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0002154WHDLoad[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-10-01 22:14
ReporterRichard Menedetter 
Assigned ToWeplProject InfoHD-Installer for OS-Killer
Product Version16.9 
Target Version17.0Fixed in Version17.0 
Summary0002154: DOS-Error #205 when starting the game
DescriptionI get DOS-Error #205 (object nit found)
on reading "Database/data.000"

a few seconds after starting the game.
It is also reproducable on WinUAE with a similar config.
TagsNo tags attached.
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
Attached Files
  • zip file icon startrek25_whdloadlog.zip (2,335 bytes) 2009-09-26 18:09
  • ? file icon WHDLoad (78,312 bytes) 2009-09-29 22:40 -
    .@`L"zN.z,xN @pJfA\$HN JN.n%eJ <{"<N:Jg$(@(({()B)C)Ga
    N|"GN Nup!C2N,g͎N"A$v2N"N,FNb`$VER: WHDLoad 16.9 [build 4681] (29.09.2009)$Id: whdload.asm 16.4664 2009/01/18 20:49:16 wepl Exp wepl $
    aD fA 	fC 
    ,lNFA"NLp`Zp&C,TNJg$,@/LAXN(_$@"N,TNb 
    j& oa(CJ#W#oEP&o,lNLO`"H_gJfNu_WHDLoad 16.9 1994-2009 Weplmissing format string
    zd$O//	Y/x<&t",lN,/H A CHN/OH O"FaJLD|NuDOS-Error #%ld
    on %s "%s"H|~",d$<,lN(g0"tvNJk "tvN*kra;V,g"$&Nֺf$e FGXfJffJfJf )@xf&փeփexb$H÷eg*fdej gRe`ЀeZЀeT`WHDLfOADSfjejb*g
    ,+g*g(,.gp,lN@.f$*g)B|pЂ)@ e b0<Bfz0*a⴪cj0*ajef * jD@fJj
    eN0*$a0*&a0*(aje.0**aJ@fJ,fJj0f` *,g b ,x"<a9r)@g J"@ a8x ,x"< l,TN~ ,)@Ьx)@p2 lCa8Fld8BlBBll
    d$BlBlBlldBldBl l ,fhe(fpY",fhe(frx)@)Aepx@Ahe@A~`TXA`EA`A-`
    A_`Ajʓa`(Aa`pF`pg`N| ldC6a4Jg"Fa9n"g,lN LNuJ@gHkxdNuloadingSlave is illegal,
    because consists of more than one hunkSlave is illegal,
    because contains relocationsSlave is illegal.This installed program requires at least WHDLoad version %d.This installed program requires at least a MC68020 CPU.This installed program requires the AGA Chip Set.H?6.*Ax|!,l$HACu <a+< JCu <a+
    Au"$<N*g"$,vNֶf  BԀ&AMIRfOMTYfXPEf1f
    jA"$<N*g"tvNJk"tvN&kz ra5&@Jgt"$Nֶfj l"SC "KSgQ`"Ka7"N lf|PL&`$|t|z|pF|| E^  la4|"Mf|; <ACuN)Au"$<N*g"tvNJk"tvN&k ra5&@Jg"$Nֶf|$ K"lX$<r`Ҁd.pf&gR0f j`d"f|"Ka5"N "LlNua,N|(`a"N|(`|g`a"Ka5N|(fx$F`ACufNudevs:kickstarts/rom.key.rtbdevs:kickstarts/kick,TN"@ i:"i>NuH?2p%C2,TN)@gp%C,TN)@gp%C,TN)@gp%C,TN)@grp%C,TN)@gT,TNf)@g< @p(Nr)@g""@prANDJf <{e$AHx{Hx HxHx=$OaO`
    a (b* <(r,TNT)@g()@)@AN$a"U < Qd T)h8 l9h,h.AN&)@P/P0Nz)|p(C,TNJg,@N)@"N,TNbA1@&HE2g4NC$`pl"<A,TN~A*v"tId
    AQ0Rfa5Jg	@A/,/,d"ON`PON ,g @$h$ (E",lNA"t,lN&g$"O$NgRV1O$"NJg,,+g$NJJ,0gAvC`a&fv,+g)C$,ԬԬԬg,)C,+f ,+f,+fAɕa`LJgBJgJfAɕa`(,+fJgXA3CڕaB`DJg|q`6,+fpJgp@q,qe,+fNJ,/jJfJgpJfpJf
    pJfp@q,qe)|prJg <"<Jg <"<JgJg  JgJgJgp"<??)@)A",<g.t,lNJg Y/N|/@HzA$OaXO,TN| n^C
    UNJg"@NJNvavA8"Y$v(<,lNv"Jg 1fA'C4af aRprHAaZJg$@aN$"Ja0a.JgAC,lNAtC{BfAN`axarJg <{ra.$gf <{ L"Ba.0<da,0<la&0<pa 0<a0<<a0<@a0<da0<$a`"4eA{d
    `pl"<A,TN~aJfA/,|$OaX`"l|$	Y,TNJfAd"p
    $JfACa@g`BBBBB$,gjD rJgJgJg	a-)@g2)@)BԀ)B)B l!@ "@,TNV`(JkACa@g|` lB 4,gA3N`0B ,2,Af.$HJRgb ,20Za>Jg!ff`a"Jg)@u)Auv7F  Oa^ OCab@gx`Vv?FB4lJZg 0Z"O a!
    JRgA"O a `A
    HzWHo$O` l1j0A
    6NfC,TNJga.p"<aN)@g)A ,)@Ь)@`ACEa@g`|
    Jg @C r"Q"@a-.Jhf8E l0(gE"
    t,lNR)@f JCa`bpNvJg>aFJfAIC4a@g@g`NbJf(A`Cza@g@f|qB`NpJfACa@g@g`N*N.aa*NJgr,lN:a	N`JfAiCad@g`(a
    (AN` lNPAN`Na	axaaFa,AN`NAN`NN`aE\NhJhf",,lNBJ,gug-ugugv7F  Oa[(t(ւ A"ONzg A,"ONPRg" A""ON<RJg A"ON(RA("OaBJk4f S@g"gS@gS@gaJ`raE>`jWtJgaE,"la* ,g"@a*a	R ,g"@a*AN`J,tf"",@g.t,lNJg Y/N|/@HzJA$OaO,lE$,g
    "NSfa$HX <ﰚgYA
    6N("<f"<b"/
    a"	/Ҋ/A$Oa2OAN`NJgA,TN$"lNN"l,TN> l,TNl l,TN`"l,TNb"l,TNb"l,TNb"l,TNb"l,TNbLLp
    J,gpugpdЬuNugraphics.libraryintuition.librarykeymap.libraryutility.library|_Restart|_Make CoreDump|_Show Regsyour software freezer lies inside BaseMem area
    (BaseMem upper bound is $%lx)FileLog initialisation has failedThe command you specified via Execute%s
    has failed (ReturnCode=%ld DosError=%ld)StartupCleanupyou need chipmem up to $%lx (%ld Kbyte)
    to run this programResloadloading overlayCan't allocate ShadowMem.Can't allocate ExpMem.Can't allocate AudioChannels
    (audio.device is in use).lockingMMU initialisation has failedRetry|NoMMU|CancelSorry, your hardware does'nt support
    the MMU related features of WHDLoad.You must enable MMU and disable NoMMU
    for Snooping.Sorry, Snooping requires a 68030 or 68060 CPU.The option NoMMU has been activated,
    but the current MMU setup does map
    the memory $0...$1000 to a fast-mem
    The installed program will probably
    not work with this setup !Error in Display Initialisation.
    possible reasons:
     - screen will be promoted
     - PAL/NTSC/DBLPAL/DBLNTSC Monitor not installed
     - not enough free storeNot enough free memory availableLow Stack Warning!
    Please inform WHDLoad author about this!
    Stack=%ld Used=%ld Free=%ldCyberGraphX/56KHZAUDIOThe CyberGraphX option 56KHZAUDIO is enabled,
    which usually makes problems with WHDLoad.
    It is recommended to disable it!
    (You have to reboot after changing it.)gl_vbr_ced $%lx
    gl_vbr_table $%lx
    afh_cia_custom_save $%lx
    gl_SIZEOF $%lxx-surf.devicestarted %s 16.9.%ld *****************************restart pointloading kickstartresload startresload endclock restoredcaches clearedcheck restartexitlowlevel.librarytimer.device', 'Could not find any of the kickstart images
