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0001854Knightmare[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-07-19 11:06
Assigned ToCFOUProject InfoKnightmare (Mindscape)
Summary0001854: Knightmare: disks are installed correctly. Slave quits with the following error
DescriptionInstall: Knightmare (Mindscape) http://whdload.de/games/Knightmare.html
GameVersion: english,pal,2 disks
SlaveVersion: 1.0 from 23.07.99

disks are installed correctly. Slave quits with the following error -
Exception "Access Fault" ($7008)
PC = $72A
Long Read From $FFFF80F8
Possible unsupported version. I have the mindscape classics version. Not sure if author is active still. Wondering if the source code is availible,as i would like a look at it if nobody else wants to support my english version.
Tagssupport other version
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem16 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Attached Files
  • ? file icon knightmare-test.asm (13,612 bytes) 2009-09-04 22:28 -
    ;   :program.    knightmare.asm
    ;   :Contents.   Slave for "Knightmare" from Mindscape
    ;   :Author.     Tony McGarry and Tom Meades
    ;   :Original.   v1
    ;   :Version.    $Id: Knightmare.asm 1.0 95.09.2008 18:00:00 Tom Exp Tom $
    ;   :History.    23.07.1999 orignal slave by Tony McGarry
    ;                25.02.2008 slave resourcing started by Tom Meades
    ;   :Requires.   -
    ;   :Copyright.  Public Domain
    ;   :Language.   68000 Assembler
    ;   :Translator. Devpac 3.14, Barfly 2.9
    ;   :To Do.      Support my english version of knightmare.  Different
    ;   :            RattDos file to patch all other files the same.
             INCDIR Includes:
             INCLUDE whdload.i
             INCLUDE whdmacros.i
             INCLUDE hardware/custom.i
             INCLUDE hardware/intbits.i
             INCLUDE hardware/dmabits.i
             IFD BARFLY
             OUTPUT  "knightmare.slave"
             BOPT    O+                  ;enable optimizing
             BOPT    OG+               ;enable optimizing
             BOPT    ODd-              ;disable mul optimizing
             BOPT    ODe-              ;disable mul optimizing
             BOPT    w4-                 ;disable 64k warnings
    CHIPMEMSIZE = $80000
    FASTMEMSIZE = $81000
    WPDRIVES = %0000
    _base       SLAVE_HEADER                     ;ws_Security + ws_ID
                dc.w    10                       ;ws_Version
                dc.w    WHDLF_NoError            ;ws_Flags
                dc.l    BASEMEM                  ;ws_BaseMemSize
                dc.l    0                        ;ws_ExecInstall
                dc.w    ws_gameloader-_base      ;ws_GameLoader
                dc.w    _data-_base              ;ws_CurrentDir
                dc.w    0                        ;ws_DontCache
    _keydebug   dc.b    $58                      ;ws_keydebug
    _exitkey    dc.b    $59                      ;ws_keyexit
    _expmem     dc.l    EXPMEM                   ;ws_ExpMem
                dc.w    _name-_base              ;ws_name
                dc.w    _copy-_base              ;ws_copy
                dc.w    _info-_base              ;ws_info
          IFD BARFLY
             DOSCMD "DATE  >T:date"
    _data    dc.b "data",0
    _name    dc.b "Knightmare",0
    _copy    dc.b "1991 Mindscape",0
    _info    dc.b "Installed by Tony McGarry and Tom Meades",10
             dc.b "Version 1.1 "
             IFD BARFLY
