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0005022KingsQuestEnhanced[WHDLoad Installs Games] OCSpublic2021-02-17 21:342021-03-14 21:12
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM46 - Kick 3.1.4
Summary0005022: Game breaks if I try to save, see attached screenshot
DescriptionStock A600, 2MB chip 8MB fast, no slow ram.

If I try to save I get this error (screenshot).
I also get this error on SpaceQuest Enchanced Whd install.

I tried some other games, whd installs and saving works.
- Loom
- Fascination
- Fate Of Atlantis
- Beneath a steel sky

Everything on this amiga is latest, latest OS, latest WHDload, latest retroplay whdload pack.
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has duplicate 0005021closed JOTD Game breaks if I try to save, see attached screenshot 
Attached Filesjpg KingsQuestEnch.jpg (111,153) 2021-02-17 21:34

zip KingsQuestEnhanced.zip (3,225) 2021-02-17 21:40
jpg KingSlave.jpg (102,268) 2021-02-17 22:08

2021-02-17 21:41   
can you test the attached slave?
2021-02-17 22:08   
I just did. Crash again, here you go, photo attached.
2021-02-19 22:40   
Hello, anything I can do to test further?
2021-02-20 20:09   
One more fact. I get same error on "begin game" screen, if I select "Continue game" button.
I read on your http://www.whdload.de/games/KingsQuestEnhanced.html
 - saves redirected to "save" directory

I did not see that directory within game folder, so I created one, but game behaves the same.
2021-02-20 23:07   
got it fixed here. I'll release it later
2021-03-12 21:26   
Fix did solve game breaking while opening load/save window.
However, I tried to save and I get black screen with regular flashing of HDD led, and Monitor.

As it tries to save game, but does not succeeds.
Also, F10 which is my quit whdload key set on A600, stops responding at that moment, only thing I can do is to reboot amiga
2021-03-12 21:43   
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ah that will be OS swaps. If game writes with very small data chunks it can be a real pain.

That's a different issue. Not too difficult to fix. But should need another mantis ticket. Anyway, I'll try to fix it.

2021-03-13 22:30   
fixed it in 1.3
2021-03-14 20:38   
Just wanted to add few comments.
Saving game works now, it takes few seconds to start, then 4 screen blinks, in between 4 HDD led blinks.
But it saves OK and it Restores game fine. Good work.

Interesting, I use ClassicWB. I run WHDLOAD form workbench and game saved OK.
But ClassicWB have some sort of early boot menu (holding right click) which enables you to run whdload without loading full OS (less hungry for resources).
Anyway, I tried to restore game there and I got this message (within the game):
"This game was saved under a different interpreter. It cannot be restored."
I do not know if this is related to the game save procedure or whdload itself. However, I wanted to report that.

P.S. There is a same issue with game crashing on Space Quest Enchanced. I might open other issue for that if needed.

Kind regards.
2021-03-14 20:51   
it's very surprising. The savegames are probably seen as corrupt... I won't be able to do something here, not a problem with the slave, possibly whdload or os config lacking patches.... if you have a config where you can play, stick to it.

You may want to try save then restore from early boot menu too. See what happens.

Don't hesitate to open a separate bug for SQ enhanced
2021-03-14 21:01   
Thanks. If you save on early boot, and you restore it when starting whdload under full Workbench, it works. Strange.

But thanks for the support, lets mark this issue resolved.

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