    required by this Slave. Check the ReadMe.
    (prefix '%s')H“,TN @)hp!@LCNuH“,TN @!lLCNuH>BB&,|,TJtg&.>|$("C N4Jg"<N(*"C N.de⌔`,eԄ`g"C N4Jf|)F$)B rN:Jg>d."@ N.p"CQN4Jg$ rN:/p"CQN. g)@pL@|Nuap`/,T ,g"lN. ,",g"AN.BB,_NuAuJhgH瀀`aLNuAdCtHP0X0f/,TAL <,"<N~,_NuHBBBBp,+g,T&MK,N*K&@ k|
    f8`PfA"Hp``DfA"Hp` k|TKTKf
    "` `p` g.ATZ!f$HRT!fAUHHRT!fY"Hp`p k|HRT!f2 `J('g*"hphNE2fLWHRT4fBp1|@1|	B`2 k|HRT!f<A"|АNEWH2f&p1|@1|	B|e)@)H)I)k|LHpNuLHpNuNzNs/"l#@ #A$3|	,TN8,_NuH&,TNC>EaBCLEa4,TNKJ-
    B--@prKa-3LdNu,TNJg,@pN@
    ,lN@O&O"N@|B+
    BO'OO'O"N kN@ kVN@
     k\N@ kN@ kVNr@ k\Nd@O:LLNuH0>,lNJg* @*h*Up-"P$hGr?a"h$hraL|NuptvfffHf"gf
    j`j`jgjR`,R.a@fg..a&B`..aB..aB`JggC50NuNu60Nu,Rf. f$gBf.v `0.v `$.v g.v .v XRQNuJ\f$H $< r,TNTJg"@NNL@Nus!B<'W4  A:'W ;'W:'W:'W@!3'W ! )'W 'W ";!'W'W0:794190<990:291727M87(227:202+"&2<42;: !lY3}o :H?>,TNf*g^ Ep8Nr$@JgJAZp"JrNDJf0"J3|B)N8 j1|6"JB$3|	N8"JN> JNl EN`L|Nup`pH",~,TCNJg lh(eJfvNf*gV Ep0Nr$@~Jg@Abp"JrND.HG><Jf "J3FB)N8~*gHGRG"JN> JNl EN`A9HG/"ON`XLDNuA`cdtv.deviceno CDTV detectedCDTV kludge with rc %d/%dH?6V*G$l *)@za)@zgЪ)@z",$v,lNJkhN|Jf`",$,zԪ&B&*Nֶf<aTJg( 
    Jg ,z"< lz,TN~ ,z",zLlNu"<,lN2"lzapr`rg,lN2`$lz~+AyaAyaAza8HFVK^#HFrSD`Aypa>DCAza2QAya$S@kQ+^QƵzeWNu0FXf(<lHFVK^#HF~(=m*S0(>FlHFVK^#HF~NutrFlHFVK^#HF~SBk9BzCzprFYlXHFVK^#HF~QprtHz8,zCzf<zmSE0*HE>SGEVQzn0A<,zE=|SnSF1F>ԀQRfLzNu$Id: cpu.i 1.2 1998/12/06 13:39:15 jah Exp wepl $=*=Po!?`<N`m~
    *Access FaultAddress ErrorIllegal InstructionInteger Divide by ZeroCHK,CHK2 InstructionTRAPV,TRAPcc,cpTRAPcc InstructionPrivilege ViolationTraceLine 1010 EmulatorLine 1111 EmulatorEmulator InterruptCoprocessor Protocol ViolationStackframe Format ErrorUninitialized InterruptSpurious InterruptLevel 1 Autovector (TBE/DSKBLK/SOFT)Level 2 Autovector (CIA-A/EXT)Level 3 Autovector (COPPER/VBLANK/BLITTER)Level 4 Autovector (AUDIO0-3)Level 5 Autovector (RBF/DSKSYNC)Level 6 Autovector (CIA-B/EXT)NMI AutovectorTRAP #0TRAP #1TRAP #2TRAP #3TRAP #4TRAP #5TRAP #6TRAP #7TRAP #8TRAP #9TRAP #10TRAP #11TRAP #12TRAP #13TRAP #14TRAP #15FP Branch or Set on Unordered ConditionFP Inexact ResultFP Divide by ZeroFP UnderflowFP Operand ErrorFP OverflowFP Signaling NANFP Unimplemented DatatypeMMU Configuration ErrorMMU Illegal Operation ErrorMMU Access Level Violation ErrorUnimplemented Effective AddressUnimplemented Integer Instruction$Id: dosio.i 1.8 2009/02/05 20:40:49 wepl Exp wepl $
    $Id: strings.i 1.3 1999/06/24 23:13:31 jah Exp wepl $p"gJgR`NuHS,lN/g2 WaJg* W0
    g0
    g0 g0	fB0S`L@	NuH?2O&H,lN.N,"GN(Jf
    "NL`ARa:"tNVa"S$vgR
    fSf"NJ+g^A*a"$<B@N4Jg"$vNE, gE,
    gWBg
    E qfA-aNAa`r`"tNVAaO LLNu"NAa"$XvN
    cLAgf<[f6R1f.;f(1f";fa (;fa* frfNuzPxNupr0e
    ЁR`"$vRJfNЛ q0 p1;1HJ p3m7m (space) next screen  (return/cursor down) next line  (q) quit 0m
    K$Id: devices.i 1.2 1998/12/06 13:40:53 jah Exp wepl $/<V{hardware failed selftestunit is busyinvalid address (IO_DATA)invalid length (IO_LENGTH/IO_OFFSET)unsupported device CMDAbortIO()open device failed2/hFTey&5BMhnot specifiedno sector headerbad sector preamblebad sector idbad header chksumbad sector chksumtoo few sectorsbad sector headerwrite protectedno disk in drivecouldn't find track 0not enough memorybad unit numberbad drive typedrive in usepost resetdata on disk is wrong typeinvalid CMD under current conditionsillegal/unexpected SCSI phasenonexistent boardHp"gr-Wg+f$g0eV9bP0,ІІЁ`0e9b0`"aefbW`AeFb7Ё`SJgDLNuPmhn2PA20g Nu h"fpNuH2G$Њ&&JE,TNLLNufSNuHH aJgPNu"OpAEa 
    SfB!pNupNu/Jg:g6"g6"	g6ae
    zb ae
    zb b
    eSfp`p`p$Nu$Id: hardware.i 1.6 2001/08/27 15:21:23 jah Exp wepl $%-5=DLT\cks{
    &/8@HQZbjs|$,4<DLT\dlt|		
    	bltddatdmaconrvposrvhposrdskdatrjoy0datjoy1datclxdatadkconrpot0datpot1datpotinpserdatrdskbytrintenarintreqrdskptdskptldsklendskdatrefptrvposwvhposwcopconserdatserperpotgojoyteststrequstrvblstrhorstrlongbltcon0bltcon1bltafwmbltalwmbltcptbltcptlbltbptbltbptlbltaptbltaptlbltdptbltdptlbltsizebltcon0lbltsizvbltsizhbltcmodbltbmodbltamodbltdmodbltcdatbltbdatbltadatsprhdatbplhdatdeniseiddsksynccop1lccop1lclcop2lccop2lclcopjmp1copjmp2copinsdiwstrtdiwstopddfstrtddfstopdmaconclxconintenaintreqadkconaud0ptaud0ptlaud0lenaud0peraud0volaud0dataud1ptaud1ptlaud1lenaud1peraud1volaud1dataud2ptaud2ptlaud2lenaud2peraud2volaud2dataud3ptaud3ptlaud3lenaud3peraud3volaud3datbpl1ptbpl1ptlbpl2ptbpl2ptlbpl3ptbpl3ptlbpl4ptbpl4ptlbpl5ptbpl5ptlbpl6ptbpl6ptlbpl7ptbpl7ptlbpl8ptbpl8ptlbplcon0bplcon1bplcon2bplcon3bpl1modbpl2modbplcon4clxcon2bpl0datbpl1datbpl2datbpl3datbpl4datbpl5datbpl6datbpl7datspr0ptspr0ptlspr1ptspr1ptlspr2ptspr2ptlspr3ptspr3ptlspr4ptspr4ptlspr5ptspr5ptlspr6ptspr6ptlspr7ptspr7ptlspr0posspr0ctlspr0dataspr0datbspr1posspr1ctlspr1dataspr1datbspr2posspr2ctlspr2dataspr2datbspr3posspr3ctlspr3dataspr3datbspr4posspr4ctlspr4dataspr4datbspr5posspr5ctlspr5dataspr5datbspr6posspr6ctlspr6dataspr6datbspr7posspr7ctlspr7dataspr7datbcolor00color01color02color03color04color05color06color07color08color09color10color11color12color13color14color15color16color17color18color19color20color21color22color23color24color25color26color27color28color29color30color31htotalhsstophbstrthbstopvtotalvsstopvbstrtvbstopsprhstrtsprhstopbplhstrtbplhstophhposwhhposrbeamcon0hsstrtvsstrthcenterdiwhighfmodenoopA`(,05:?DINU\bfjnpraprbddraddrbtalotahitblotbhitodlowtodmidtodhisdricrcracrbs~x(t8tj_<_"gLghLLJqqq$Id: both_misc.s 16.4267 2007/05/30 21:16:13 wepl Exp wepl $