               INCBIN "T:date"
               dc.b 0
    START  ; A0 = Resident loader
       LEA   (_resload,PC),A1
       MOVE.L   A0,(A1)
       MOVEA.L  A0,A5
       LEA   (_rattdos_par,PC),A0
       MOVE.L   (_expmem,PC),D0
       MOVE.L   D0,(8,A0)
       LEA   (_rattdos_name,PC),A0       ;RaTtDOS $0138-$1137
       LEA   ($138).L,A1               ;RaTtDos Base
       JSR   (resload_LoadFile,A5)
       LEA   (_knightdir1_name,PC),A0    ;KnightDir1
       MOVEA.L  (_expmem,PC),A1
       ADDA.L   #$80000,A1             ;KnightDir1 offset
       JSR   (resload_LoadFile,A5)
       LEA   (_knightdir2_name,PC),A0    ;KnightDir2
       MOVEA.L  (_expmem,PC),A1
       ADDA.L   #$80400,A1             ;KnightDir2 offset           
       JSR   (resload_LoadFile,A5)
       LEA   (_savedir_name,PC),A0       ;SaveDir
       MOVE.L   A0,-(SP)
       JSR   (resload_GetFileSize,A5)
       MOVEA.L  (SP)+,A0
       TST.L D0
       BNE.W .saveexists
       LEA   (_emptydir_name,PC),A0 ;SaveDir.Empty
    .saveexists MOVEA.L  (_expmem,PC),A1
       ADDA.L   #$80800,A1            ;SaveDir offset
       JSR   (resload_LoadFile,A5)
    ;patch RatTDos
       LEA   (_addrlist,PC),A2
       LEA   (_addrlistptr,PC),A0
       MOVE.L   A2,(A0)
       MOVEA.L  (A2)+,A0
       MOVE.W   #$4EF9,(A0)+  ; replace with jump instruction
       PEA   (_loadfile_routine,PC)
       MOVE.L   (SP)+,(A0)
       MOVE.W   #$4E75,($148).L ; replace with jump instruction at RaTtDOS base + $10
       MOVEA.L  (A2)+,A0
       MOVE.W   #$4EF9,(A0)+ ; replace with jump instruction
       PEA   (_savegame_routine,PC)
       MOVE.L   (SP)+,(A0)
       MOVEA.L  (A2)+,A0
       MOVE.W   #$4EF9,(A0)+ ; replace with jump instruction
       PEA   (_unknown_routine,PC)
       MOVE.L   (SP)+,(A0)
       MOVEA.L  (A2)+,A0
       MOVE.W   #$4E75,(A0) ;replace with rts instruction
       MOVEA.L  (A2)+,A0
       MOVE.L   #$70004E75,(A0) ; move rts instruction 
       MOVEA.L  (A2)+,A0
       MOVE.W   #$4EF9,(A0)+ ; replace with jump instruction
       PEA   (_get_savedir_address,PC)
       MOVE.L   (SP)+,(A0)
       MOVEA.L  (A2)+,A0
       MOVE.W   #$4E75,(A0) ; replace with rts instruction
       MOVEA.L  (A2)+,A0
       MOVE.W   #$4E75,(A0) ; replace with rts instruction
       LEA   ($80000).L,A4 ; dir1_offset
       LEA   (-4,A4),SP
       MOVE.L   SP,USP
       LEA   ($138).L,A6
       MOVE.L   A6,(0).W
       MOVE.L   A6,(4).W
       ;stop dma channels, disable interrupts and interrupt requests
       LEA   (_custom).L,A5
       MOVE.W   #$7FFF,(dmacon,A5) 
       MOVE.W   #$7FFF,(intena,A5)
       MOVE.W   #$7FFF,(intreq,A5)
       ;Initalise interrupt autovectors
       ; Level 1 : $000000DC, level 2-7 : $000000D4
       MOVEQ #0,D0
       MOVEQ #0,D1
       MOVE.W   #$D4,D0
       MOVE.W   #$DC,D1
       LEA   ($64).W,A0
       MOVE.L   D1,(A0)+
       MOVEQ #5,D2
    .copyloop MOVE.L   D0,(A0)+
       DBRA  D2,.copyloop
    ;copy level 2-7 interrupt handler to address $000000D4 and copperlist to $000000DE
       LEA   ($D4).W,A0
       LEA   (_interrupt_handler,PC),A1
       MOVEQ #$14,D0
    .copyloop MOVE.L   (A1)+,(A0)+
       DBRA  D0,.copyloop
    ;set copperlist and jump to it
       MOVE.L   #$DE,(cop1lc,A5)
       CLR.W (copjmp1,A5)
    ;enable DMA and interrupts ($8380,$C070)
    ; RATtDOS calls, not examined further
       MOVEA.L  #$1138,A0
       LEA   (_rattdos_par,PC),A1
       JSR   ($68,A6)  ; RATtDOS $68
       MOVE.W   #15,D1
       JSR   (4,A6)  ; RaTtDOS $04
