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0004702NinjaWarriors[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2020-05-27 21:462020-06-02 15:22
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WorkbenchOS 2.1
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Summary0004702: No ingame music
DescriptionAll the youtbue longplay show two musics that can be played while playing but there is no ingame music here.
First of all, it would be nce to have music by default as here we have to press M to activate music on title screen. But even when music is activated on title screen, no ingame music. Really sad as ingame music are one of the better points of this game :-)
And a quitkey on 68000 would be nice too.
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2020-06-02 13:15   
Those Youtube videos are misleading because I'm sure they have been editted to add the music in game when in reality it only plays on the into screen. I even tried it on my A500 with ADF files and no music in game!
2020-06-02 15:22   
Of course I tried with ADF and IPF too and didn't heard ingame music. But if it's a fake on youtube videos, so almost everybody that had made a video about Ninja Warriors edited it to fake ingame music. And if it's right, it means that John Croudy and Ronald Pieket Weeserik that made other great game (SWIV, Rodland, Saint Dragon) conversions, including ingame musics, decided here to compose two musics just for title screen.
In addition, if you look in instruction manual, you can see that a key permits to swap music on/off during introduction while for ST another key permit to switch SFX on/off, clearly meaning that if on ST they SFX, on Amiga we had musics (but without SFX I suppose)
But as these games seem to use lot of tricks, maybe ability to play music ingame depend on a specific memory configuration.

Well, lot of clues that let hope to find something if somebody have a search about that in the code to activate music while playing.

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