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0004055CrystalDragon[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-02-09 11:03
Assigned ToPsygoreProject InfoCrystal Dragon (Magnetic Fields)
Summary0004055: Hi. After 7 years, i have one more issue to report. It seems, that the game
DescriptionGameVersion: PAL
SlaveVersion: 1.3

After 7 years, i have one more issue to report. It seems, that the game have a bug/uremoved copyprotection wich is trigerred by unknown trigger. But when it will happend, it will stay until end of the game.
Please, check hobring.esero.net/CrystalDragon.zip - there are full game including saves and winuae savestates + two pictures inside.
How to reproduce:
Start the game, load save or savestat, select first character (second is OK), open inventory on screen like on the picture, then place cursor on place like on screenshot and left click by mouse. Game will "crash" like on the second screenshot.
Have a nice day :)
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WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0006663

hoborg (reporter)

The saves are not from my own gameplay.
I recived information from other user. He started game with 1.2 slave and somewhere around level 4 he updated slave to 1.3.
So the bug may happend with slave 1.2.
Can be nice if slave can somehow fix broken save... :)

note ~0006686

Psygore (developer)

Do you have the real savegame files from the winuae savestat ? It’s not the same that in the whdload installed version.

note ~0006690

hoborg (reporter)

No, unfortunatelly not. This is all i have as this package was send to me by friend of mine.

note ~0006693

Psygore (developer)

Could he send you the savegame files, the savestat does not help me a lot.

note ~0006699

hoborg (reporter)

I finished the game recently myself and i was not able to reproduce the issue.
I bet that it was caused by starting the game with slave 1.2 which caused it, then upgrade to 1.3 with already broken saves.

The game crashed for me maybe twice or three times durning my gameplay. But this was random.

So this issue can be closed i believe.

BTW, i hit a real ingame bug preventing from the posibillity to finish the game. At last i think so. In level 23, there is a final fight with with Ariath - the boss mage. It is easy to finish him. But he can teleport himself to random places in the level to heal. Unfortunatelly, in my case he teleported behind the door from which he had the key, so it was impossible to finish the game. Luckilly, i had the save from start of the last level.

note ~0006702

Psygore (developer)

Thanks for the info.

You could attached your savegame here, I will check it.

note ~0006704

hoborg (reporter)

OK, here it is:

Load save "A". The wizard is just behind the door.

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