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0003847Logical[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-02-24 21:46
Assigned ToCFOUProject InfoLogical (Rainbow Arts)
Summary0003847: This is a copy of an old report #0002205 that was wrongly assigned to
DescriptionGameVersion: pre-install
SlaveVersion: Slave Version 1.1 (29.08.2003)

This is a copy of an old report #0002205 that was wrongly assigned to DeathOrGlory. I tested it again and get the same access fault. So it is still valid. Here the report:
If I start the game with CUSTOM1=1 (Skip title screen) it seems there is no problem. But without CUSTOM1=1 I get attached access fault after title screen.
************************* 29-Dez-09 13:29:22 ************************16.9.4672***
Slave='Logical.Slave' (4616 bytes)
ShadowMem  25BF5B8 -  26945B8 ( 872448) AbsolutMem    D5000 -   100000 ( 176128)
Resload    2F7B000 -  2F83CFC (  36092) at 2F7B000  GL=$2FC6000
Slave      2FD8000 -  2FD91E4 (   4580) at 2FD8000  BaseMemSize=$100000
ExpMem     2F85000 -  2FC5000 ( 262144) at 2F85000
attn=7F(40,82) fc=-1 kn=11032 cs=92B9 rw=0 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0
Exception "Access Fault" ($7008) PC = $2FD8F42 (Task 'input.device', Slave $F42) Long Read from $582A034C
$02fd8f38 bra.b        $2fd8f40
$02fd8f3a addq.l       #1,(a1)                        ;$00004a02
$02fd8f3c movem.l      (a7)+,d1/a0-a1                 ;$000042e2
$02fd8f40 moveq        #$18,d0
$02fd8f42 move.l       (a0)+,(a1)+                    ;$582a034c $00004a02
$02fd8f44 dbf          d0,$2fd8f42
$02fd8f48 rts
$02fd8f4a move.l       #$c0000,a0
$02fd8f50 move.l       a0,d0
exception stackframe:
$000FFFBC 000002FD 8F427008 000042D6 05010001 00010001 582A034C 02FD8EEC 00000002
$000FFFDC 00000000 00004D84 00004984 02F86FBE 00000676 001002F8 58F40020
regular stack:
$000042E2 02FA2002 0000434E 00004984 02F9CE6A 582A02F8 40000000 3C2DC528 0002240F
$00004302 00000000 02F9D6DC 000043CE 00004984 02F9B9B4 0000434E 00015E00 40000000
$00004322 3C2DC528 0002240F 00000000 80000000 02FA4F50 000043CE 000046AA A6A6A6A6
$00004342 A6A6A6A6 000002F8 58F40010 00000000 06000000 00000000 00003C2D C5280002
$00004362 240F0000 80000000 40000000 02FAE176 02F9CCFE 02F9E87A 000032EC 02FA4F5C
  ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
Dx       18        12      1998         0  582A02F8         0         0  C0000000
Ax 582A034C      4A02  582A02F8      4984      46AA      437A      4984
                 TTSM III   XNZVC
PC= 2FD8F42  SR %0000000000000000  USP=42E2  ISP=FFFBC  MSP=FF800
VBR=2FC7000  SFC=5  DFC=5  CACR=80008000  
TC=8000  URP=02FD6000  SRP=02FD6000  MMUSR=00000000
DTT0=00000000  DTT1=00000000  ITT0=00000000  ITT1=00000000
intena=%0110000001101100 dmacon=%0010001111110000 adkcon=$1100
vposr....A300  vhposr...0282  joy0dat..C61F  joy1dat..0000  clxdat...8023  
pot0dat..3800  pot1dat..9A33  potinp...5500  serdatr..3800  dskbytr..A000  
deniseid.00F8  hhposr...FF2D  
   ciaa:     PI ROPS		   ciab:     PI ROPS
    cra=00000000  ta=21FF<21FF	   cra=00000000  ta=FFFF<FFFF
        AII ROPS			    AII ROPS
    crb=00001000  tb=C87E<FFFF	   crb=10000000  tb=FFFF<FFFF
        10RTWCLO	  parallel	    DRCCDSOY      M3210HDS
    pra=11111110  prb=01011011      pra=11111111  prb=11111111
       ddra=00000011 ddrb=00000000     ddra=11000000 ddrb=11111111
       event=000454  icr=00  sdr=00    event=00013A  icr=04  sdr=00
TagsNo tags attached.
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem32 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0007695

CFOU (developer)

to do

note ~0007779

CFOU (developer)

confirmed only with ECS (freeze) not CDTV version which works fine

note ~0007783

CFOU (developer)

fixed with last patch v1.2

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