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0001828DoubleDragon2[All Projects] Generalpublic2008-01-30 23:022017-11-20 16:41
ReporterMikael Arling 
Assigned ToStingRay 
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem64 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0001828: Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge: The installer suddenly pops up with a requester
DescriptionInstall: Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge (Virgin) http://whdload.de/games/DoubleDragon2.html
GameVersion: english, 1 disks, (Don't know if is a PAL or NTSC version)
SlaveVersion: 1.0 from 04.02.2002

The installer suddenly pops up with a requester that says: "CyberDOS.exe, Program failed (error #80000004), Wait for disk activity to finish." Please note: At the moment my only "working Amiga" is WinUAE, and please also note that I AM using an ORGINIAL disk in form of an IPF file. Anyway: I can't get MY version of this game to work at all, but I can send it to you so you can see it for yourself. BTW: Please create a drawer with an info file for this installer in the future.
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Attached Files7z WHDLoad.7z (48,185) 2017-11-12 19:34
zip S08.zip (48,980) 2017-11-13 17:11
? S08.DD2N (52,592) 2017-11-14 15:19
? SystemUAE (060+2Chip+64Fast+MMU+FPU+NoJIT).uae (14,507) 2017-11-15 20:42
? Blizzard_1260.rom (32,768) 2017-11-15 22:24

2009-06-22 23:23   
Double Dragon 2 (4.2.2002)

The installer suddenly pops up with a requester that says:

>>CyberDOS.exe, Program failed (error #80000004). Wait for disk activity to finish.<<

Please note: At the moment my only "Working Amiga" is WinUAE due to an IDE-Fix Controller that suddenly stopped working, so I have no way of knowing if it works on a real Amiga 1200.

Please also note: I AM using an ORIGINAL disk in form of an IPF-file.

I am always using the latest version of both WinUAE and WHDLoad.

MY Amiga 1200 consists of:

Standart Amiga 1200 from 1993.
Blizzard 1260 with 64 MB of RAM (Not overclocked).
Elbox Mediator 1200LT4 (Drivers not installed anymore).
IDE-Fix Controller (Not working anymore).

Mikael Arling

Please note on your part of the WHDLoad Support Page that you got this version of this game from me.
2009-06-22 23:23   
I have already images of this version
Mikael Arling   
2012-01-10 02:24   
The reported version is SPS 2635
2017-11-11 12:15   
Fixed in v1.5. You need to reinstall the game!
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-12 10:29   
Thanx. Now The Installer works fine.

The Game quits with a requester that says:

>> Exception "Access Fault" ($4008)
   PC = $6
   Long Read-Modify-Write on $DFC1FB << in WinUAE.

Please note: I'm always using the latest version of WinUAE & WHDLoad.

Now I'm also using beta-version(s) & RC-version(s) of WHDLoad + The latests RC-version(s) of WinUAE.

MY WinUAE setup is a close to My real Amiga 1200 Hardware as possible.

ATM I - still - have no way of knowing if it works on my real Amiga 1200.

The reported version - still - is SPS 2635.

The Installer I've used is Version 1.5
2017-11-12 13:08   
Can't reproduce, attach register dump please.
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-12 13:24   
please tell me How to "attach register dump"
2017-11-12 13:50   
Take a look in the botton of the screen.
2017-11-12 14:15   
Retrogamer: Not a useful answer at all!

Mikael: WHDLoad will store the dump files in C:. Attach .whdl_register here please.

Mikael Arling   
2017-11-12 19:34   
i hope This is the needed files
2017-11-13 14:11   
Yes, these are the correct files.

There is nothing of the main game loaded to the correct destination and the decruncher is trashed too which is very strange. Please attach the file "S08.DD2N" (found in the "data" directory) here.
2017-11-13 17:12   
2017-11-13 17:16   
Please StingRay can you add 68000 quitkey support too?
2017-11-14 08:09   
That's not the correct file (it's from v4.01 and Mikael used v4.16) and I need it from Mikael anyway to check if it is broken on his machine. 68000 quitkey support will be added in a later update, as written in the readme this is not the final version of this patch.
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-14 15:19   
Here is S08.DD2N from SPS 2635
2017-11-14 18:01   
Thanks, the file is OK. But I can't reproduce the crash at all. Which WinUAE version and config are you using(specially CPU/JIT enabled? etc).
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-15 20:42   
I'm using WinUAE 3.5.0 64-bit.

Personally I no longer use JIT

This in My WinUAE setup -> It is as close to my Real Amiga 1200 HW as possible.
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-15 20:43   
Sorry: This is My WinUAE setup -> It is as close to my Real Amiga 1200 HW as possible.
2017-11-15 21:00   
Thanks. Can you attach the Blizzard1260.rom file please? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I guess this is the key to the problem.
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-15 22:24   
No Problem
2017-11-16 18:34   
I still can't reproduce this at all. I have tested the patch with your UAE config and it worked fine. Please attach your whole installed game so I can check all files. If these are OK I am out of ideas.
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-16 19:29   

This webSide does not allow big files -> I could Not upload the Full Installed game
2017-11-16 19:34   
Try this link


You can upload files as big as 5 GB free.
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-17 20:45   
Ok. Thanx

Just uploaded !!!

link: https://myfile.org/b1d7Z2cab5/SPS-2635t.7z
2017-11-19 10:09   
(Last edited: 2017-11-19 10:18)
Thanks Retrogamer and Mikael! Your installed game is OK, it works fine for me and I still can't reproduce the problem. One question I forgot to ask though, are you running the patch with NTSC tooltype? SPS 2635 is the NTSC version and will not work correctly without the NTSC option.

Also, can you try any of the supported PAL versions and tell me if they also crash on your system?

Mikael Arling   
2017-11-19 17:57   
Ok I didn't knew that SPS 2635 is the NTSC Version. On the Software Preservation Society's HP there is N O info about that 2635 is the NTSC Version. That answered it all.

No. I haven't used the NTSC Tooltype because:
1.: I thought that it just worked out of the box.
2.: I thoughtthat SPS 2635 was the latest version.

SPS 0768 works as it should & SPS 1680 also works as it should out of the box.

So now I'm using / playing SPS 1680 instead of SPS 2635 :-D
2017-11-19 18:11   
On a PAL machine it will need the NTSC tooltype, it can't work out of the box. So I guess we nailed the problem now and I won't look into it any further.

And yes, it is the latest version (4.16) but NTSC only. :)
Mikael Arling   
2017-11-20 16:41   

Anyway: A 1 0 0 0 Thanx for Your time at DD2 SPS 2635

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