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0000684Wizkid[All Projects] Generalpublic2004-05-24 17:322018-11-08 21:21
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CPU68020 + 68851
GFXCardPicasso IV
ChipMem1 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0000684: Wizkid: Help! I'm not having any luck installing this using WinUAE. When I
DescriptionInstall: Wizkid (Sensible Software) http://whdload.de/games/Wizkid.html
GameVersion: english,pal,2 disks
SlaveVersion: 1.0 from 20.05.2000

Help! I'm not having any luck installing this using WinUAE. When I start the install script I get some errors about an IF statement but I ignore those and it seems to work ok after that. I get to the black screen saying it's going to be "sloooow" and I press the LMB. There's a weird "decruncing" pattern on the left side of the screen and not much else going on.
I leave it for 20 mins and nothing appears to have happened :(
I have an Athlon XP 2800+ with 1GB of DDR, I'm sure my PC is up to the task of emulating the install, but it just seems to hang there seemingly forever! :(
It'd be quicker to download the raw files myself! :/
Is there something wrong or should it really take 10 mins on Sector 01??
Thanks for any information! I'm dying to reply this game with FAST loading instead of my A500 emulation!
- John Walker
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2018-11-08 21:20   
Fixed in V1.2, completely new install script is used now.

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2009-04-10 00:32administratorMachine => UAE
2009-04-10 00:32administratorCPU => 68020 + 68851
2009-04-10 00:32administratorCPUSpeed => 14
2009-04-10 00:32administratorChipSet => AGA
2009-04-10 00:32administratorGFXCard => Picasso IV
2009-04-10 00:32administratorChipMem => 1 MB
2009-04-10 00:32administratorFastMem => 16MB
2009-04-10 00:32administratorWorkbench => OS 3.9
2009-04-10 00:32administratorKickROM => 40 - Kick 3.1
2009-04-10 00:32administratorKickSoft => None
2009-04-10 00:32administratorWHDLoad => 15.1
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