    Jg`r$eT"	gSgU"g,+g,2S@""""""""QjAg
    0HSfNuH0"g6ptC*,+ftHB61 @Sf`H61"@SfLNu$Id: whdl_misc.s 16.4360 2007/07/25 22:40:18 wepl Exp wepl $
    H?$,v(~,Tg&<g ,g& gS"ԁFĀ,܁P "J`fN:*g |e"<N(d "EN.gaeJf`.PJg*SރF΃N| "EN."GQ,P N4Nv*gr G!!gdV& Gprvxz|ɝd!dHPdH\dHBdHBHBSHBHBHBHBQd L@Nu 	g/ !"a,TN.,_NuH&(,T  BN<JfgadJfL@Nu/Axh",lN@B,xtAx)Hx~Ax)HxzAxh"NAxJfU fB,_NuAxhCx\"""NuaAx\Cxh ЙБ2H@@Nu/,TN|CpNJg",@N,TJg"l#@ B$3|N8Nv,_Nu/,TN|"l3|
    N8C$NJg,@"l ) RN,TNv,_Nubattclock.resource$Id: whdl_args.s 16.4664 2009/01/18 20:49:16 wepl Exp wepl $
    H?2)|)|T)|xpx)@)@Ax)HdAx)H~A$"$<,lN,gxz7F"$&aTRJg O"O;fpfSSb g	fB`JgEdG40C.4g/	 Ia&"_ OaJfpff0f`nJ78fh$`nA8=fTaJfL$`VA8=f<Cx|$ ,xaJg& Za|RѬ|x`"X0fd`N|JgA /$OalX~"NJgf~Jg l (Jgb h$G"g,lN(p"C,TNJg,@ kN*g E,(6EdG0C4gh FNJg^f f(fgF @atJf<$`:$`2ag2 @Cx|$ ,xaJg ZabRѬ|x`X0f~ EN"N,TNb",lNJfVA%ɕaB`Fx,<ğBG>z0A64g:R"O aAeffAYfAIfAI"O a0f OaB7" BSf$v,lN(fN|"tN&`vEdG*O4g\ gXff"ff`>$`8 @$`2ag2 @Cx|$ ,xaNJg Za,RѬ|x`XJ[f~"g,lNJg&Auqdf"tN"gN`
    Aa8~JgJgB|Jf)|x ,pg)@lJgp)@)@)@ ,ЬЬDЬHlAɕa`JDg <	`2JHg <
     T(2f <` <)@ ,Xr T(,lNpr2Nd)@XJgBh ,g&AC/$OaXfAɕa~ LLNup`P!9*1;ES[ g)o5<HTuz~2
    `d	j	qw19$93;BDO
    \	ektSlaveDataSavePathSaveDirNoResIntNoAutovecNoTrapHandlerPreloadNoFileCacheNoCacheCacheNTSCPALReadDelayNoVBRMoveQuitKeyRestartKeyButtonWaitCustomCustom1Custom2Custom3Custom4Custom5NoFilterSplashDelayTimeOutNoReqNoWriteCacheExpChipExpLocalExp24BitChipNoCacheDCacheBranchCacheSuperScalarStoreBufferMMUNoMMUFormatSnoopSnoopOCSSnoopECSSnoopAGAChkChkBltWaitChkBltSizeChkBltHogChkColBstChkCopConChkIntsFileLogWriteDelayCoreDumpDebugKeyFreezeKeyExpertCoreDumpPathExecuteStartupExecuteCleanupDblNTSCDblPALDNoFlushMemNoMemReverseShowRegsTraceTraceConFullChipicon.libraryS:whdload.prefserror parsing global configuration file line %ldbad workbench arguments"%s", could not lockcould not examineis not a directory
    too many directories for data option
    ,/K,/S,/K/N,Really format drive '%s' now ?Yes|Yes|Yes|Yes|Yes|Yes|YesYou are a courageous man!
    My personal greetings are going to :
    Achim, Czeslaw, Ian, Pavel, Jean-Franois, Bertrand, Philippe,
    John, Mickael, Keith, Sven, Sascha, Galahad, Angus, Wolfgang
    Sting, Fabio, Gavin, Carlo, Don, Kim, Nils
    and all other guys who have part
    on the development of whdload!
    I wish you a nice day...
    Only one of NTSC/S,PAL/S,DblNTSC/S,DblPAL/S
    can be set.H6,lO*@G O2<g,g
    QB `DB"g<tN&gT"Aw4$NJg>Jw8k"RJ-fOLlJNuAv`
    A`AHWHz$OaRP`CA`C* OatG"gNBQOLlpNulocking data direxamining data dir%sinternal buffer overflow on '%s'%s'%s' is not a directory%stoo many directories ('%s')
    only 8 directories are allowedparsing Data option:
      Welcome to:					         /   /
      WHDLoad 16.9.4681 (29.09.2009)		        / / /
      1994-2009 Wepl				       / / /
      for further infos check docs and		____  / / /
      http://www.whdload.de/			\   \/ / /
    						 \ \ \/ /0m
    4mBasic Options:0m					  \_\_\/0m
     Data		directory from where to load all data
     SavePath	base path/directory to where redirect save operations
     SaveDir	sub directory in SaveDir for save operations
     PreLoad	try to buffer much data files on startup
     QuitKey	key to quit
     Slave		slave program to execute
    4mMisc Options:0m
     ButtonWait	wait in game for pressed button
     MMU		use MMU (68030)
     NoAutoVec	ignore unwanted interrupts
     NoFileCache	don't cache files
     NoFilter	disable audio filter
     NoFlushMem	don't flush memory on startup
     NoReq		messages on command line instead of window
     NoMMU		don't use MMU (68030+)
     NoWriteCache	don't cache files on writing
     NTSC		switch to NTSC display
     PAL		switch to PAL display
     RestartKey	key to restart
     SplashDelay	time to show the splash window (1/50 sec)
     TimeOut	time to quit (1/50 sec)
     WriteDelay	delay after writing data (1/50 sec)
    4mPerformance Options:0m
     BranchCache	enables branch cache (68060)
     Cache		enables instruction cache (68020+)
     ChipNoCache	set chipmem non cacheable (BlizzardPPC)
     DCache		enables instruction and data cache (68030+)
     ExpChip	use chipmem for expmem
     ExpLocal	use local mem for expmem
     Exp24Bit	use 24bitdmamem for expmem
     NoCache	disable all caches
     StoreBuffer	enables store buffer (68060)
     SuperScalar	enables super scalar dispatch (68060)
    4mDebugging Options:0m
     Chk		shortcut for ChkBltSize, ChkBltWait, ChkColBst
     ChkBltHog	permit enable of blthog/bltpri in dmacon
     ChkBltSize	check memory accessed by blitter
     ChkBltWait	check for blitwaits
     ChkColBst	permit disable of colbst in bplcon0
     ChkCopCon	permit enable of copcon
     ChkInts	check for insuffcient interrupt acknowledge
     CoreDump	create always coredump on exit
     D		enter freezer on startup
