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0003653Ambermoon[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2020-01-17 19:54
Assigned ToWeplProject InfoAmbermoon (Thalion)
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Summary0003653: Please make a version of the ambermoon installer with the fan patch incorporated
DescriptionI've recently found out about your new whdload for ambermoon and was very enthused about a user friendly way to play ambermoon on emulators, in conjunction with the amiga game database and fs-uae-loader, which autoconfigures whdload games from it.

I was a bit unpleasantly surprised when i read the installer notice and seen that the version of the game with the fanpatch is not supported, since it's needed to avoid crash bugs. Do you really need 'Alex at the Thalion webshrine' help in order to overwrite the game files with the corrected one, since the needed file hacks are on:

To clarify, Alex has stated that he doesn't want to package the game along with the fanpatch multiple times on the EAB forums, and even if he would with a beta tester, having the game available on whdload is one of the best ways to get them.

Also the Amiga game database will eventually get a config at
if a slave with the patch applied during install is released

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Wepl (manager)

The fixes for the english version by meynaf are fully supported. Just copy them over after installation.

note ~0006106

SCO (reporter)

Aren't they installed by default? I mean what's the point of having a install that ends up with a game which you can't finish?

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