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0004176Cadaver[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2019-08-07 20:222019-08-09 19:50
ReporterSolo Kazuki 
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem128 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0004176: Cadaver joypad control?
DescriptionIn short: Joypad control should be nice, at least remap [SPACE].

Additionally, is possible to remap jump to other button for nicer control?
Tags2nd button, CD32 contols, support 2nd fire button
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2019-08-08 23:40   
I propose an alternate set of controls if I can adapt it

- fire => space
- 2nd button => jump
- yellow: hide ("H" key)
- green: return (full inventory)
- rev: load
- fwd: save
- play: esc

something like this.
Solo Kazuki   
2019-08-09 16:20   
I was thinking about split fire/1st button functions, fire is both jump and using. In this case which i mention "H" key is useless and is possible jumping with active item to use.

But in this case which You mention, there is no need remap first button (jump and use) to second button.

It should be:
- fire = fire (jump/use)
- 2nd button = space

Also "F1" key (map) remap to button will be nice
2019-08-09 17:17   
ah F1, yes of course!

jumping with active item is a good idea, would require more than just remapping.

I would remap jump to 2nd button no matter what if it is possible. Fire is just "use". Less confusing IMHO.

But I'll see if I can benefit for 2nd button (and no joypad) and different options.
Solo Kazuki   
2019-08-09 18:01   
Yes, i meant 1st button for use and 2nd for jump in case of splitting. Sorry for not be precise, i also think that "use" is main function for 1st button.
Solo Kazuki   
2019-08-09 18:18   
(Last edited: 2019-08-09 19:50)
So in summary, if splitting of fire function is possible it will be something like this?

1st button => use
2nd button => jump
yellow => [SPACE] (item options)
blue => [RETURN] (full inventory)
rev or fwd => [F1] (map
play => [P] (pause/unpause)

Remember that there is more keys:

RETURN Displays the whole rucksack. When pressed a second time, it
             returns you to the small rucksack display.
SPACE BAR Displays a single item from the rucksack. When pressed a
             second time it returns you to the main game.
CURSOR KEYS Zoom In/Out of the map
DEL Centre the map display
S Save the game position(only available if you have enough money)
L Load a saved game position
H Toggles a held object on and off
P Toggles Pause/UnPause
C Clear all game messages from screen
F1 Map
F2 Toggles between using fire or ENTER to access icons
F3 Toggles between icon displayed as soon as you make contact
             with object, or after first pressing the fire button.
F4 Toggles between moving in 8 directions or moving in 4
0-9 Numeric Save/Load a game after the appropriate key has been pressed.

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