     DebugKey	key to quit with coredump
     FileLog	enable filelog feature
     FreezeKey	key to enter freezer
     FullChip	save/restore full chip memory
     NoResInt	execute resload with interrupts disabled
     NoTrapHandler	use vector table from os
     NoVBRMove	leave VBR at 0 (68010+)
     Snoop		fast cia/custom logger (68030/68060)
     SnoopAGA	exact cia/custom logger for AGA chipset (68030/68060)
     SnoopECS	exact cia/custom logger for ECS chipset (68030/68060)
     SnoopOCS	exact cia/custom logger for OCS chipset (68030/68060)
    4mSome rawkey codes:0m
     Esc       45   F1..F10  50..59
     `..\  00..0d   Del          46   Help    5f   NumL..PrtSc  5a..5d
     Tab       42   Q..]     10..1b   Return  44   7..9         3d..3f
     Ctrl      63   A..'     20..2a                4..6         2d..2f
     Shift     60   <../     30..3a                1..3         1d..1f
    $Id: whdl_audio.s 16.4213 2006/08/30 01:39:47 wepl Exp wepl $
    /,TNf)@Xgd @pDNr)@\gV"@|	AT#H"#|&prAANDJW`f*"l\#|3||3|*Bi,N8p`ap,_Nuaudio.device/,TN|J,`gF"l\#|3||3|*Bi,N8 lXNJg"@N`"l\N>B,` ,\g
     @NlB\ ,Xg
     @N`BXNv,_Nu$Id: whdl_coredump.s 16.4664 2009/01/18 20:49:16 wepl Exp wepl $
    aa~`^H?",l|d l"O aض"AP$&N"$<N.gHyWHDDx7F  Oa OadX@ЬxЬ|",gPЁ/HyFORM"$vNöf0<BQ.|/l/lu/lu/luAuC0<Q/l1/l$/l(/l,/l0/l4/lx8/l/l/l  ldC< <a׼A<"N@A
    6ap/@H/lL lApN?@P?l*R?|T?|	V?lXl/Zl0[Hx\HyHEAD"$&<dNöfx7F  Oa OaX@&/HyTERM"$PNPĶfHxHyCPU "$vNöft"As$&<Nжf\HxHyCUST"$vNöf@"A $&<Nжf("A-$NжfHxHyCIAA"$vNöf"At,$vNжfHxHyCIAB"$vNöf"AtH$vNжf/,xHySLAV"$vNöf"$,&,xNжf/,|HyMEM "$vNöfj"$,&,ܶ|e&,|NжfN"$,&,|cNжf8 ,g*/HyEMEM"$vNöf"$,&,Nжf"N`& OCCEa$"gN"NBgLDNuH?",l|d l"O a>"A$&N"$<N.gl9ug4"$,&,ܶ|e&,|NжfF"$,&,|c0Nжf0`&"$,&,Nжf"$,&,gNжf"N`& OCsEa$"gN"NBg`Jgh l"O a|"A.$&N"$<N.g"$,&,Nжf"N`$ OCE`a$"gN"NBgLDNuH3,l| .T:"A$&N"$<N.gT aJgJ"N~7FA ,dg @"O aӾA"O aӐAx"O aӄ"tNL@Nu OCSEa$"gNBg~`H3,l|d l"O aZ"A$&N"$<N.g$"tvNJk a2Jg"NL@Nu OCE4ar$"gNBg`H?>BF.,l/,aHlxHlxA	a	tOg	T",d$<N(g."tvN"tvN/"N/,dA	a	2POg	/,|/,/,x/,/,//,/,/,/, ,",/ҀH ,",//ї/A	aO@g/,/,/,/,gA
    /aOO O0,*"<AXL,f"<UAE,	g 2<60f,2<40f"2<30f2<20f2<10f2<000"<,82f"<,81f"<,FPg V
    g,51BO O ,ug FPU,
    g2<SSag2<CBag2<BSa|
    g"<AWNaj	g2<CDabg2<CIaV2A0ISa2AIEa2ABaB `6JAf"<SCN`SAf2<CN`SAf2<TW`
    2<BC`I,NuHW/,u/,1/,1,0HH//, lApNێ?A
    6aL?,/H?HoF?,*AaO\g ,vg/"OAaX/<
     OaXt7F  Oa
    f Jf OagJsTkaaprHAa|Jg&@$<   lsTA" A$H"Oa+vP ԃOt.DЊ/@AsCp"Q ,sX,sdg ,s\"|$Ox/RA"JNђ ЪsTmpd $.JxA"ON"їүsTfaAa޲sTfaQ"Kaug2ug(ugug ug
    .ufPAragh*,s\(,|e(,캄d0e*a*c(  E"Oa) "$ Oa,sdg`,+g,+f,sdfN*,s\ug2ug(ugug ug
    *,sX`*,s`(,|e(,캄d<e6p_Fc(Aag  E"Oa)6 "$ Oa
    /,sTAsTp/ QAafO@gF0,sda,sdfa:AU/,sXa>X,sdfa&:,*ff(,sdgaA+/,s\aX,sdga`l,sdg,sdfaA/,s\aX,sdg,sdfa,sdg,sdgaA/,s`aX,sdg,sdgagAp,sg?,sf?/,shajPOgLgA/,spaPXOfA/,sla<XOgf2Ap0,s//,s/,s/,s/,s/,s/,sx/,staO `lgA/,s/,saPOgNA/,s/,s/,saOfA/,saXgA/,s/,s/,s/,s|aOE-G Aa~0+aAan0+aAY>aXX0+aAaFCpQxtA0@gZ0f2(f2(f2(g> a& Ca Ca@v	AaSbAY>(aXSfaxTBcaEt,GtHA\a*aA}?*
    ?+aXgb*aA?*?*abX+arA?+?+aHXg**aTAa2*aDAa"+a4Aa+a$Aag*aAag*aA}ag+aAbag+aAQagAagAHp*H@*//*aPgjA*p+H@+//+ajPgNAa`gF,qe<AAaPg6Ap*//*a<Pg Ap+//+a&Pg
    Aag| L|NuA`
    A`AHp"$C&	NLJNu/a H8xt"NQL`H8&xCtB"NQLNu
    ************************* %s %s ************************16.9.%ld***
    Slave='%s' (%ld bytes)
    ShadowMem %8lx - %8lx (%7ld) AbsolutMem %8lx - %8lx (%7ld)
    Resload   %8lx - %8lx (%7ld) at %lx  GL=$%lx
    Slave     %8lx - %8lx (%7ld) at %lx  BaseMemSize=$%lx
    ExpMem    %8lx - %8lx (%7ld) at %lx
    attn=%x(%s) fc=%d kn=%d cs=%x rw=%lx zpt=%ld ep=%ld ei=%ld
    setcpu=%lx(%s) DbgAdr=%lx
    exception stackframe:
    regular stack:  SSW=%lx
      ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
    Dx %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx
    Ax %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx  %8lx
                     TTSM III   XNZVC
    PC=%8lx  SR %%  USP=%lx  SSP=%lxISP=%lx  MSP=%lx
    VBR=%lx  SFC=%x  DFC=%x  CACR=%lx  CAAR=%lx  TT0=%08lx  TT1=%08lx
    TC=%08lx  CRP=%08lx%08lx  SRP=%08lx%08lx  MMUSR=%04lx
    TC=%04lx  URP=%08lx  SRP=%08lx  MMUSR=%08lx
    DTT0=%08lx  DTT1=%08lx  ITT0=%08lx  ITT1=%08lxPCR=%08lx  BUSCR=%08lx
    intena=%% dmacon=%% adkcon=$%4x
    .%04x     ciaa:     PI ROPS		   ciab:     PI ROPS
    	cra=  ta=%4x<%4x	   cra=  ta=%4x<%4x
    	    AII ROPS			    AII ROPS
    	crb=  tb=%4x<%4x	   crb=  tb=%4x<%4x
    	    10RTWCLO	  parallel	    DRCCDSOY      M3210HDS
    	pra=  prb=      pra=
           ddra= ddrb=     ddra=    event=%06lx  icr=%02x  sdr=%02x    alarm=%06lx  icm=%02lx	      .whdl_register.whdl_dump.whdl_memory.whdl_expmemwriting SYS:Utilities/MultiviewH32.$HG,l/"AT$&NJg@|"AH$&
    $%08lx %04xH?2*,~X  lsT"OaN ,u<cpG:Jkg0+gA*ENބ A"O$Fap0LLNunAk0,d(`>JbJVJ)
    JJ}L4Jg^&	J	X	0	V
    )Illegal returncode #%ldDOS-Error #%ld
    on reading "%s".DOS-Error #%ld
    on writing "%s".Exception "%s" ($%lx)
    at %s occured.RESET detected.DEBUG caused.
    PC = %sDOS-Error #%ld
    on scanning "%s".DOS-Error #%ld
    on reading disk #%ld.The data/disk-files are damaged
    or it is an unsupported version.Error in OS emulation module
    subsystem: %s
