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0003393TennisChamps[WHDLoad Installs Games] slavepublic2016-03-04 06:302016-08-25 04:54
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ChipMem2 MB
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WorkbenchOS 2.1
KickROM37 - Kick 2.0
Summary0003393: Game too slow on my machine
DescriptionGame is running too slow on my A600 68k. When there's a point and the ball stops moving, the game runs at the correct speed, but as soon as the ball is moving again, it feels like it's running at half the speed.

Also please add 68k quit key
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Attached Files? TennisChamps.slave (4,224) 2016-08-21 12:57

2016-08-21 12:57   
Could you test the attached slave ?
2016-08-21 15:45   
When the first set are going to start the screen turns black and freezes.

Quitkey works fine though.

Tested on Winuae with 68000 config.
2016-08-24 03:52   
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Tested it, got a "DOS-ERROR 205 (object not found) on readin "ramos1.3" " error.

Didn't even load, got a black screen, then this error. Never saw this specific error before.

EDIT: Please just ignore this and read the below comment, sorry about the mess up.

2016-08-24 04:09   
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OH MY GOD I am so stupid, I am really, really, really sorry. My problem was with the game SUPER TENNIS CHAMPS, not TENNIS CHAMPS, didn't realize those were two different games! I Am terribly sorry.

Anyway, not all is lost. The older slave of Tennis Champs had the behaviour Retrogamer described... black screen frozen after choosing characters.

With your new attached slave, the game loads and plays properly. Still F10 didn't quit the game, and also it has the *same* problem of Super Tennis Champs (guess its running on the same engine): the game is notoriously slower than it should be (Or at least judging by videos of the game, since I had never played this before.. videos on Youtube shows a much faster game than the one I just played on my A600)

2016-08-25 04:52   
(Last edited: 2016-08-25 04:54)
Ok, I am SORRY, REALLY REALLY sorry again. I got things mixed up last night.

Psygore, your new slave IS working, speed issues corrected and F10 quit key working on 68k.

But the game freezes when you choose Ayrton as a character. This was happening in the old slave and it's also happening with your new slave. That's what I got before and probably what Retrogamer got before. Choose Ayrton and the game just freezes at a black screen before starting the match. (F10 key to quit still works though)

I don't know if it happens with other characters (may test it if you want it), but I can guarantee 100% (and repeat it) that the games does freeze when you choose Ayrton.

Also, whatever you did here probably needs to be done with Super Tennis Champs too, as it also suffers with the slowdown problem. Do you want me to open a new bug request for that or there's no need?

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