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0002493SimCity[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-08-30 13:592024-05-18 11:18
Assigned ToGalahadFLT 
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ChipMem1 MB
FastMem8 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0002493: Unable to save game

I am facing a recurring problem here and it happens always.
I own both SimCity 512K and 1.2 versions, the problem happens with both.

Every time I try to save my city I get the following message:
Unable to write: "City Name"

Whether it is new city or loaded city it happens.

I tried several tooltypes already like NOCACHE, NOFILECACHE, tried with and without PRELOAD, but got no luck.

I also tried to reproduce this using WinUAE with same settings and it happens too.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new city or load one.
Try to save it.
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2011-08-30 14:07   
I thought my detailed HW specs would appear here but it seems nope, so I give them to you:

A500 (Board 6A) with 68010P10 CPU
1 MB Chipmem (512K expansion turned to chipmem)
8 MB Fastmem (SupraRAM 500RX expansion)
Full ECS upgraded (SuperDenise inside)
CFIDE68K adapter with 4GB CF card
KickROM 3.1 r40.63

Please also note my CF card contains 2 equal sized partitions, one FFS for System and one PFS3 for Datas, but the error happens whether I run the game from System or Datas (Maxtransfer already set to 0x1FE00)
2011-09-04 14:31   
I can confirm this. Same savegame problem with SimCity 1.2 on my machine:

ACA1230-28 (with MMU), 64 MiB Fastmem
4 GiB CF Card via IDE-CF adapter, PFS 15.4 Filesystem
OS 3.9

WHDLoad 17.0.5139
2014-01-19 02:42   
And also confirming here. A1200, ACA1231/42MHz/64MB,WHDLoad17.1

I see this report is 3½ years old, so I guess this wont be fixed :(
2014-01-19 14:58   

I updated to WHDLoad 17.2, the issue still remains.

The only workaround I found now is to directly start the game without using WHDLoad, saving works but game will ask to enter city name/population, and sometimes it crashes on exit.
2022-11-10 04:53   
Saving is still broken in 2022 with WHDLoad 18.8. Funny thing that with GenericKick.slave saving works just fine.
2022-11-10 06:34   
Clarification: GenericKick13 is unable to save, same as the official slave, but with GenericKick31 saving works.
2024-05-18 11:18   
Just giving this a nudge. Still not fixed in 2024. Anyone willing to give it a go?

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