    error number: $%lx=%ld.This installed program runs only in NTSC (60Hz display).This installed program runs only in PAL (50Hz display).Sorry, you have to register WHDLoad first
    to continue.Error during resload_Relocate
    while relocating executable on address $%lx at offset $%lx.Bad status register on entering whdload
    (trace or msp enabled, trace cleared while ProtectSMC)
    via 'resload_%s'.Destroyed register %s while returning
    from function 'resload_%s'.Bad stack pointer on entering whdload
    via 'resload_%s'.Function 'resload_%s' called
    with unacceptable arguments
    %s = $%lx  PC = %s.Function 'resload_%s' called with illegal
    file specification '%s'.
    Must not start/end with '/' and must not contain '//' or ':'.Function 'resload_%s'
    requires slave version %ld or higher.Internal Error 'False Mode' in function 'resload_%s'
    at address %sException "%s" ($%lx)
    PC = %s
    %sFunction 'resload_%s'
    has failed to decrunch data.WHDLoad has detected that a previous call
    to 'resload_%s' has been interrupted.
    The actual call to 'resload_%s' can
    therefore not been processed.error during 'resload_LoadKick'
    invalid kickstart image '%s'error during 'resload_LoadKick'
    corrupt relocation table '%s'error during 'resload_Delta'
    corrupt wdelta dataerror during 'resload_Delta'
    source data doesn't match wdelta dataerror during 'resload_Delta'
    apply process has failederror during 'resload_Delta'
    output data wrong crcInstalled program has modified the CACR,
    detected on entering via 'resload_%s'.%sFile "%s" is compressed using XPK but not cached.
    Detected in function 'resload_%s'.INT%ld: external interrupt or insufficient interrupt acknowledge
    PC = %sInstalled program has modified the VBR,
    detected on entering via 'resload_%s'.DOS-Error #%ld (%s)
    on PreLoad for Examine on object
    "%s".error during 'resload_%s'
    invalid command PLCMD_%s $%lx at address %serror during 'resload_%s'
    destination address $%lx for command
    PLCMD_%s $%lx at address %s is invaliderror during 'resload_PatchSeg'
    destination offset for command PLCMD_%s $%lx
    at address %s is outside the segment list ($%lx bytes)error during 'resload_%s'
    the command PLCMD_%s $%lx at address %s tries to write
    a reference to address %s which is outside the memory/current segmenterror during 'resload_PatchSeg'
    specified segment list is corrupt at address %s
    segment starts at address %sTrackdisk error "%s".This installed program requires at least a MC68020 CPU.This installed program requires the AGA Chip Set.DOS-Error #%ld
    on deleting "%s".Internal Error #%ldIncomplete MMU translation tree
    on address $%lx.program does not wait for blitter finish
    PC = %s, %s
    last blitter start from PC = %sblitter access (DMA-%lx) out of BaseMem bounds
    PC = %s, %sblitter line mode problem: %s
    PC = %s, %sSelf modifying code detected.
    The opcode at address $%lx has been previously modified.SMC check failed.
    The already executed opcode at address $%lx is not contained in the internal instruction map.
    This is opcode is either invalid, a 68020+ opcode or missing in the IST.Unsupported addressmode (ssp)+,<ea> or <ea>,-(ssp) where <ea>
    is a custom register detected on address %s.
    (incompatible with Snoop/S on 68040/60)invalid copperlist entry (cmove #$%lx,%s) at address %s
    PC = %s, %sInvalid call to resload_ProtectSMC,
    there is already one resload_Protect(Read|ReadWrite|Write|SMC) active.FullChip memory has been trashed
    between $%lx and $%lxerror during 'resload_%s'
    command PLCMD_%s $%lx at address %s
    only 16 BKPT and 16 BELL are allowed/,uxNHWxNx<",ut&,lN,HluHo/,uDNHW ,u/@HA~a/xNx<",ut&,lN,/,uHo/,uDN ,uAa/xN/,u/HluxN/,u/,uxNHWa</xNHW ,uf?,sdBg`%cHx`
    As/0 ,ua/a/xNa/ ,ua/xN/,uxN/,ua/xNa/(,u)luua/)DuxN(<D  OaHWHwH ,u/@HAfa/DN(<  l1"Oa <D؀ OaxHoDHoHwHDN <D( OaVHWHwHp
    ,r/N <D( Oa0HWHwHp,rAaV/NHWxN(<  l1"OaF <D؀ OaHWHwHHoLp l1B"Oa
     B@H@a".?BgDN/,u/,uxNHluxNHluaz/xNap/HluxNHW/,uxNp luП"OaHWaHa@/(<,Np luП"OaHWa\H/,ua/(<0Np luП"Oan/,uHoa,H(<,N < luП"OaD < luԟ"Oa2HWHo aHa/(<LN < luԟ"Oa < luП"OaHWHo (<@N&D\twidth not equal 2bltdpt outside BaseMem boundsbltcpt not equal bltdptbltadat not equal $8000bltcon0 invalidbltcon1 invalidH  $$H < luԟ"Oa6HWp,rAXa/p,rg,rA,a/BJ,rgXHz A"Oa,LNu&,28GN;ENXmByte Word Long Double/Move16 3-Byte ? from/toWrite toRead fromRead-Modify-Write onInstruction stream fault onlocked %s%s%s %sp luQ"Oa0@Aa"/JWjPNu@DFHKMOQSUWZ^`cfimrux{ENDRPPSSIBWLAPANOPCCBCWCLPSSNEXTABAWALDATAORBORWORLGABKPTBELL ,uA`P JRXajr|&,7BIOX^mv~InstallAbortLoadFileSaveFileSetCACRListFilesLoadFileDecrunchFlushCacheGetFileSizeDiskLoadDiskLoadDevCRC16ControlSaveFileOffsetProtectReadProtectReadWriteProtectWriteProtectRemoveLoadFileOffsetRelocateDelayDeleteFileProtectSMCSetCPUPatchLoadKickDeltaGetFileSizeDecPatchSegExamineExNextGetCustomA`b%TWZ]`ciflorux{~D0D1D2D3D4D5D6D7A0A1A2A3A4A5A6PCUSPSSPMSPSRVBRCAARCACRTT0TT1DTT0DTT1ITT0ITT1PCRBUSCRTCr`rH NU(g,B*	.A/agNpCa2g
    AHmadp FCa`gA/HmaJ ,1g @prCag
    AHma,p FCaJgAagAAaN]LpNu/A)gA"a _ C$EJgRS`$%lx (, )Task '%s'Seg '%s' Off $%lxPL_BELL at %sH9$&(	 f aJg
    /A`Z @gf0Bg*Hz`
