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Summary0006355: When you create a character and then use the F10 special key to quit the game,

When you create a character and then use the F10 special key to quit the game, the character's gold is all lost. I've tried Bard's Tale WHDLoad release 1.2 and 1.4 both PAL and NTSC versions, and all have the same issue.
To reproduce the issue: Start the game, create a new character, add the character to the party, click on the character to show their stats, and you'll see that they start with around 150 gold. Then press F10 to quit the game, restart it, re-add the character you created, view their stats, and you'll see that they now have zero gold. The result is the same whether you enter the city or not. If you manually exit the game through the game menu instead of using F10, then their gold is correctly saved.
Bard's Tale 2 does not have this problem. Bard's Tale 3 does not seem to start characters with any gold, so I wasn't able to quickly test if it has this issue.
Note that I can't correctly answer all the questions on this form because I don't know enough about the Amiga. I'm using an FPGA running a port of Minimig (Turbo Chameleon 64).
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related to 0005960assigned StingRay Remove "anti-cheat" mechanic regarding gold 
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2023-12-29 12:35   
This is game design, not a bug. I did request a trainer option awhile back to work around this http://mantis.whdload.de/view.php?id=5960

I recommend creating AmigaDOS script to backup your character files after you save/quit to prevent total gold loss if the party dies.

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