       LEA   (-$1570,A4),A0
       MOVE.L   A0,D0
       JSR   (8,A6)  ; RaTtDOS $08
       LEA   (-$4870,A4),A0
       MOVE.L   A0,D0
       JSR   (12,A6)  ; RaTtDOS $0C
       MOVEQ #6,D0
       JSR   ($74,A6)  ; RaTtDOS $74
       MOVEQ #4,D0
       MOVE.L   #$1384,D5
       MOVE.L   D5,D1
       JSR   ($6C,A6)  ; RaTtDOS $6C
       MOVE.L   D0,-(SP)
       TST.L D0
       BEQ.W _debug
       MOVEA.L  D0,A0
       MOVEM.L  (A0),D0/D2-D4/D6/D7/A1-A4
       LEA   (_bootfile_name,PC),A5 ; bootfile name
       MOVEQ #7,D5
    .copyloop MOVE.L   (A5)+,(A0)+
       DBRA  D5,.copyloop
       MOVEA.L  (SP),A0
       MOVE.L   D5,D1
       MOVEA.L  A0,A5
       MOVEA.L  A0,A1
       JSR   ($1C,A6)  ; RaTtDOS $1C
       MOVE.W   #$4EF9,($130,A0) ; replace with jump instruction
       PEA   (_push_functions,PC)
       MOVE.L   (SP)+,($132,A0)
       MOVE.W   #$4EF9,($1BC4).L ; replace with jump instruction
       PEA   (_patch_federation,PC)
       MOVE.L   (SP)+,($1BC6).L
    ;loader routine a0=address a1=filename 
    _loadfile_routine MOVEM.L  D1-D7/A0-A6,-(SP)
       EXG   A1,A0
       CMPI.B   #'S',(A0) ; is it a savegame
       BNE.W .loadfile
       BSR.W _alter_savegamename ; a0 = real name of savegame
       BSR.W _get_savegamesize ; d0 = size of file
       TST.L D0
       BMI.W .endload
    .loadfile ADDQ.L   #5,A0 ; Skip first 5 letters
       MOVEA.L  (_resload,PC),A2
       JSR   (resload_LoadFile,A2)
    .endload MOVEM.L  (SP)+,D1-D7/A0-A6
    ;savegame routine a0=address a1=filename
    _savegame_routine MOVEM.L  D1-D7/A0-A6,-(SP)
       EXG   A1,A0
       CMPI.B   #$53,(A0)
       BNE.W .endsave
       BSR.W _update_savedir
       BSR.W _alter_savegamename ; a0 = real name of savegame
       LEA   (5,A0),A0 ; skip first 5 characters
       EXG   D1,D0 ; d0 = file size
       MOVEA.L  (_resload,PC),A2
       JSR   (resload_SaveFile,A2)
       MOVEM.L  (SP)+,D1-D7/A0-A6
       MOVEQ #0,D0
    .endsave RTS
    ; a0= filename
    _update_savedir MOVEM.L  D0/D1/A0-A2,-(SP)
       MOVE.B   (5,A0),D0
       CMP.B #'8',D0
       BGT.W .largeid
       SUBI.B   #'1',D0 ; d0 = number of the save
       MOVE.L   #$18,D1
       BRA.W .calcpos
    .largeid SUBI.B   #$41,D0 ; d0: (Greater than '8')
       MOVEQ #0,D1
    .calcpos ANDI.L   #$FF,D0
       MULU.W   #$30,D0 ; d0 =  number of characters
       ADD.L D1,D0 ; +18$ if savegame <= '8' 
       MOVEA.L  (_expmem,PC),A2
       MOVEA.L  A2,A1 ; a1 = expmem
       ADDA.L   #$808BC,A2 ; savedir_offset + $BC, a2 = save games names
       ADDA.L   D0,A2 ; forward to right save
       MOVE.L   #0,(A2) ; zero previous entry
       MOVE.L   #0,(4,A2)
       MOVE.L   #0,(8,A2)
       MOVE.B   #0,(12,A2)
       ADDA.L   #5,A0 ; copy the name 
    .copyloop MOVE.B   (A0)+,D0
       BEQ.W .saveindex
       MOVE.B   D0,(A2)+
       BRA.W .copyloop
    .saveindex LEA   (_savedir_name,PC),A0
       ADDA.L   #$80800,A1 savedir offset address
       MOVE.L   #$400,D0 ; size
       MOVEA.L  (_resload,PC),A2
       JSR   (resload_SaveFile,A2)
       MOVEM.L  (SP)+,D0/D1/A0-A2
    _get_savedir_address MOVEA.L  (_expmem,PC),A0
       ADDA.L   #$80800,A0 ; savedir offset
    _unknown_routine MOVEM.L  D1-D7/A1-A6,-(SP)
       MOVEA.L  (_addrlistptr,PC),A3
       LEA   ($20,A3),A3
       MOVEA.L  (A3)+,A4
       MOVE.L   (_expmem,PC),D1
       ADDI.L   #$80000,D1 ; dir1 offset
       CMPI.B   #'S',(A0)
       BNE.W .notsavedir
       ADDI.L   #$800,D1 ; savedir offset - dir1 offset
