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0003572BrutalFootball[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2016-11-26 02:07
Assigned ToProject InfoBrutal Football (Millennium/Teque)
Summary0003572: Add new support for 2nd button.
DescriptionThe game does have 2 button support, but you get a kick/high jump action on the 2nd button when you activate.

I would like a patch so if I choose the 1 button control scheme, the 2nd button would activate the power up.

As it is now, you have to reach for the keyboard to do it, F1 to switch power-ups and F2 to use it (F9 and F10 for player 2)

If you could make that a quick tap on 2nd button switch power ups and hold 2nd button activate it, or even just 2nd button activate it whatever power up is chosen now (and keep F1 to scroll it, since it's rarely used anyway, as most of the time you'll want to quickly use your power up) the game would be a lot more playable without having to using the keyboard, since the 1 button control method works flawless for the game (IMO it even works better than the 'oficial' 2 button method).

Also a quit key for 68k would be nice, if possible.

Thank you!
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WorkbenchOS 2.1
KickROM37 - Kick 2.0
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shatterhand (reporter)

Duh, sorry, 68k quit key already works.

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