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0003703SwordOfSodan[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2017-07-08 17:482017-08-08 22:32
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0003703: Sword of Sodan - Crashes before Highscore Screen in Game over & intro
DescriptionUsing FS UAE, I encountered a problem with Sword of Sodan whdload vs.
It was confirmed that it was reproducable by the guys at openretrogames database.

The game freezes at the joystick instruction screen or at Game Over screen, the hall of fame / highscore screen isn't loaded, seems broken and causes a full crash, coercing hard reset (ao every time you loose your last life, you have to reset emulator & you have to push fire before the joystick screen to be able to start game. The demo after the highscore screen never gets shown in this version. ADF versions run rine on the same emulation system & settings
Steps To ReproduceCan be reproduced in all WHDload-compatible A500+/A600//A1200 settings, none of them removed highscore crash bug in FS UAE. With same settings

Additional InformationHighscore can't be saved, demo doesn't play, hard reset and reboot UAE is needed every time you loose your last life, some original cheats can't be used because they need to be implemented in the highscore screen.
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Attached Files? SworOfSodan11.lha (1,165) 2017-08-07 20:41

2017-07-29 19:06   
Hiscores saves and demo play work here (a1260).

I could update the slave, have you tried NOCACHE option ?
2017-07-30 03:07   
Hi, thanks for the reply. No, NOCACHE didn't work. SoS still freezes at the joystick screen. Worked neither on my FS-UAE emulator nor on the guy's computer I am in contact with at openretro, who is trying this on a real amiga 4000/040. I think there must be something wrong, and it shouldn't be just an emulation issue.
2017-07-30 15:25   
I couldn't get the game to progress after i lost all lives here in fs-uae, the game showed the 'cloud game over screen' and played music but didn't progress in any keyboard key (including the fire key that was working fine in gameplay). The game does say it uses joystick so maybe something gets screwed up on the config.

Protip, if you want to die more quickly, the second level has some repeating traps. Just kill the 3 spearmen and advance.
2017-07-30 15:28   
Actually the can't get to progress thing also seems to happen if you wait the long while until you get to the joystick help picture after all the intro. It's also a kind of slow game.
2017-07-30 16:38   
The music in the intro sequence plays a bit weirdly for me, too, slight crackle here and there in the FS-UAE emulator with all pre-configs. Tested this on two different laptop with FS-UAE installs, but the other guy couldn't notice it on his set.
2017-07-31 22:52   
Well, the game is apparently demanding of hardware accuracy because the preset on the fs-uae-launcher (from the openretro database) is accuracy 'high'. If you lower it down, it gets much smoother and less crackly to me... as long as you can even hear the music that is...
2017-08-01 18:45   
I,ll try that, thanks.
2017-08-07 20:43   
Attached a new slave.

I've updated it, it will check for unsupported version.

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