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0004153EscapeFromColditz[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2022-12-17 00:42
Assigned ToStingRayProject InfoEscape from Colditz (Digital Magic Software)
Summary0004153: Game exits when Enter key is pressed
DescriptionThe game exits with a request to make a Dump when enter key is pressed
Steps To ReproduceTried with KS 3.1 and Wb 3.1 and other WHDload versions too.
TagsNo tags attached.
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem64 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
KickSoft45 - Kick 3.1.4
Attached Files
  • ? file icon .whdl_register (3,295 bytes) 2019-07-11 21:47 -
    ************************* 01-ene-78 00:16:06 ************************18.6.5953***
    Slave='EscapeFromColditz.Slave' (1152 bytes)
    Resload   79F68000 - 79F702CC (  33484) at 79F68000  GL=$79F72000
    Slave     79F7B000 - 79F7B45C (   1116) at 79F7B000  BaseMemSize=$86000
    attn=FF(60,82) fc=-1 kn=22595 cs=1CAB rw=0 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0
    Exception "Access Fault" ($4008) PC = $7322 Word Read-Modify-Write on $71B40068
    $000072f0 cmpa.l       ($54,a2),a1                    ;$00000682
    $000072f4 bne.b        $7300
    $000072f6 move.b       ($7038,pc),($703a)
    $000072fe bra.b        $7316
    $00007300 lea          ($703b,pc),a6
    $00007304 moveq        #2,d5
    $00007306 tst.b        (a6)+                          ;$71b40068
    $00007308 bpl.b        $7312
    $0000730a move.b       ($7038,pc),(-1,a6)             ;$71b40067
    $00007310 bra.b        $7316
    $00007312 dbf          d5,$7306
    $00007316 move.w       d0,(-$12,a7)                   ;$00085fd2
    $0000731a move.w       d1,(-$14,a7)                   ;$00085fd0
    $0000731e move.l       (-4,a7),a6                     ;$00085fe0
    1m$00007322 addq.w       #1,(a6)                        ;$71b40068
    22m$00007324 move.l       (-$24,a7),a6                   ;$00085fc0
    $00007328 cmpi.w       #8,(0,a0)                      ;$0000912e
    $0000732e bne.b        $7338
    $00007330 move.w       #$ffff,(a6)+                   ;$71b40068
    $00007334 addq.w       #2,a4
    $00007336 bra.b        $733c
    $00007338 sub.w        (a4)+,d3                       ;$0006f1a6
    $0000733a move.w       d3,(a6)+                       ;$71b40068
    $0000733c move.l       a6,(-$24,a7)                   ;$00085fc0
    $00007340 add.w        ($38,a2),d1                    ;$00000666
    $00007344 add.w        d0,d0
    $00007346 move.w       (0,a5,d0.w),d0                 ;$0007f32c
    $0000734a move.w       d1,d6
    $0000734c lsr.w        #4,d1
    exception stackframe:
    $00085FE4 20000000 73224008 71B40068 01C50800
    regular stack:
    $00085FF4 00007016 00001D06 00001C84
      ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
    Dx       4A        A5         0  FFFF004A         9         1         5         A
    Ax     912E      4D54       62E     61FF4     6F1A6     7F2E2  71B40068
                     TTSM III   XNZVC
    PC=    732222m  SR %0010000000000000  USP=85C00  1mSSP=85FE4
    VBR=79F73000  SFC=5  DFC=5  CACR=0  PCR=4300122  BUSCR=0
    TC=8000  URP=79F66000  SRP=79F66000  DTT0=0  DTT1=0  ITT0=0  ITT1=0
    intena=%010000000011100022m dmacon=%1m0010011111110000 adkcon=$1100
    vposr....A300  vhposr...0299  joy0dat..0CF4  joy1dat..0000  clxdat...8001  
    pot0dat..0006  pot1dat..0000  potinp...5500  serdatr..3800  dskbytr..8000  
    deniseid.00F8  hhposr...FFB6  
       ciaa:     PI ROPS		   ciab:     PI ROPS
    	cra=0000000022m  ta=21FF<21FF	   cra=1m00000000  ta=FFFF<FFFF
    	    AII ROPS			    AII ROPS
    	crb=0000000022m  tb=21FF<21FF	   crb=1m00000000  tb=FFFF<FFFF
    	    10RTWCLO	  parallel	    DRCCDSOY      M3210HDS
    	pra=1111111022m  prb=1m0000000022m      pra=1m1111111122m  prb=1m11111111
           ddra=0000001122m ddrb=1m0000000022m     ddra=1m1100000022m ddrb=1m11111111
           event=0000E3  icr=00  sdr=76    event=01158B  icr=04  sdr=00
    ? file icon .whdl_register (3,295 bytes) 2019-07-11 21:47 +



note ~0006898

Tolkien (reporter)

The same happends with arrow keys and a few others.

note ~0012125

StingRay (developer)

Thanks for reporting, the crashes have been fixed in the latest version of the patch. Crashes occured because the game was not run in user mode, this caused random interrupt problems.

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