    BgHzl Aa& W.`p",vgh ACagXHpYCaLCag:QCeCeЁHpCaLJ`YԀ/A`",vg*e& ,|e ,貀eЬಀbb
    /A`r",e Ьxb
    /A`VJgbe/A`8eb/A` ",贁e Ьഀb
    /A`p` "O$Da*XpLNu|e.,geެb~Nu~Nucustom.%sciaa.%sciab.%sFreezer $%lxDbgAdr $%lxDbgSeg $%lxSlave $%lxResload $%lxExpMem $%lxHOvAa8g"&Ap2A""OaFg Or0XQF@f& O4LNuH00$$IBvag.&@Aag" AA
    agJg A "JagB2(v LNuH=0O$&$I~afg&@AagJg&AA
    ag$p A"Oag OSegTfrackfPergA`A2aZgLJgH&AzA(aVg:JgXYeЁeځP D`A`̐ڃAa A "Ja2B2("~ OLNuY"Opa"JNuQ"OpaJLNuH ~JoF~Jo@eV|e<",g
    eeNeeTeeZ~*RSf LNu",|$HdRSf`",EҬ`",EҬ`",EҬx`",EҬ` ,u@gp@Nu ,uX;Nu<: \$Id: whdl_detect.s 16.4575 2008/11/21 21:52:41 wepl Exp wepl $
    KNNN*_p%CNJg,@ <rNJg	 <	DrNJgFs$<v r NJfH rNJf: r(NJf, r0NJf r1NJfv r!NJg
     @֨ )C"N,TNb9F*LLNu|.Nz JO&Op?&Q&ON{|A'H'H,NzA'HNzA~'HNzA,'H,p@"`UfF'/gF _Nz"<N{NzN{	gF`8Hz6'W,B F.BgF`FF'_p0n(@N{.GNsexpansion.libraryH?,+g,T/
    KNNN*_pgd.<g C"gJ‡ A"g>G A"g2Gf* D"g$‡ A"gG A"Gg
    fp`p`p@0L@NuNz Nz8NzHNsH?2,+g$,+fpaJfpaJfpaJg@/LLNu,T/
    AKNNN*_Nu|$ONzpNz`N{N{NzPC@$&,+f,+gNzPN{P$`xNqNqNqx,+f,+gNzPN{P$`&N{pN{`.JNs$Id: both_filecache.s 16.4289 2007/04/22 17:36:54 wepl Exp wepl $
    xpkmaster.librarypC*rgae
    zb HA21@`NuH 0$Ha4@?HA
     p` P gFhf&JCae
    zb ae
    zb fJfR ,Ѩ LNu$Id: whdl_filecache.s 16.4645 2009/01/15 23:38:36 wepl Exp wepl $
    writing fileparse patternlock dirremember dirExAllpreloading fileusing mempool puddle=%ld tresh=%lddircache startdirs=%ld files=%ld min=%ld max=%ld avg=%ld sum=%ld exall=%ld pudcnt=%ld time=%d.%02ddircache clearingfilecache start maxmem=%ldfiles=%ld min=%ld max=%ld avg=%ld sum=%ld exall=%ld pudcnt=%ld time=%d.%02dfilecache clearinginternal directory buffercannot create subprocess for unpackingWHDLoad.Unpackxpkmaster.library version 4 not found.Error XpkUnpack on file "%s"
    '%s'.Error XpkUnpack on file "%s"
    You need to install 'xpk%s.library' into LIBS:compressors!XPK-PasswordEnter Password for XPK encrypted file '%s':H8fl,gaJgdBB, l2(Hg0҈(A$vd,lN:Jj DC6EaNx`$PrHA,TN()@J|gapL@Nuap`gvAa6aA a*v?G
     g. @aJJf  SACE6NJn SQ`XQ ,g @,TNBB ,g"@,TNbBpNuH?"NUBBBBB+|BBBAaavQ,Tn'e.pJ`f"<.tFHNH)@g
    AF"OaNPrt,lN+@faa` <r,TN:+@fpgaa`)|)|WHDL)|oad)|
    <",lN@|E"N. "l
    aa|`Rg"N`S"N <"m,TN.r$-,lNar/ ,a
    //-/- "-g,lNd//-/-/-/-A^"Oa4 -N]LDNu)|1uvKF  Oa" OCaNNuH0|&I.	g g&@` mpBQR"$-&<x*-NP+@N|+@ E*g$m$gZ BP"jae
    zb ae
    zb f$Jf B (f\ -"(!A`J B$fajJf
    pga` @r; Q @"f.`&&HB jCf'j'jx'j|'jt'j'j'j j C fAfBB -r'A'|WHFCJkR`R +|d+@భc+@ѭv exA"$<N(fa`"$Nְga"N`XPKFf. /P|f"'o|XPKFf /P|f'o|"N$RSfZJf  -ga`X&G`NJkF -"+g:A"tN*far`."N "ka&'A"N"NJg&S f| "LNu"$-&<x*-NPJf`N|)@uAu"$<,lNaAu"A$&<N ,g @/,TNB,_BB
     	g )g/	"@a"_/al"_` ,g` @pF/,TN6,_Nu/HzpFr$,fN`$NuH<"NUBBB+|BBBBA!CaaxQ,Tn'e6",@e*$pJ`fHNH)@g
    A@"OaHPB",,lN+@B-Hzb,f`.g$ -R+@gA"0,lN`"-,lNJg
    J,fPaa/ ,af//-/- "-g,lNd//-/-/-A6"OaN]LD<Nu ,
    fpNu @,lH0$HG KaBA"A$&<NHzJk j fX`Jg$R 
    fpLNu~rt,lN+@g6 <r,TN:+@ga$. <"m,TN.r$-,lN NuH0OB|G KaRA"t,lN.fACbEZNx` mpBQR"$-&<x*-NP+@N|+@ E*gj$mJk< OpF`SJfJf"jWfB`8pgA'CEZN`BA"$*&<NaJgr$RSfJfd -gBACEZN`|"NJg($O` BA"$
    &<Na,gJfJf OLNu"$-&<x*-NPJf`H?2|~EJ,gA"$
    ,lN4JgP`c Ja"Jg~`"
    $<,lN,g"tvNJk"tvN(kcP` r JaJg&@" K$&NְfeL0kXPKFf> Qf4)hl(( <Єr JaJf"Ka@`* K"@#Da<.` KaN~` JC.EZNx"g,lN LLNu"Ka`H#2,.	GJf$pC,TN)@fAQɕN`J$g + ,TNQ$+ggf2BHlHyXHx HyXBHyX O,lNOJg r@"OB,lNAfA	HllHo"SHi$ONOL`D"Sa ke\2hXPKFfN (QfB)il$) <ЂrAa0Jg @!B&'@ +"k$,TN` ka` Kp
    BQ'lHl'_'Tp,TN@kPr'A N'@($BHzHyHzHy @(	HHW/Hy",lN.B'@$fAoɕN+,kN`> @!KX + ,TN&g'G +"k$NPpLLNu"Sa"ka"Fa"Gap`H"EJ$g2J*gȓaB *"j$,TN * N*,jNLDNu,xN @ (Xg*@pN@r+A - "m(,mN -N gx @"m$B0(HpHyXS/(HyXp0)HqHyXb/)HyXq/-HyXtBHyXBHyXBHyXBHyX O,mN.B+@`n-,mN - "m(NH<0&($Ha\X@*Ѓ"Hz$,f&`Jg,&@B'C'CB JaX7@7EQCf L<NuH  Qt?E
     g"@ f I"( g
    "@b`Q gabLNu 	g ,g @p0)Щ/,TN6,_Nu0(@?HC
    "Pg I"Q` a6 "LD|NuJgJlg @pR P"fNu$Id: whdl_gfx.s 16.4602 2008/11/30 19:24:56 wepl Exp wepl $
    H?2~Q lh'e(g
    (B(PAC#l,lN)@ ,g FA,,lNfJg lJ(fDgzA!FC,lN4)@$g` l$Cprtv,lNp,lNb)@(0NE*g*f9j,5|9j
    .~`a LLNu@2>)D1 	@H?24,,gFE,l%n&%lJjBB5B*g*f0,.@5@6Bl,0g l(,lN\ ,$g @,lNB$tJ gL lh'e,TN|"l0|.Hz4 N\$ l ,lNB  g"l0|.,TN\NvLLpNu$Id: whdl_splash.s 16.4366 2007/08/08 08:03:08 wepl Exp wepl $
    JTfNuH?2,<.AC,lN*$OB ,b&@eTr@e@	cr@@e@	cA`@ApSkJf`O/
    JfJf`OHP`0pBQ|?l Op"O/
    ggSfB"`HxRBSf`BSg g OCS  "QHxev"l&HR UgSfB"`VSgR"l$HRgDSfB"`<BHRe0 ldNJo$ ldC!.gfCسgSfSBޅ,lN)@g&l$k()J`t6*C&OAX![g$kjRC,lN@d$`0*H@RC`jjA "l1B1C0)BH00)CH1@1|.!IC,lN)@"l,lNJgz laP l&Ha$O l`8(AX!ZgTkB,lNDkH" k2CXHPN(LSSQN( l`hRD` l`0(H@RD`LLNuunknown keyABSBTabEEscFDelPF1QF2RF3SF4TF5UF6VF7WF8XF9YF10ZNumL[ScrL]PrtSc_HelpLMB/FireRMB/2nd FireMMBPad PlayPad Reverse/R.EarPad Forward/L.EarPad Green/ShufflePad Yellow/LoopPad Red/SelectPad Blue/Stop%s at port #%ldpress '%s' to quitWHDLoad 16.9.4681 not registered registered to  %s HJgbQ OC,lNLdB@SN 2A",Td",e,lN: la l,lNBL@NuH>6*(0pAnCPQ,ln'ePEXGPKSBHx Hy|L E"ONJkP`LxˋNˋERRQOLl|NuUwH02$(0EPGS,lvpJg BNLBQLLNuH0&Hp,P"k2,lNp,R"k2Np"k2Np+6r+74+@SB6+
    ASC"k2|HyUU#Oi NXLHNu$Id: whdl_io.s 16.4671 2009/02/05 20:31:30 wepl Exp wepl $
    .whdl_filelog***** %s %s ***** %s ***** 16.9.%ld *****
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    ? file icon WHDLoad (78,312 bytes) 2009-09-29 22:40 +

