpad ." in Virocop AGA.

I'm also sure of the bug happening only with Vircop AGA: ALL other games with 2nd button (by default or added by WHDLoad SLAVE) do work fine as expected.
Are you sure JOTD you don't have SPACEBAR mapped already to your 2nd joystick button?

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Hexaae (reporter)

This is my emu setting: notice I use Configurations, not std "Game Ports Panel" of WinUAE...

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JOTD (developer)

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no I don't have spacebar mapped... I'm using the same routine that works in other games (deluxe galaga) and noone ever reported that issue. Can't you just not use configurations and standard game ports panel just to check?

Can you try it on a real amiga?

note ~0006976

Hexaae (reporter)

As I supposed, switching to "Game Ports Panel" in WinUAE does finally work with Virocop AGA:

Maybe the routines to detect 2nd button are a bit buggy in this game? Because ALL other games have no issues with 2nd button when I use my "Configuration #1"...

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JOTD (developer)

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Err, the real referee is a real amiga machine. If it works on amiga, then there's no bug.

There are no routines to detect 2nd button. There are routines to detect joypad vs normal joystick. There is no way to tell if 2nd button is there or not. And joypad read routine is always active, trying to read all CD32 controller buttons, and if all bits are set to 1 including ghost button bits (because it's not a CD32 joypad), just marks the blue button as read.

The routine is - granted - slightly different from the routine used in other games you mentionned. I'll check for blatant differences just in case.

Maybe you could ask Toni for the difference (you can quote our discussion here)

note ~0006979

Hexaae (reporter)

Yes, just opened a thread: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=1337887#post1337887
Maybe it's a WinUAE bug indeed…

In case would it be possible to add a Custom3=1 to force 2nd button detection for Virocop AGA?

note ~0006981

JOTD (developer)

note: there's no forcing 2nd button. The routine reads all buttons including the second button.

Can you guide me to configure from game ports panel to configurations? I'd like to see what happens anyway. Just curious.

note ~0006982

Hexaae (reporter)

Oh, so there's no way to force it simulating some specific conditions on startup...

Just switch to Configuration #1.
In config mode you can remap or add (!) function to key/mouse/joy/pad input, for example you could remap button 4 and 5 on the joystick to act like fire0 and fire1.

To reproduce the issue with Virocop AGA switching to Configuration #1 is enough, no need to remap anything...

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haynor666 (reporter)

Work fine on real A1200 with Python joystick switched to 2 button config (sega).

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JOTD (developer)

winuae cornercase bug

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