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0002635Absolute_Musication[All Projects] Generalpublic2012-10-28 19:182015-11-24 18:19
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CPU68060 + PPC
GFXCardCyberVision 64/3D
ChipMem2 MB
FastMem144 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0002635: cannot install from image file because install script contains hardcoded
DescriptionGameVersion: as noted in the readme
SlaveVersion: only one

cannot install from image file because install script contains hardcoded df0:
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2012-10-28 20:44   
(Last edited: 2012-10-28 21:06)
I read you don't want a report of this but the solution is easy:
line 191:

(source ("%s:" #AD_Disk))

2012-11-11 18:53   
No, it's not that easy, I wasted more than 1 hour before giving up and using hard-coded df0: value. The disk name contains spaces and I found no way to make the installer handle that correctly, I of course tried the "%s" thing. Disk name is "Absolute! Musication Vol.1" and the installer doesn't handle it for whatever reason, it always fails when trying to lock the disk. Which is why I used "df0:" in the end and added the note about not reporting this as bug.
2014-01-05 16:38   
I have updated this patch today and also adapted the install script to not use hardcoded "df0:" value anylonger, the installer still fails to lock the disk for a reason I can't figure out so I'm now using "P_AskDiskDev" to request the disk which is still somewhat ugly but better than using the hardcoded value.
2014-01-05 17:08   
thanks :)
2015-11-24 18:18   
Well, the install script annoyed me so much that I finally coded a RawDIC imager for this demo. :) All data will now be saved using RawDIC and the install script has been updated. Additionally the patch now uses WHDLoad v17+ features (config) and the PowerPacker decruncher has been slightly optimised too.

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