related to 0002172closedWepl Hi, When I load Out Run Europa I get this error. Exception "Illegal 


note ~0001441

Mailman (reporter)

Do you have such file in /data/database/ directory? This is the main file of the game! Check the size of the directory of your game.

note ~0001442

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

Sure ... otherwise I would not have filed a bug!

My database dir looks like this:
8.255.782 data.000
   31.178 data000.dir
   16.188 data000.run
  110.408 SAMPLES.A
  130.758 SAMPLES.B
   61.472 SAMPLES.C
  118.948 SAMPLES.D
    3.130 SAVEGAME.NEW
    9.436 snd.bin

note ~0001443

Mailman (reporter)

Check if there is no typo in the name of the "database" directory. Maybe there should or should not be capital letter at the beginning.

note ~0001444

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

No there is no typo, and my filesystem is case INSENSITIVE!

I have downloaded the game from KillerGorilla.
Simply download yourself and test it.

In my setup, I get this error, even with all the files there, and with their correct names.

Try it, and report back.

note ~0001445

Mailman (reporter)

I finished this game using WHDLoad. I downloaded the game as you suggested and it runs perfectly on WinUAE and on classic Amiga. No error appeared.

note ~0001446

Wepl (manager)

can please set option FILELOG and paste the resulting .whdl_file here?

note ~0001447

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

Hi Wepl

Have done so (log is from c:.whdload_filelog
Have also included a snoopdos log

if needed I can also attach full coredump

note ~0001448

Wepl (manager)

please paste the trace file contents as text here

note ~0001449

ricsi (reporter)

snoopdos says:
128 WHDLoad Open StarTrekTiny.font Read OK
129 WHDLoad Open DATABASE/DATA.000 Read OK
138 WHDLoad Open startrektiny/8 Read OK
139 WHDLoad ChangeDir PC:Games/StarTrek25thAnnivA
140 WHDLoad Open PROGDIR:.whdl_filelog Modify OK

whdload filelog:
***** 26-Sep-09 18:04:30 ***** StarTrek25thAnnivAGA.Slave ***** 16.9.4672 *****
[Examine] buf=$875398 type= 0 size=$ 0= 0 rc=205 name=L
[Examine] buf=$875398 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$8754A0 type= 0 size=$ 0= 0 rc=205 name=FONTS
[Examine] buf=$8754A0 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$87EEF0 type= 0 size=$ 0= 0 rc=205 name=DEVS
[Examine] buf=$87EEF0 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$87F028 type= 0 size=$ 0= 0 rc=205 name=LIBS
[Examine] buf=$87F028 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$87F160 type= 0 size=$ 0= 0 rc=205 name=S
[Examine] buf=$87F160 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$880CE0 type= 0 size=$ 0= 0 rc=205 name=C
[Examine] buf=$880CE0 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$880DE8 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$880F38 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$883FC8 type= 0 size=$ 0= 0 rc=205 name=system-configuration
[Examine] buf=$886E30 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[GetLen] size=$3D800=251904 name=startrek
[ReadDec] crc=C923 dest=$ 895988 size=$3D800=251904 packed=251904 name=startrek
[Examine] buf=$8959B0 type=-3 size=$3D800=251904 rc=0 name=startrek
[ReadOff] crc=DF90 dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$ 0
[ReadOff] crc=6A04 dest=$ 897E80 size=$2FEF4=196340 name=startrek offset=$ 1000
[ReadOff] crc=82FB dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$30EF4
[ReadOff] crc=3EAE dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$31EF4
[ReadOff] crc=9A6C dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$32EF4
[ReadOff] crc=8DA1 dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$33EF4
[ReadOff] crc=BFEE dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$34EF4
[ReadOff] crc=7741 dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$35EF4
[ReadOff] crc=0CEA dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$36EF4
[ReadOff] crc=5265 dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$37EF4
[ReadOff] crc=FAAC dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$38EF4
[ReadOff] crc=77A5 dest=$ 895EA0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=startrek offset=$39EF4
[ReadOff] crc=7AD6 dest=$ 8C8560 size=$ 265C= 9820 name=startrek offset=$3AEF4
[ReadOff] crc=0D20 dest=$ 895AA0 size=$ 2B0= 688 name=startrek offset=$3D550
[Examine] buf=$896A50 type=-3 size=$ 1364= 4964 rc=0 name=diskfont.library
[ReadOff] crc=71D8 dest=$ 8D63C8 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=diskfont.library offset=$ 0
[ReadOff] crc=3245 dest=$ 8D63C8 size=$ 364= 868 name=diskfont.library offset=$ 1000
[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$8D60E8 type=-3 size=$ 108= 264 rc=0 name=StarTrekTiny.font
[Examine] buf=$8D61F0 type=-3 size=$ 108= 264 rc=0 name=StarTrekTiny.font
[ReadOff] crc=4C00 dest=$ 8D62E0 size=$ 108= 264 name=StarTrekTiny.font offset=$ 0
[Examine] buf=$8D8070 type= 2 size=$ 0= 0 rc=0 name=
[Examine] buf=$8D8178 type=-3 size=$ CF4= 3316 rc=0 name=StarTrekTiny/8
[ReadOff] crc=12D0 dest=$ 8D8668 size=$ CF4= 3316 name=StarTrekTiny/8 offset=$ 0
[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$ 79CA= 31178 rc=0 name=Database/data000.dir
[ReadOff] crc=13E0 dest=$ 8DA344 size=$ 79CA= 31178 name=Database/data000.dir offset=$ 0
[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$ 3F3C= 16188 rc=0 name=Database/data000.run
[ReadOff] crc=98F0 dest=$ 8E1D3C size=$ 3F3C= 16188 name=Database/data000.run offset=$ 0
[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$7DF926=8255782 rc=0 name=Database/data.000
[ReadOff] crc=AFF8 dest=$ 8D60D0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=Database/data.000 offset=$ 0

note ~0001450

Wepl (manager)

the file data.000 is found by whdload, but the checksum (last line of filelog) doesn't match the de/en/fr file version I have
I don't understand who throwing the error 205 here, Psygore should investigate this.
but it's still possible that file data.000 is corrupt, do you have directly extracted it on the amiga or somehow copied?

note ~0001451

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

I downloaded the game from killergorilla, and unzipped it on a PC to a CF card.

note ~0001452

Mailman (reporter)

Recently on forums I have encountered many questions from users using CF card as media and running WHDLoad games from it. They reported strange behaviours and each time the problem was solved when they copied the game to the hard drive and did not run the game from CF card. Could you try doing the same with your game?

note ~0001454

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

I copied the ZIP file from Killergorilla onto the CF card.
I unpacked it on the amiga with DOpus to my HDD, and run it from there.

Exactly the same behaviour. (DOS Error 205 for data.000)

Strange that the CRC does not match ... maybe someone could compare the CRC whe they have filelog activated, and post the result here. (the CRC I get can be seen in the message further above)

note ~0001455

Mailman (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-09-27 20:42

I also downloaded this archive, unpacked and it works. Maybe this is something with your system? You are using some memory expansion. What is it?

note ~0001456

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

yes ... this was my premise for the whole bug report.

Either WHDLoad, or the Slave or both have a bug, when used with my config.

note ~0001457

Wepl (manager)

I believe that is problem of your system, it seems that whdload can read the file in the first try, but on the second there is a problem. here a snipped from where you can see the next read access:

[Examine] buf=$FC60FE0 type=-3 size=$7DF926=8255782 rc=0 name=Database/data.000
[ReadOff] crc=5935 dest=$FC610D0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=Database/data.000 offset=$ 0
[ReadOff] crc=8C6F dest=$FC610D0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=Database/data.000 offset=$622364

there is seek near the end of the file, which has a size of >8 MB
what filesystem do you use?

note ~0001458

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

Originally on FAT.

