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0004440HighwayHawks[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-04-01 21:292024-06-22 11:05
Reporterchristoph gleisberg 
Assigned ToJOTD 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem16 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0004440: The games brings graphic errors while playing / freezes
Descriptiongame freeze each time sudently when the cars stay behind a truck on 1st Level.
I Fact, the scenery of the road continues to move forward but the music freeze and the car is no longer controllable.
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Attached Files? .whdl_register (27,028) 2020-08-19 16:32
? -2.whdl_register (59,223) 2024-06-19 16:47
? .whdl_log (6,321) 2024-06-19 16:48
zip HighwayHawks.zip (2,075) 2024-06-22 10:50
? -2.whdl_log (15,774) 2024-06-22 11:04
? -3.whdl_register (62,988) 2024-06-22 11:05

2020-08-17 11:04   
I had a fix that I didn't release. Can you test this new slave?
christoph gleisberg   
2020-08-17 16:19   
sorry to say but nothing's changed :(
The background and the cars has graphicproblems and the game crashes a few seconds after I started to play.
2020-08-17 22:17   
okay, but I can't reproduce it with winuae with the fastest cpu speed...
christoph gleisberg   
2020-08-18 05:42   
I made a core dump, may this can help?


Please let me know :)
2020-08-18 08:20   
************************* 01-Jan-78 00:01:32 ************************18.5.5948***
Slave='HighwayHawks.slave' (2004 bytes)
Resload 7F6A000 - 7F71D2C ( 32044) at 7F6A000 GL=$7FF4000
Slave 7FFD000 - 7FFD7B0 ( 1968) at 7FFD000 BaseMemSize=$80000
ExpMem 7F73000 - 7FF3000 ( 524288) at 7F73000
attn=7F(40,82) fc=-1 kn=20872 cs=19C8 rw=0 zpt=-1 ep=0 ei=0

Exception "Access Fault" ($7008) PC = $7FBA8C6 (ExpMem $478C6) Word Read from

$07fba894 add.w d0,($14,a0) ;$07fc965c
$07fba898 move.w ($12,a0),d0 ;$07fc965a
$07fba89c add.w d0,d0
$07fba89e lea ($7fba93a),a1
$07fba8a4 move.w (0,a1,d0.w),d2 ;$0200e877
$07fba8a8 move.l ($3c,a0),a1 ;$07fc9684
$07fba8ac move.w ($3a,a0),d0 ;$07fc9682
$07fba8b0 lsl.w #2,d0
$07fba8b2 jsr ($7ffd74a)
$07fba8b8 ori.b #??$3c,d4
$07fba8bc dc.w $007f
$07fba8be sub.w ($1a,a0),d1 ;$07fc9662
$07fba8c2 mulu d2,d1
$07fba8c4 swap d1
$07fba8c6 add.w ($e,a1),d1 ;$0200e87d
$07fba8ca neg.w d1
$07fba8cc addi.w #$7f,d1
$07fba8d0 move.w d1,($1a,a0) ;$07fc9662
$07fba8d4 move.w ($c,a1),d1 ;$0200e87b
$07fba8d8 lsr.w #1,d1
$07fba8da sub.w d1,($14,a0) ;$07fc965c
$07fba8de bset #3,(2,a0) ;$07fc964a
$07fba8e4 bne.w $7fba7c8
$07fba8e8 jsr ($7fbc962)
$07fba8ee suba.l #4,a2
$07fba8f4 rts
$07fba8f6 move.l a2,-(a7) ;$07fb4472
$07fba8f8 jsr ($7fba908)
$07fba8fe move.l (a7)+,a2 ;$07fb4472

