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0004689IkariWarriors[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2020-05-21 10:572021-04-05 21:59
ReporterRobert Miles 
Assigned ToStingRay 
PlatformOSOS Version
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem128 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM45 - Kick 3.1.4
KickSoft45 - Kick 3.1.4
Summary0004689: Ikari Warriors freezes in NTSC with timing fix enabled
DescriptionWith version 2.0 of slave, a timing fix was added to stabilize the game speed. This works great in PAL, but when run in NTSC the game stops at the point where the first enemy soldier would normally appear. Does not occur if timing fix is disabled.

This is a minor issue, as it runs as expected in PAL. However, there is a reasonable use case for running in NTSC, as the game only uses the NTSC display area, plays at a different rate of speed (perhaps even the intended speed) and is otherwise compatible with NTSC timing. It appears to have at least been designed to be NTSC and PAL market compatible, perhaps even NTSC native.
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch Ikari Warriors with timing fix enabled, with NTSC tooltype.
2. From title screen, start game with 1 key

After game start plane crash animation, the game playfield screen appears, Player is spawned and automatically advances up the screen for approx. 5 seconds. At this point, the first enemy soldier would appear at the top of the screen, and control is turned over to the player. However, gameplay freezes at this point. The music continues to play, and the quitkey still functions.
Additional InformationTested on:
A1200 original 68020 + fastram
A1200 68030 55mhz + fastram
A500 68030 50mhz + fastram + 2MB chip
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2021-04-05 21:59   
I have changed the timing fix to work on NTSC and PAL machines in V2.01 of the patch.

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