Than with SFS and now I also copied to FFS.
Allways the same behaviour.

on FFS (1GB Partition at the beginning of a 8GB CF card with IDE Adapter and NSDPatch)

[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$ 79CA= 31178 rc=0 name=Database/data000.dir
[ReadOff] crc=13E0 dest=$ 8DA344 size=$ 79CA= 31178 name=Database/data000.dir offset=$ 0
[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$ 3F3C= 16188 rc=0 name=Database/data000.run
[ReadOff] crc=98F0 dest=$ 8E1D3C size=$ 3F3C= 16188 name=Database/data000.run offset=$ 0
[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$7DF926=8255782 rc=0 name=Database/data.000
[ReadOff] crc=F016 dest=$ 8D60D0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=Database/data.000 offset=$ 0

on SFS (6.x GB Partition):

[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$ 79CA= 31178 rc=0 name=Database/data000.dir
[ReadOff] crc=13E0 dest=$ 8DA344 size=$ 79CA= 31178 name=Database/data000.dir offset=$ 0
[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$ 3F3C= 16188 rc=0 name=Database/data000.run
[ReadOff] crc=98F0 dest=$ 8E1D3C size=$ 3F3C= 16188 name=Database/data000.run offset=$ 0
[Examine] buf=$8D5FE0 type=-3 size=$7DF926=8255782 rc=0 name=Database/data.000
[ReadOff] crc=EF27 dest=$ 8D60D0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=Database/data.000 offset=$ 0

note ~0001459

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

I was not sure if my MAXTRANSFER is set correctly (I have it on 0x1FFFE and MASK on 0x7FFFFFFE)

So I copies the data.000 from CF to both partitions and back again, than took out the CF, and did a compare on my PC vs. the original file.

Result on both (FFS and SFS) partitions was that the file is byte identical.

Maybe whdload or the slave has a problem with NSDpatch??
(Althought the FFS partition is only 1GB at the very beginning of the CD card)

note ~0001460

Wepl (manager)

why is the crc for the last sucessful read different on all three tries you posted?

[ReadOff] crc=AFF8 dest=$ 8D60D0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=Database/data.000 offset=$ 0

on FFS (1GB Partition at the beginning of a 8GB CF card with IDE Adapter and NSDPatch)
[ReadOff] crc=F016 dest=$ 8D60D0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=Database/data.000 offset=$ 0

on SFS (6.x GB Partition):
[ReadOff] crc=EF27 dest=$ 8D60D0 size=$ 1000= 4096 name=Database/data.000 offset=$ 0

use crc16 from the whdload-dev package (or any other checksum program) and compare if file is equal on all your partitions

note ~0001461

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

tried that ... but I get a "not enough memory" message (I have only 8MB of FASTRAM)

What I did earlier is this:
unzip on PC.
copy to CF.
copy on amgia from CF to part1 and part2.
copy on amiga back to cf under other names.
copy on pc all 3 versions from all 3 partitions to the PC, and do a binary compare.

the result was that all 3 versions were bit identical with the version from the ZIP file.

I also have run maxtranstest to be sure maxtransfer is set correctly.

I have no clue why the crcs are different, except that I am quiet sure that the data on the disk is untampered and correct.

note ~0001462

Wepl (manager)

that is strange.
please make at the whdload error message a dump and paste the written .whdl_register here

note ~0001464

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-09-30 10:45

************************* 02-Jan-78 02:00:57 ************************16.9.4672***
Slave='StarTrek25thAnnivAGA.Slave' (4400 bytes)
ShadowMem   4BFFC8 -   50DFC8 ( 319488) AbsolutMem    4E000 -   120000 ( 860160)
Resload     7E91F8 -   7F1EF4 (  36092) at 7E91F8  GL=$9F2E40
Slave       9FA9D8 -   9FBAE4 (   4364) at 9FA9D8  BaseMemSize=$120000
ExpMem      7F2000 -   9F2000 (2097152) at 7F2000
attn=3(20) fc=-1 kn=21429 cs=92B9 rw=0 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0

DOS-Error #205 (object not found) on reading "Database/data.000".

$009fb4d4 move.l       d7,d0
$009fb4d6 move.l       d5,d1
$009fb4d8 move.l       (4,a0),a0                      ;$00896ac0
$009fb4dc jsr          ($4c,a2)                       ;$007e9244
$009fb4e0 move.l       ($14,a4),a0                    ;$008957ac
$009fb4e4 move.l       d5,($fc,a0)                    ;$00896bb8
$009fb4e8 move.l       ($104,a0),a0                   ;$00896bc0
$009fb4ec move.l       ($18,a4),a1                    ;$008957b0
$009fb4f0 adda.l       d4,a1

regular stack:
$00875314 009FB4E0 0021D3D3 00000002 0087506C 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
$00875334 00000000 444F5300 00000000 0027EE28 0081186A 00000258 44483000 00874FF8
$00875354 0087505A 00000000 00000001 00875368 00000014 00000002 002044A1 002058F9
$00875374 0027EC1C 00000000 00000000 00000000 008722B4 FFFFFFFE 0087506C 0021D4C6
$00875394 00000000 007E3330 00000002 5748444C 6F616400 00000000 00000000 00000000

  ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
Dx     1000         0    7DF926         4         0         0         0      1000
Ax   896ABC    8D60D0    7E91F8    21D4C6    895798    87506C    872B00

                 TTSM III   XNZVC
PC=  9FB4E0  SR %0000000000000000  USP=875314  ISP=874578  MSP=11F800
VBR=9F3E40  SFC=5  DFC=5  CACR=0  CAAR=0

intena=%0110000000101100 dmacon=%0000001011010000 adkcon=$1100
vposr....A300  vhposr...0609  joy0dat..0301  joy1dat..0000  clxdat...8001  
pot0dat..0000  pot1dat..0000  potinp...5500  serdatr..3800  dskbytr..A000  
deniseid.00F8  hhposr...FF96  
   ciaa:     PI ROPS		   ciab:     PI ROPS
    cra=00000000  ta=21FF<21FF	   cra=00000000  ta=FFFF<FFFF
        AII ROPS			    AII ROPS
    crb=00000001  tb=38FF<FFFF	   crb=10000000  tb=FFFF<FFFF
        10RTWCLO	  parallel	    DRCCDSOY      M3210HDS
    pra=11111100  prb=11111111      pra=11111111  prb=11111111
       ddra=00000011 ddrb=00000000     ddra=11000000 ddrb=11111111
       event=000051  icr=00  sdr=00    event=000005  icr=04  sdr=00

note ~0001468

Wepl (manager)

it is truly a whdload problem, I have found the reason...

note ~0001473

Mailman (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-09-29 19:57

Really? How come it happens only on Richard's configuration?

note ~0001474

Wepl (manager)

It happens if there is a file which is larger then the max free memory and all other files could be preloaded.
In this case he has 8 MB fast mem and this file is 8.x MB.
It does not happen with > 9 MB or < 1 MB.

note ~0001476

Wepl (manager)

the attached whdload should fix that problem.

the game itself seems still does not run clean. I tested with NOFILECACHE option and it hangs somewhere later, probably some interrupts are missing because of the osswitch. so with only 8 mb memory you have bad cards I think

note ~0001477

Richard Menedetter (reporter)

Indeed ... the attached build of whdload fixes the problem.
And indeed I get a black screen after the intro.
But I can still exit it via the exit key, so it does not hang completely.

Interestingly if I remove the PRELOAD tooltype, than I get the blackscreen immediately, and I can again exit with exit key.

note ~0001478

Wepl (manager)

fine so far.
because the whdload problem is fixed I like to close this issue (and because I moved this issue to the whdload project)

you may open a new issue for the game not working without preload. although I doubt for a fast solution (probably hard to fix and not relevant for all users with enough memory (~10MB))

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2009-08-30 22:07 Richard Menedetter ChipSet => AGA
2009-08-30 22:07 Richard Menedetter GFXCard => None
2009-08-30 22:07 Richard Menedetter ChipMem => 2 MB
2009-08-30 22:07 Richard Menedetter FastMem => 8 MB
2009-08-30 22:07 Richard Menedetter Workbench => OS 3.1
2009-08-30 22:07 Richard Menedetter KickROM => 39 - Kick 3.0
2009-08-30 22:07 Richard Menedetter KickSoft => None
2009-08-30 22:07 Richard Menedetter WHDLoad => 16.9
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