       BRA.W .notdisk2
    .notsavedir CMPI.B   #$32,(4,A0)
       BNE.W .notdisk2
       ADDI.L   #$400,D1 ; dir2 offset - dir1 offset
    .notdisk2 MOVE.W   (A3)+,D0
       MOVE.L   D1,(A4,D0.W) ; disk number
       LEA   (5,A0),A0 ; filename
       MOVE.W   (A3)+,D0
       MOVE.L   A0,(A4,D0.W)
       MOVEA.L  (A3)+,A1
       JSR   (A1) ; function
       MOVE.W   (A3),D0
       MOVEA.L  (A4,D0.W),A0 ; result address ?
       MOVEQ #0,D0
       MOVEM.L  (SP)+,D1-D7/A1-A6
    _alter_savegamename CMPI.B   #'1',(5,A0)
       BLT.W .finished
       CMPI.B   #'8',(5,A0)
       BGT.W .finished
       MOVE.B   (5,A0),D0
       LEA   (_savegame_name,PC),A0
       MOVE.B   D0,(13,A0)
    .finished RTS
    ; Input a0= name of file
    ; Output d0= size of file
    _get_savegamesize MOVEM.L  A0/A1,-(SP)
       LEA   (5,A0),A0
       MOVEA.L  (_resload,PC),A2
       JSR   (resload_GetFileSize,A2)
       TST.L D0
       BNE.W .finished
       MOVEQ #-2,D0
    .finished MOVEM.L  (SP)+,A0/A1
    _push_functions MOVE.L   #$F857B3DF,-(SP)
       MOVE.L   #$1BB8,-(SP)
       MOVE.L   #$22D8,-(SP)
       MOVE.L   #$1BEC,-(SP)
       MOVE.L   #$1B5E,-(SP)
       MOVE.L   #$24BC,-(SP)
       MOVE.L   #$1B44,-(SP)
       MOVEM.L  D0-D7/A0-A6,-(SP)
       MOVEA.L  (_resload,PC),A2
       JSR   (resload_FlushCache,A2) ; Flush caches
       MOVEM.L  (SP)+,D0-D7/A0-A6
    _patch_federation MOVEM.L  D0-D7/A0-A6,-(SP)
       MOVE.L   #$F190,D0  ;1.4 $F0FE
       MOVE.W   #$602E,(A3,D0.L)  ;1.4 $6030
       MOVEM.L  (SP)+,D0-D7/A0-A6
       JSR   ($20,A3)
       BRA.W _debug
       MOVE.L   (_resload,PC),-(SP)
       ADDI.L   #resload_Abort,(SP)  ; address of resload_Abort
    _resload  dc.l 0    ;address of resident loader
    _rattdos_name dc.b 'RaTtDOS',0
    _knightdir1_name dc.b 'KnightDir1',0
    _knightdir2_name dc.b 'KnightDir2',0
    _savedir_name dc.b 'SaveDir',0
    _emptydir_name dc.b 'SaveDir.Empty',0
    _savegame_name dc.b 'SAVE:SaveGame0',0
    _bootfile_name dc.b 'fed1:fed_BootFile',0
    ; parameter list to RaTtDOS call $68
              dc.l $80FF0000
              dc.l $32320000
              dc.l $0
              dc.l $80000
              dc.l $0
              dc.l $80000
              dc.l $0
              dc.l $0
                move.w #$3FFF,_custom+intreq
       dc.w bplcon0,$0200 ; cmove $0200, bplcon0
       dc.w $02FF,$FFFE ; cwait 2,254
       dc.w color,$000D ; cmove $000D,color
       dc.w $51FF,$FFFE ; cwait 81,254
       dc.w color,$0008 ; cmove $0008,color
       dc.w $52FF,$FFFE ; wait 82,254
       dc.w color,$0004 ; cmove $0004,color
       dc.w $53FF,$FFFE ; wait 83,254
       dc.w color,$0000 ; cmove $0000,color
       dc.w $FCFF,$FFFE ; cwait 252,254
       dc.w color,$0004 ; cmove $0004,color
       dc.w $FDFF,$FFFE ; cwait 253,254
       dc.w color,$0008 ; cmove $0008,color
       dc.w $FEFF,$FFFE ; cwait 254,254
       dc.w color,$0004 ; cmove $0004,color
       dc.w $FDFF,$FFFE ; cwait 255,254
       dc.w color,$000F ; cmove $000F,color
       dc.w $FFFF,$FFFE ; cwait 255,254
       dc.l $00000000
       dc.l $0000024E
       dc.l $00000246
       dc.l $000002AE  ;1.4 $2AA
       dc.l $000007B2  ;1.4 $7BA
       dc.l $000003D6  ;1.4 $3DE
       dc.l $000002DA  ;1.4 $2D6
       dc.l $00000386  ;1.4 $38E
       dc.l $0000025A
       dc.l $000010AA ;1.4 10B0
       dc.w $0014
       dc.w $003A
       dc.l $00000414 ;1.4 $41C
       dc.w $004E
    ? file icon knightmare-test.asm (13,612 bytes) 2009-09-04 22:28 +



