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0005593ReshootR[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-04-19 13:002022-04-20 09:44
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem128 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.2
KickROM47 - Kick 3.2
Summary0005593: Reshoot-R hangs on a black screen on my A1200 if the machine was booted with my
DescriptionGameVersion: Download LHA
SlaveVersion: 20.10.2019 22:46:58

Reshoot-R hangs on a black screen on my A1200 if the machine was booted with my 3com PCMCIA Ethernet adapter connected. I have to press F10, remove the network card, and start the game again. To be clear, this is with the networking stack never having been started. Other games that hang the entire machine with the network active, like Virocop AGA, start fine in the same situation Reshoot-R hangs at a black screen. Also note the entire machine isn't hung: F10 still quits.
If I connect the network adapter after the machine has booted, the game starts, even if I've started and subsequently stopped the networking stack during that session. I don't really understand that.
The hang doesn't happen if I run the game outside of WHDLoad. And again, since I've either already stopped the network interface or I never started it in the first place, I'm not sure how I can work around it myself in software. It also still hangs even with no network cable connected to the PCMCIA adapter.
Another note: it might be nice to set the PAL tooltype by default. The game hangs on a black screen without it on NTSC Amigas.
Thanks for any help or ideas!
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2022-04-20 09:44   
Please use option TRACE in both cases (working/not working).
This will create the file .whdl_trace. Please upload/attach it to this issue.

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