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0002041PinballDreams[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-06-20 10:57
Assigned ToJOTDProject InfoPinball Dreams (Digital Illusions)
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Summary0002041: Access Fault in Pinball Dreams V1.3
DescriptionI'm putting this in because it seems no ne else did and it also seems this one got forgotten?

I have the 2 disk PAL version and the access fault hits when one shoots the ball up the RIGHT ramp to earn the BIGGEST and last wagon there is.
Steps To ReproducePlay untill you can shoot the right ramp to earn the biggest waggon there is.
Additional Information************************* 20-Nov-03 22:38:54 ************************16.0.3438***
Slave='PinballDreams.slave' (1356 bytes)
ShadowMem 895F2C0 - 899E2C0 ( 258048) AbsolutMem 3F000 - 100000 ( 790528)
Resload AB46000 - AB4F64C ( 38476) at AB46000 GL=$AB9A000
Slave ABA3000 - ABA3528 ( 1320) at ABA3000
attn=BF fc=-1 kn=10030 cs=2150 rw=0 zpt=-1 setcpu=33D ep=0 ei=0

Exception "Access Fault" ($4008) PC = $6EAA Byte Write to $CB220005

$00006e9a bcs.b $6eae
$00006e9c move.b d0,($9eba)
$00006ea2 move.l d1,($9eb6)
$00006ea8 move.l d1,a1
$00006eaa clr.b (1,a1) ;$cb220005
$00006eae rts
$00006eb0 move.w ($32,a4),($34,a4) ;$0000b044 $0000b046
$00006eb6 rts
$00006eb8 lea ($d68e),a2

exception stackframe:
$00002D94 20180000 6EAA4008 CB220005 00A50800
regular stack:
$00002DA4 00006F3C 00006E3E 00003252 00003158 0000303A 0ABA335C 50447842 50447800
$00002DC4 000038DE 0000667A 00009416 0000C1B2 D6D6D6D6 50447842 000032A4 0007FEF0
$00002DE4 0001CA6A 00001AB8 0ABA348C A5A5A5A5 00DFF000 00003296 000002C8 CCCCCCCC

  ----0---- ----1---- ----2---- ----3---- ----4---- ----5---- ----6---- ----7----
Dx 50 CB220004 A FF 0 0 2 4
Ax A2E6 CB220004 B01C A2E8 B012 C5CC DFF000

                 TTSM III XNZVC
PC= 6EAA SR %0010000000011000 USP=FFC00 SSP=2D94
VBR=AB9B000 SFC=5 DFC=5 CACR=80008000 PCR=04300122 BUSCR=00000000
TC=8000 URP=0AB98000 SRP=0AB98000
DTT0=00000000 DTT1=00000000 ITT0=00000000 ITT1=00000000

intena=%0100000000011000 dmacon=%0000001111101111 adkcon=$1100
vposr....A300 vhposr...015C joy0dat..041C joy1dat..0000 clxdat...8111
pot0dat..0112 pot1dat..DADA potinp...5500 serdatr..3800 dskbytr..8000
deniseid.FCF8 hhposr...B8D4
   ciaa: PI ROPS ciab: PI ROPS
    cra=00000000 ta=21FF<21FF cra=00000000 ta=FFFF<FFFF
    crb=00000000 tb=21FF<21FF crb=00000000 tb=FFFF<FFFF
        10RTWCLO parallel DRCCDSOY M3210HDS
    pra=11111110 prb=11111111 pra=11111111 prb=11111111
       ddra=00000011 ddrb=00000000 ddra=11000000 ddrb=11111111
       event=016628 icr=00 sdr=00 event=B5E6E8 icr=04 sdr=00
TagsNo tags attached.
CPU68060 + PPC
GFXCardCyberVision PPC
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem68 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
KickSoft40 - Kick 3.1
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note ~0001005

Mailman (reporter)

Thank God somebody did the crash log to show this!

note ~0001406

GalahadFLT (developer)

I'll need more information than that. Which table bugs out please?

note ~0001408

Mailman (reporter)

Steel Wheels table.

note ~0001411

GalahadFLT (developer)

If I was to put in a quick fix for this one issue (it might break the game and cause other issues), how long would it actually take to playtest this feature?

note ~0001413


Well, not sure tbh...

As i haven't played the game for a LOOONG time, it might take some tries to get to the point where it normally crashes. But it should be possible to do it

Unfortunately i haven't got much time (ask Jeff) and even less for playing, but i would certainly fire it up and try to reach the stage.

Another issue would be that i cannot test on a real amiga anymore, my A4K is broken and i'm not sure if it will be repaired and running ever again...so, i'm again not sure if the crash happens under UAE aswell

note ~0006932

JOTD (developer)

no version I have seem to have this code at this particular address when running steel wheel. Tried 2 PAL versions & 1 NTSC.

note ~0006959



Does that mean i may have a differnt version?
Would it help if i send you the data files for them?

note ~0006960


There is a catch unfortunately.

I *may* still have the original data files, but cannot confirm it.
My original media got destroyed, but i'm "pretty" sure the one on my backup hdd are the ones from my disks.

But i guess you can check that easily with the "address check"?

So, if the version i can provide is a differnt or already known one, i am not able to provide the original data anymore and i guess this report can be closed as outdated.

*If* it is the version that is crashing, i can try to reach that state again, albeit it might take time since i have to play to it again (and i got lousy at pinball).

note ~0006961


Oh and finally, i can't test on the OP hardware anymore, only through UAE on a NG machine, so one more thing that might not trigger this bug.

I guess you decide what should happen with it...

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2009-05-13 07:48 user125 GFXCard => CyberVision PPC
2009-05-13 07:48 user125 ChipMem => 2 MB
2009-05-13 07:48 user125 FastMem => 68 MB
2009-05-13 07:48 user125 Workbench => OS 3.9
2009-05-13 07:48 user125 KickROM => 40 - Kick 3.1
2009-05-13 07:48 user125 KickSoft => 40 - Kick 3.1
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