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0003257Dragonflight[All Projects] Generalpublic2015-07-13 23:59
ReporterEugen Schwabenland 
Assigned ToWeplProject InfoDragonflight (Thalion)
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
Summary0003257: After entering the palace in "Scatterbone" the message "Ihr tretet ein."
DescriptionGameVersion: german,pal,whd install (thalion webshrine)
SlaveVersion: probably 1.0 (no version specified in dragonflight.txt)

After entering the palace in "Scatterbone" the message "Ihr tretet ein." appears. Then, as far as i remember, an animation of "King Halfton" should follow agonized by a little ghost. But instead the game freezes, so i can only exit WHDLoad via Quitkey.
I tried some other CPU- and Memory-configurations in WinUAE (version 2.6.1), but the behaviour is the same ...
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ChipMem1 MB
FastMem2 MB
WorkbenchOS 2.05
KickROM37 - Kick 2.0
KickSoft37 - Kick 2.0
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Wepl (manager)

Please attach the savegame short before and describe what to do to reproduce the problem.

note ~0004590

Eugen Schwabenland (reporter)

The savegame position is near the town "Scatterbone". Enter the town. In town go up and left to the grey town center, and from there up to the palace gate. Go further up past the statue to the palace door. Enter the palace, then my game freezes ...

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Wepl (manager)

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It works without problems here.
Are you sure to use the latest Slave 1.5 (or 1.6 from 0002509)?

note ~0004595

Eugen Schwabenland (reporter)

The WHD slave is most probably an old version (the one included in the "Thalion Webshrine" german WHD-package. I have to use the downloaded complete WHD-package, as i'm not in possession of the original disks anymore to make a new install with the latest WHDLoad version. Will it work if i only replace the file "Dragonflight.Slave" in the old Webshrine-version with the new 1.5 one from your website? What about the "Dragonflight.info" file, can i use the old one with the new slave?

note ~0004596

Wepl (manager)

You only need to replace the Slave.

note ~0004597

Eugen Schwabenland (reporter)

Hell, it really works ... you saved the day man. I never thought this little file would make the difference. Bert, thank you very much for your effort, and have a good night's sleep ...

Best regards, Eugen

note ~0004598

Wepl (manager)

Fine :)

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