exception stackframe:
$07FF2FC4 000807FB A8C67008 07FF3000 05410001 00410041 0200E87D 07FB446E 07FBA8BA
$07FF2FE4 0000BBFC 00DFF000 07FC1EE6 00000031 07FBB7FA 001107FB 93180070
regular stack:
$07FB4472 07FBA79A 07FBB3C2 07FB7DD6 07FFD5EC 07FFD228 00000001 00000000 00000000
$07FB4492 D5D5D5D5 FFFFFFFF D7D7D7D7 FFFFFFFF 07F9B6EE 00001558 07FB44B6 07FB3276
$07FB44B2 07F9B5CC 07FB3276 00000000 300007F8 E60807F7 449807F7 449E07F7 44AE07F7
$07FB44D2 44B407F9 E44407FB 76BE07F9 E2C207FB 07FB452A 07FB4526 070007F9 B3FA07FB
$07FB44F2 451207FB 07FB6AA4 07FB7730 00090000 000000FF 00000000 0000E7E8 00060200
2020-08-18 08:21   
can you try with EXPCHIP see what happens?
christoph gleisberg   
2020-08-19 05:39   
Tried now with "expchip" but it also crashed with the same problem.
2020-08-19 10:55   
I have attached a full chip slave. Please send the .whdl_register file, I'll be able to match the addresses.
christoph gleisberg   
2020-08-19 16:32   
Here is the file you wanted made with your new slave.
Pascal De Maeseneire   
2020-08-20 01:52   
Trying to help, I tried the latest Slave 1.1 Debug on my 2 Amiga types.
There are some graphics issues with this latest version.
on my Amigas there is a superposition of images at the level of the buildings with the image flashing during the race and even in the short presentation with the skull ...
On my A500ACA500PLUS while I was racing the screen suddenly went black with a complete loss of the video signal and I had to reboot to get a video signal with the workbench.
On my A1200 (GVP Turbo+2 68030+FPU @40 Mhz with 32 MB) same graphics problems and then suddenly a return to the workbench with a WDHLOAD error message ...
But with Your previous Slave 1.0 and 1.1 (December 2007),
the game seems to works correctly on my 2 Amigas without any graphics problems & without any errors messages ...
These are my observations,
Best regards,
2020-08-21 10:28   
new beta slave attached (for blitter waits)

Access faults may remain, but it could fix the graphical errors.
christoph gleisberg   
2020-08-21 17:52   
Wow, that's really cool, the graphic errors are over and the crashes also. I played the first level complete and it worked, but in the second level the game suddently had a kind of freeze. I was driving on a straight lane and suddently the street moved on while the car and other cars in the game freezed.
Pascal De Maeseneire   
2020-08-21 21:56   
Sorry but for myself, same graphics problems with some superposition of images with the image flashing during the race (high of the screen) and even in the short presentation with the skull ...
For myself Your Skave 1.1 from 2007 works on my both Amiga systems...
Best Regards,
2020-08-21 22:16   
@Pascal check with EXPCHIP for instance. Because there's no reason why my changes would have broken something

@christoph is your machine really a A4000/040/AGA?
Pascal De Maeseneire   
2020-08-22 00:48   
Sorry for delay to answer You,

Yes these Tooltypes works
EXPCHIP for My A1200 (GVP TURBO+II 60830 @40Mhz + FPU AND 32MB RAM)
EXPLocal for My A500ACA500PLUS (68000 @14 Mhz WITH 7MB RAM).
Both resolves graphics problems on game on my both Amiga(s) except on intro with Skull (flashing).
But on my both systems on 1st stage sudently when the car stay behind a truck the game freeze and I need to press my Quitkey ($46) to return to workbench because I can't continue to play...the sound freeze too...
With Your initial Slave 1.1 from 2007 tooltypes were not necessary, no graphics problems were presents (intro + in game) on my both systems.
Under WINUAE Without any ToolTypes graphics problems are the same (WINUAE 4.4.0 64Bit)WHDLOAD 16.6
Sorry to report that....Because I really appreciate Your Works for WHDLOAD community...
Best Regards,
Pascal De Maeseneire   
2020-08-22 00:56   
I just retry under WINUAE with toolType EXPCHIP (0S3.5)...
but full graphics problems before sudently a game exit with a message Error :
Exception "Illegal Instruction" (S10) at $E4AE (Task 'exec.library') Occured.
christoph gleisberg   
2020-08-22 04:27   
Yes it's really a A4000 with AGA.
2020-08-22 09:34   
@Pascal I think that's because I set CACHE in chip. Try just with NOCACHE. I'll rollback this change.
2020-08-22 11:11   
attached a new version. If you can test...
Pascal De Maeseneire   
2020-08-22 22:02   
I Just finish to test Your latest Slave on my Both systems.
Without ToolType EXPCHIP on A1200 or EXPLOCAL on A500 and WITHOUT NOCACHE.
Graphics problems seems not presents on both systems but the game freeze each time sudently when the cars stay behind a truck on 1st Level.
I Fact, the scenery of the road continues to move forward but the music freeze and the car is no longer controllable.
for the intro of the game with the different screens and the skull I really prefer the result of the slave 1.1 from 2007.
Sorry to repeat that but the result of Your Slave 1.1 from 2007 is really better for me...
Maybe others players can try it.
Best Regards,
christoph gleisberg   
2020-08-26 05:17   
Hey Guys,

