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0002418StarTrek25th[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2020-05-09 12:43
Assigned ToPsygoreProject InfoStar Trek 25th Anniversary (Interplay)
Summary0002418: Game locks after saving on the bridge.
DescriptionIm using in WinUAE as im recording a longplay of the game. The game save feature locks the game. quit key works and the save is actually saved ok. Saving while on ground mission has worked the couple of times i used.
Steps To ReproduceWhen on the bridge save a game (kirk/badge icon/save)
screen will flash with os swaping and then game will freese.
use quitkey
reload game and it shows the file saved ok.
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WorkbenchOS 3.9
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note ~0002224

Mad-Matt (developer)

Must have been a fluke when it didnt lock when saving on ground mission. have tried since and it did lock.

note ~0002226

Psygore (developer)

I've uploaded a slave 1.1, could you try it?

note ~0002227

Mad-Matt (developer)

Slave 1.1 seems to have solved freeze on saving (tested 2 missions). Replace savegame option seems to be working also, but it did lock using the Delete savegame option.

note ~0002452

Psygore (developer)

I have done a new slave 1.1b, it should fix all freeze prob.

note ~0002456

Mad-Matt (developer)

This is working much better now, thx.

Is there any kind of trainer that can be aded for infinate shields or dumber ai, as the final battle just isnt possible with 3 ships firing at you .

note ~0002460

Psygore (developer)

I have added some trainers in slave 1.1c:
- custom1=1 no damage
- custom1=2 indestructible

note ~0002464

Mad-Matt (developer)

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Sorry for slow responce, didnt realise you had updated it so soon ;)

The trainer seems to work, although indestructable is less useful then first thaught as the ship systems still get destroyed faster then they can be repaired.

Damn final mission I cant believe the devs intended to be completable. Even with No damage I cant kill the 3 ships after an hour of trying lol.

Perhaps a Kill (Destruct) Target Button is only way to even the score :S

Ive uploaded my saves if you want to check out final fight (if not seen already) Loadfile FIGHT

note ~0008671

nemo93 (reporter)

Hello! I do face the exact issue described here (black screen/no hang after the intro - AGA -http://mantis.whdload.de/view.php?id=2179). I wonder if the updated 1.1c version published here could be made available outside Mantis please?

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