note ~0000916

Wepl (manager)

are you still interested to update the install?

note ~0001088

tomead (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-05-22 09:31

Not sure if I am a good enough programmer for that I am looking through RIXA`s modified slave and its works with my version which is 1.5. Install is for 1.4. Can confirm the changes that RIXA made do work. Just trying to rebuild the source using my disassembly and RIXA`s and do version check in the slave and patch as needed. I am also looking at the putty slave, as it doesnt support any of the 4 versions I have.

note ~0001103

Wepl (manager)

ok fine, I'm waiting then..

note ~0001427

tomead (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-09-04 22:28

Really dont know what to do with this so i am uploading my source, hopefully wepl can take a look at this

note ~0005710

tomead (reporter)

Jeff you can use the old slave above to support the 1.5 version. as had a few changes from RIXA and me to support version 1.5.

note ~0005712

JOTD (developer)

ah the source was found! good. I'll merge my changes.

note ~0009317

tomead (reporter)

Current slave still doesn't support game version 1.5, which is a mindscape classic version. Changes need to support in test slave attached above in 2009

note ~0009348

tomead (reporter)

Uploaded wwarp images to EAB Zone. Must of missed request for disk images in 2018 !

note ~0010191

CFOU (developer)

try v1.1

note ~0010564

tomead (reporter)

version 2.1 does not support knightmare version 1.5 disks. Imager work correctly, but slave report unsupported version.

note ~0010565

CFOU (developer)

i'll try to support this version in some week.

Ps: I will do some updates in early August if all goes well.

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