I also have the freezes but all other problems are gone.

Best Reguards,
2020-08-30 23:06   
Chris you must have an early version/a buggy version of the graphics chip where blitterwait is slightly buggy.

Some games are using a non-compliant blitterwait and it fails on some machines.

Crazy Cars III had the same issue.

I'm going to investigate the freezes now.
christoph gleisberg   
2020-08-31 05:16   
But I have to say you did great work cause the only problem I have with your latest installer are the freezes, so I think you will get the problem done.
christoph gleisberg   
2021-04-20 17:35   
Hi there :)
do you get any new results about this problem?

Best reguards,
2021-04-20 17:47   
(Last edited: 2021-04-20 17:49)
i will try last beta and v1.1 (2007) slaves on blizzard 060 to compare (at the end of the week, if i have free time)

With change i will can reproduction your freeze when the cars stay behind a truck on 1st Level...
I might have ideas to help Jeff to correct your problem

2021-04-20 17:56   
(Last edited: 2021-04-20 17:58)
perhaps a code like:
       btst #6,$2(Ax)
       bne waitblt

cause freeze if for an obscure reason Ax register have not DFF000 value all time.
(by example if Ax not restored at the end of an interrupts code??)
ps:I already had this problem in the past...

christoph gleisberg   
2021-04-20 17:57   
With the installer that is at this time online I also get an access fault. That's the files I've sent to you.
2021-04-20 18:00   
Christoph, can you confirme that you are not the freeze and/or crash with v1.1? I am not sure to have understand well..
christoph gleisberg   
2021-04-20 18:19   
That's correct. With the first installer I got access faults and graphic errors, with V1.1 they were fixed but the game freezes on level 2 with V1.1
2021-04-20 18:30   
(Last edited: 2021-04-20 18:36)
       btst #6,$2(Ax)
       bne waitblt

isn't the proper way to wait for blitter anyway. you have to perform a first btst before the loop (some machines can fail seeing bbusy)

There may be issues with dma audio missing delays. Attached a new slave and also changed the blitwaits to use absolute custom address as cfou! suggestion (that's a vicious issue!!)

2021-04-20 21:44   
The first custom chip access for the blitter wait (doesn't have to be btst, can be a simple tst.b $dff002 too for example) is only needed when DMA load is high (5 bitplanes or more) and machine has a very old Agnus installed. It shouldn't make any difference for the majority of cases where a blitter wait is needed if the first access is not done.
christoph gleisberg   
2024-06-19 16:48   
Uploaded some new logs with version 1.2
2024-06-21 07:57   
the access fault fixes were wrong. Can you try the new attached version?
christoph gleisberg   
2024-06-22 05:35   
I can only see the HighwayHawks-2.zip (2,054 Bytes) 2021-04-20 18:36 this one is the one I tried and with that I have theese access faults.
2024-06-22 10:51   
I have put the file now. (HighwayHawks.zip)
christoph gleisberg   
2024-06-22 11:04   
Thanks for uploading the new version.
I tried it but it gave another "access fault" error. I put the logs in the attachment.

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