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0002078DeepCore[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2022-06-18 11:35
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoDeep Core (ICE)
Summary0002078: Slowdowns
DescriptionWhen a lot of enemies are on screen there's alot of slowdowns.
TagsNo tags attached.
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem4 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
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note ~0001200

Retroplay (reporter)

I have noticed that on my real A1200 the game is too slow but it's fine in WinUAE 1.6.0 with a similar setup.

note ~0001201

Wepl (manager)

because of the inserted blitwaits and removed blithog it can be slower than before.
have you tried CACHE tooltype?

note ~0001206

Retroplay (reporter)

No, only NOCACHE tooltype.
Will try asap and report back.

note ~0001215

Retroplay (reporter)

Slowdowns still occur on real A1200 no matter what tooltypes I try.

note ~0001220

Wepl (manager)

please try attached slave, I removed blithog patches
also it would be interesting if you have compared the behavior when played from floppy, is there no slowdown?

note ~0001221

Retroplay (reporter)

It plays fine without any slowdowns from floppy disk.
Will report back later about the new slave. :)

note ~0001228

Retroplay (reporter)

Slowdowns are still present I'm afraid.
Ingame it still runs at half speed, intro is fine.

note ~0001270

Wepl (manager)

please test the updated/attached slave, it should be some faster
and please please tell me if you are still testing on a a1200 with 4mb fast mem

note ~0001272

Retroplay (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-06-25 22:30

It's still running too slow, I'd say half the speed it should.
I compared with the CD32 version running from HD and adf images transferred to floppy.

I have 8mb fast and a 68881 fpu
I have a Microbotics MBX 1200 in the trap door expansion slot.

note ~0001281

Wepl (manager)

I have now disabled the blitter patches on 68020 and below.
Please try it again.

note ~0001282

Retroplay (reporter)

It's working perfect now.
Thank you very much. :)

note ~0001283

haynor666 (reporter)

Great, i'll try when I return from work.

note ~0001285

haynor666 (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-07-01 22:02

game still have slowndowns but a little less. for example on first stage player jumping still a bit slow but on second (without water) it's faster. Also shoting is more rapid on second level. I tested disk version.

Intro is still bad - still messed music instead of ambient sounds.

Tested on 030 proc. with 32mb fast

But CD32 version started from works great maybe a little to fast :)

note ~0001322

Wepl (manager)

would be nice if you could test the install package attached to #454, there are also some other changes

note ~0001324

Retroplay (reporter)

Intro is fixed.
I didn't even know it was bad until I tried the new slave.

note ~0001325

haynor666 (reporter)

Ok, I'll try new slave in next 2 days ;)

note ~0001332

haynor666 (reporter)

I tried and I still think it's a little too slow on first stage.

note ~0001499

haynor666 (reporter)

Can anybody confirm slowndowns or it's just my A1200 030 43 Mb Fast?

note ~0001500

Retroplay (reporter)

It works fine with latest attached slave on my standard A1200 with 4 or 8 Mb fast.

note ~0001501

haynor666 (reporter)

with processor... ?

note ~0001502

Retroplay (reporter)

Standard A1200 = 68EC020. :p :)

note ~0001503

haynor666 (reporter)

I have EC030. DOS install made from CD32 works a bit too fast but disk version is still to slow.

note ~0001510

haynor666 (reporter)

Are these blitter patches needed for 030 processor? Cd32 works very nice using DOS install. Does floppy version really needs this ?

note ~0001773

haynor666 (reporter)

Any chances for fixes ?

note ~0001774

Wepl (manager)

what problems do you have with install attached to 0000454?

note ~0001778

haynor666 (reporter)

I have 030 proc and these blitterwaits are still present. Yesterday I have played a little with original disk version not using whdload. Still it's faster when I compare to whdload install. I didn't tested CD32 version using whdload but game started straight from main exe is in fact much faster than original :)

note ~0002797

Retroplay (reporter)

I have just noticed a minor problem using v1.2 slave.
If you press space and change title music and then again press space to change it back, it crashes with an exception.
Full error dumps here:

I know you hate the game Wepl, so no rush, just want to let you know about it. :)

note ~0002863

Retroplay (reporter)

I have since I reported this issue acquired an ACA1232.

The slowdown are indeed still present on 030 (both disk and CD32 slave).
What a twat this game has turned out to be. :D

note ~0003446

haynor666 (reporter)

Too bad that it wasn't fixed. Adding option for removing blitterwaits would be very nice. On the other hand CD32 version (standard DOS install) on 030 is too fast.

note ~0011458

JOTD (developer)

new version will have option to turn off blitterwaits

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2009-05-26 23:07 Retroplay GFXCard => None
2009-05-26 23:07 Retroplay ChipMem => 2 MB
2009-05-26 23:07 Retroplay FastMem => 4 MB
2009-05-26 23:07 Retroplay Workbench => OS 3.1
2009-05-26 23:07 Retroplay KickROM => 39 - Kick 3.0
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