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0003311SecondSamurai[WHDLoad Installs Games] AGApublic2015-11-24 10:182019-09-10 16:41
ReporterSolo Kazuki 
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CPU68020 + 68851
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem32 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.0
KickROM39 - Kick 3.0
Summary0003311: Second Samurai 2/3 button support

Is there possiblity to map [SHIFT] (weapon change) to additional button?

(optional) And is there possiblity to map jump to button?
Tags2nd button, CD32 Controls, support 2nd fire button
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Hungry Horace   
2017-01-02 13:35   
(Last edited: 2017-01-02 13:37)
I have received a request from a UAE4ARM user for 'removal' of keyboard controls. I see this is sort of requested here, so don't want to do anything if it's already worked on, but just to note from looking into the manual there is more than just the shift key to consider. Some assumes controls are included in brackets.

C and V - adjust volume of music (RWD / FWD)
Left Shift - player one weapons (Blue - port 1)
Right Shift - player two weapons (Blue - port 0)
ESC - abort game (hold down) - ( RWD + FWD + Play )
P - Pause (Play)
Help - display help (Yellow)

This leaves room for 'Green' to Jump, and then even an option (CUSTOMX=2) to 'swap' green/blue for the users preference (as with Midnight Resistance)


Solo Kazuki   
2019-09-10 16:41   
Is there any progress?

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