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0003935TEK_Rampage[WHDLoad Installs Demos] slavepublic2018-09-06 11:34
Assigned ToProject InfoRampage (The Electronic Knights)
Summary0003935: Rampage by The Electronic Knights - crash/ends always before end scroller
DescriptionThe Demo Rampage by The Electronic Knights

crashes with a Whdload error message right before the Credits Scroller :(
(at Minute 6:40)

Its happends with Whdload and JST, always at the same spot.
Steps To ReproduceHappend everytime, even with JST wich is more forgiving usally :(
Additional InformationTried al kinds of Tooltypes. NoResInt,NoautoVec, NoVrbMove, Nocache
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem10 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0006324

Nibbler (reporter)

WHDLoad Error Message = Illegal Instruction ($10) at $44260232

JST Error = Last Interrupt Vector $006C

note ~0006325

Nibbler (reporter)

IT WORKS - i am so sorry :(

I downloaded the floppy image from another place and it works perfectly now !!


note ~0006326

Nibbler (reporter)

THAT WAS JUST LUCK, really. the weirdest thing ever.
It wont work now. Fresh LHA download and extrakt. (real hardware)

Even in WinUae it crashes with a illegal instruction :(

PLEASE FIX THIS awesome demo (T_T) Please !

note ~0006327

Nibbler (reporter)

It crashes one some other places too now, especially in Winuae :(

PLEASE FIX :( StingRay ? , anybody? heeeeelp (T_T)

note ~0006328

Nibbler (reporter)

sorry for typos...

note ~0006329

Nibbler (reporter)

OK, it works on real hardware with NOVBRMOVE (wich i normaly never use because i cant think of any demo or game that needs this, besides normaly NOVBRmove wont allow the Quitkey)

Somehow it works with NOVBRMOVE and the quitkey still works -- wtf ??

The Demo still crashes on WinUAE with Custom 1 enabled. But i use WinUAE only here and there for little things so....

Still, i think this DemoSlave need some extra work.
(and maybe it would not hurt to put NOVBRMove or an info into the Icons tooltype)

Man, this took me hours , but it was worth it XD

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